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1 ac notes port security Allison nuke terror 2013 Your authors didnt see the classified documents Every

president has been concerned about nuckewar terror and it is the greatest threat to the country and is clearly warranted. Leader tend to have the incentive to exaggerate for state control Our ports are porus-the moment that we start it get the private sector on board they need a incentive to keep their ships safe. Spillover effect to keep us safe from terror Even if some attack happens before the plan happens. There will be no retaliation if we are all open It sends a signal that we are ready for anything so Hayman and shatz Hurricane Katrina warrant Impact calc There will be economic disruption also a probability claim ports are so interconnected to everything Would be more tangible to the economy Prox to large populations making it more dangerous cause it attracts people. Warrnet Ports are a far more easy target Kimory Ports cant match the grants. The money is being unused Terrorism Joyner Fought proxy wars in cold war. Hired bin laden to fight off the soviets and he felt AQUAP-sub devision Terrorist dont really like America Bin ladens death is not relevant he was on decline anyways Konkels Medical isotopes Look up A Q khan Unstable states have a high potential for the terrorist to gain control over the n ation through corrupt governments We will be under threats all the time Kimery indicates that ports were cut in march Ayson The retaliation would entrench on china and Russia spheres of influence Toon The only way that this will happen that a state must support the attack for to be any effective Non uq we have been exploding nukes all the time. Write an overview on terror Neg: focus on that no chance of terror Econ Klark Many vessels and 95% of all trade happens

Fynn is key to how to link into the econ. Shows that America going to be attacked because it is the Prefer this over fiscal cause the whole global economy is based of the presumption that the trade routes are open If there is a tension with how the trade is done then people stop tradeing Answers econ is resilient a whole different kind of decline Klark Creates preseption that we are able to show that we can be safe Internal link maginifier and prob magnifier Panzer and Royal R. Impact comp shows statics between trade and war. It is falsifiable takes into account empirics. When we can trade we are Illuminates Protectionism policies protect American people: subscites, tariffs, etc Increases racial tension-breed terrorism S Haymen and Konkel Need to send a singnal that the federal can only Grant waive takes out the development Federal goveremnt is key not the same preseption if a govner says it Fisc Disc Keynes The great deperrion was a failure of free economy cause it had no regulation Spending the money is not bad it spending/deficit vs GDP It is about how much value we have our GDP allows use to do so. Stimules=better wage, more jobs, helps the nation=consumer spending and investment in the econ=growth dues to taks and other means The befit is in the long run, weath can be created Dollar Heg intnat standered=gold, oil, et. When ot fluxes it effect the commodities Our heg is based on dollar heg, the importance of the dollar is why 95% of trade haoppens in American ports. The status of the economy is based on the state oof the counter plan. If we are attacked then the embargo would cause the dollar heg to go down leading to the impacts

Point out that some of the aff ecv in not even relevant to the case

Lose nukes in Russia means that we are going to securitize aginst the area. If a dirty bomb was to go off it would be assumed that the material cam e from areas like Russia and Pakistan. China is a ative member in India and Pakistan. Things are not going to be presived as a event that is isolated. After a attack people will be pissed because it has already happened and will demand a more large military. Obama does more of drones and secretive attacks meaning that our domestic power raise while we get ready to build up our economy