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Chapter I THE PROBLEM Rationale The 21st century is an extraordinary time to work in education and in the educational system.

Everyone knows the challenge. Everyone knows there is a need to drastically do something to do things better. Everyone knows the overwhelming dropout rate and millions going out into the streets for senseless endeavors. They are condemned to poverty and social failure. Researchers in education point out the very big role played by School Administrators and teachers in responding to the alarming problems in education. All aspire for reform and transformation so that ultimately the youth can really become the hope of the future through a good quality of education. Hence, this research study focused on the School Administrators and their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to take the lead in levelling up the education system in this country. It also wanted to find out if the teachers, the front liners in education are satisfied with their job through the leadership manifested by their leaders- the School Administrators. What then is Administrators proficiency? Simply stated from the meaning given by Howard (2009) it means the demonstrated capacity to advance the proficiency of other adults in the school. It means to say schools need good administrators to make the other adults-generally ,the teachers to be also proficient and when the teachers are proficient - the pupils are also proficient.

Chapter 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the review of related literature and studies which have bearings to the present study.

Related Literature Based on the ideas of Luciana ( 2000) true education is a powerful force in bringing about desired change. It is education and education alone that can bring about changes in knowledge, skills, attitudes, appreciations and understanding things around us. Hence, it is because of this ideology that the purveyors of education need to be taken into consideration most specifically: the Administrators proficiency teachers job satisfaction. The work of Pandey ( 2007) points out that job satisfaction is one of the most important benefits of teaching. The teacher's job satisfaction is shown when the teacher feels that his labor and efforts are amply and effectively rewarded. These rewards are manifested when the teacher finds his students as appreciative, discerning, and hard working. Hence, when talking about job satisfaction is includes how contented an individual is with his or her job. According to scholars and human resource professionals there is a distinction between affective job satisfaction and cognitive job satisfaction. Affective job satisfaction is the extent of pleasurable emotional feelings individuals have about their jobs overall, while cognitive job satisfaction which is the extent of individual's satisfaction with particular facets of the jobs such as pay, pension arrangement, working hours and numerous other aspects of their jobs. and the

Chapter 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY This chapter presents the research design, research environment, respondents and sampling procedure, research Instrument used, data gathering procedure and statistical tools used. Research Design This study used the descriptive design. It involved the description and evaluation of the existing conditions related to hinterland teachers level of job satisfaction. According to Kahn (2003) as cited by Raagas (2010) this method shows comparison and uncovers relationships existing between the independent an the dependent variables. The descriptive research was adopted from previous studies to analyze and interpret data on the personal profile of the respondents. It made a survey based on questionnaires to the hinterland teachers of Iligan City Division. The correlational research design was used to relate the dependent and independent variables used in the study. Research Environment This study was conducted in Iligan City Schools Division. The respondents came from hinterland public elementary schools in the City Schools division of Iligan City, namely: Tubaran Central School, Mandulog Elementary School, Lanipao Elementary School, Dulag Elementary School, Dalamas Elementary School, Sultan Mamarinta Memorial School, Kalilangan Elementary School, Digkilaan Central School, Hinaplanon Elementary School, Venancio Siarza Memorial School and Rufino Mangilisan Memorial School.

Chapter 4 PRESENTATION,ANALYSIS, AND INTERPRETATION OF DATA This chapter presents, analyzes and interprets the data on the Administrators proficiency and job satisfaction of teachers in the hinterland public elementary schools of Iligan City Division. The presentation, analysis and interpretation of the data were reinforced with tables and were arranged in the same order as they were presented in the statement of the problem and hypotheses. Part I dealt with the demographic profile of the respondents such as age, educational qualifications, number of years in teaching in the present station, distance of station from residence, position title, and the personal competencies and social competencies. Part II focused on the levels of school administrators/principal proficiency. Part III emphasized the levels of job satisfaction to the general working conditions, pay and promotion potential, work relationships, use of skills and abilities and work activities. Part IV disclosed the significant relationship between the teachers respondents profile and their administrators proficiency. Part V stressed the significant relationship between the teacher respondents profile and their job satisfaction. Part VI revealed the significant relationship between the administrators

proficiency and job satisfaction of teachers . Part VII is the enhancement program.


This chapter presents the summary, findings, conclusions and recommendations based in the result of data gathering process.

Summary of the Study This study assessed on the Administrators proficiency and Job Satisfaction of teachers in the hinterland public elementary schools of Iligan City Division which will be the basis for an enhancement program. Specifically, It deals with the profile of the teacher respondents in terms of age, educational qualification, number of years in the present station, distance of station from residence, position title and their competencies. It examines the various proficiency of the school administrators and finds out if it is related to the teachers job satisfaction. Then, the significant relationship between the respondents profile and their administrators proficiency as well as the significant

relationship between the profile of the respondents and their level of job satisfaction and produced enhancement program to improve the level of the school

principals/administrators proficiencyand level of the satisfaction of the teachers . This study utilized the descriptive-correlational survey method. After the data were gathered and in order to have consisted and valid result for the interpretation of the data, the researcher utilized the following statistical method and techniques: Frequency and Percentage, Weighted Mean (WM) and Chi-square to measure the significant relationship of the variables.