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ThoughtWorks Inc.
Type Industry Private IT Consulting Management Consulting 1993


Headquarters Chicago, USA Key people Neville Roy Singham, Chairman Guo Xiao, President and CEO Chris Murphy, President and Chief Strategy Officer Sudhir Tiwari, President and COO Craig Gorsline, President and COO Daniel Goodwin, CFO Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist www.thoughtworks-studios.com over 2000 (Jul 2012) www.thoughtworks.com [2] [1]

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ThoughtWorks is a privately owned global IT consultancy that provides custom software, software tools, consulting, and transformation services to companies. Its products division, ThoughtWorks Studios, creates and markets software development and project management software. The company has also contributed to a range of open source products. ThoughtWorks is closely associated with the movement for agile software development. ThoughtWorks describes itself as "A social and commercial community whose purpose is to revolutionize software creation and delivery while advocating for positive social change in the world."[3] Founder and Chairman Roy Singham has said "I believe the world should have access to the best ideas in software for free. My goal is a technically-superior infrastructure to solve the world's problems."[4] As of December 2012 the company had over 2100 employees, with 29 offices in 11 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, and the United States.[5]
A view of ThoughtWorks Bangalore


In the late 1980s Roy Singham founded Singham Business Services as a management consulting company servicing the equipment leasing industry in a Chicago basement.[6][7] In 1993 the company was incorporated and the name changed to ThoughtWorks. The focus became building software applications.[8] ThoughtWorks' technology capabilities have evolved from its use of C++ and Forte 4GL in the mid-1990s to include Java in the late 1990s.[9] The company began using agile techniques while working on a leasing project[10] Martin Fowler began working with ThoughtWorks in 1999 and was hired in 2000 as Chief Scientist.[11] In 2000 Martin Fowler and Matthew Foemmel first described the use of the technique of Continuous Integration for large-scale software projects. This resulted in the Open Source project CruiseControl created by ThoughtWorks as the first continuous integration server.[12] The Agile Manifesto was published in 2001, with Chief Scientist Martin Fowler and Executive Consultant Jim Highsmith two of the co-authors.[13][14] This document propounded the core principles that are the basis for agile software development. ThoughtWorks technical expertise expanded with the .NET Framework in 2002,[15] C# in 2004, Ruby and the Rails platform in 2006.[16] ThoughtWorks Studios was launched as its product division in 2006. The division creates, supports and sells agile project management and software development and deployment tools including Mingle, Twist and Go. On 2 March 2007, ThoughtWorks announced Trevor Mather as the new CEO.[17] ThoughtWorks initiated a Social Impact Program in 2009.[18]

Continuous Delivery
The company is now working with a software practice known as Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery aims to make software production-ready throughout its lifecycle, so that potentially every good build can be released into production and run effectively.[19] The goal is to Minimise the cycle time from idea to delivery, and allow that cycle to be repeated frequently and reliably.[20]

The companys primary service is the creation of large-scale mission-critical custom software applications for global corporate clients. Projects for North American, European or Australian clients are often delivered from India, China or Brazil, in accordance with client financial and resource constraints.[21] The firm also provides consulting services related to software development, design, architecture, operations, and IT Transformation among others.[22]

Founded and still headquartered in Chicago, the companys leadership is distributed. Central functions are chiefly performed in Chicago, London and Bangalore.[23] ThoughtWorks grew and established its first regional office, in San Francisco, in 1997. The company opened its first office outside the US, in Brisbane, Australia, in 2000. The company continued expanding with new offices opened in London, Bangalore, and Calgary in 2001. The opening of the ThoughtWorks office in Calgary, Canada was the result of the acquisition of Servidium Inc.[24] ThoughtWorks closed the Calgary office in January 2013.[25] China operations were launched in 2005, followed by offices in Pune in 2006 and Chennai in 2007. Latin American operations were launched in 2009 with the firm's first office in Brazil, in Porto Alegre.

ThoughtWorks Operations further expanded in India with an office in Gurgaon and a second office in Bangalore in 2010. An office in Germany, situated in Hamburg, also was opened in 2010. The Singapore office was opened in late 2011. In 2012 the company opened their Africa operation in Braamfontein, Johannesburg and expanded inside Brazil to the northeastern city of Recife.

Three pillars
The firm describes itself as being organised around Three Pillars: Sustainable Business Champion Software Excellence Social Justice The three are examined and elaborated upon by ThoughtWorks founder, Roy Singham in an interview with The Economic Times[26] and in an essay by the firms Chief Scientist Martin Fowler.[27]

Social Impact Program

To support the firms core values,[28][29] the company established a Social Impact Program[18] that builds partnerships with social mission organizations that need help with technology. The firm also has a special staff resourcing model and tools that allow employees to contribute non-billable time and volunteer time to social impact projects. Examples of work include the OpenMRS project,[30] CycleTelTM[31] and an emergency online donation system to help flood victims in Australia.[32]

Open Source Contributions

The company develops and supports Open Source projects. Employees are encouraged to contribute to Open Source Software projects, and the firm often advocates Open Source Software for use in corporate enterprise IT.[33] CruiseControl[34] - Java-based framework for a continuous build process. Often considered the de facto standard for continuous integration, but now with many competitors.[35] CruiseControl.NET[36] - a Continuous Integration server for the Microsoft .NET platform. CruiseControl.rb[37] - CruiseControl for Ruby DamageControl[38] - a Continuous Integration server for Ruby. Not actively used, more of a testing ground for technologies than a product. Frankenstein[39] - Java SWING testing framework NUnit - unit testing framework for all .NET languages Selenium - testing tool for web applications Sahi[40] - testing tool for web applications JBehave - Behaviour Driven Development testing framework Buildix - bootable CD with Subversion, Trac and CruiseControl SharpRobo - testing tool for .NET applications Belenix - a distro based on the Opensolaris source code base.


Proprietary software
With the start of ThoughtWorks Studios, the company has started producing closed-source proprietary software.

Cruise / Go
On July 28, 2008, ThoughtWorks Studios released a proprietary product continuous integration server called Cruise. Despite the name, this is not a derivative of the open source CruiseControl, but instead a new product written from scratch, which was released under a proprietary license.[41] On July 10, 2010, ThoughtWorks Studios released a new agile release management platform called Go. Go (release management). Go includes the functionality of Cruise, which is no longer sold.[42]

Mingle is software to facilitate agile project management and collaboration. Released in May 2007, Mingle was the first commercial application to be created using JRuby.[43]

Twist is software to facilitate test automation and functional testing.

Legal battle with investor

ThoughtWorks is currently in a legal battle with SV Investment Partners (SVIP).[44] In 2000, SVIP invested approximately US$26.6 million in ThoughtWorks. SVIP invested in Thoughtworks in large part because it was attracted to the possibility of an IPO in the near term. Both parties believed that ThoughtWorks would in the next few years undertake an initial public offering that would allow SVIP to cash out its investment. To guard against the possibility that such a transaction would not occur, the parties negotiated a provision in the ThoughtWorks corporate charter for the mandatory redemption of SVIPs preferred stock after five years. In effect, on 5 April 2005, five years from the closing date, SVIP claims they should have had a right to put (i.e., have the company redeem) all of its preferred shares for approximately US$43 million. This case was decided in 2006.[45] The company then began a process to redeem preferred shares on a quarterly basis with what it determined to be the legally available funds for redemption. In 2007 SVIP initiated another suit to force the company to redeem all its shares at once.[46] In 2010 the Delaware court ruled in ThoughtWorks favor,[47] and SVIP is appealing the decision to the Delaware Supreme Court.

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