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Sir Winston Churchill Beginning Band


Overview and Expectations

Over the year we will examine a wide selection of repertoire that ranges in style, character, and genre. At the completion of the year, individuals in the ensemble will be able to demonstrate improved technical and musicianship skills in preparation for advancement to the Intermediate or Senior Concert Band.

Performance and musicianship 60% Participation 40% Total 100% Term weight Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Total

33% 33% 34% 100%

It is every students responsibility to practice outside of class time to ensure that were able to make the most of our rehearsal time together. It is suggested that 20 minutes (or more) a day be set aside for this purpose. Formal Musicianship Demonstrations will take place several times over the course of the year. They will be announced in advance and an evaluation sheet will be distributed. Informally, students are expected to demonstrate ongoing skill development which will be assessed on a constant basis throughout the year. These will be opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of musical skills, techniques, and understandings of musical language. Music Literacy is more than just an ability to read music. It is the ability to communicate effectively with other musicians, in musical terms, to describe thoughts, images, and feelings. This will be assessed through inclass discussions and on projects and assignments. The most important aspect of musical literacy is that it will help you move beyond superficial responses to the music you experience.

As a member of the Beginning Band, each musician is expected to engage in regular home practice. Home practice time is as sacred as home study time. 30 minutes of practice is required between classes. Please ensure that your parents have been made aware of this requirement.

Attendance and Rehearsal Etiquette

It is important to honour the commitment to yourself, and your fellow musicians, by being prepared for each rehearsal and by making every effort to contribute to the pursuit of musical excellence.
Equipment and Materials Band instrument Pencil with eraser Music and method book Uniform for concerts (black dress shirt, black dress pants, black socks, and black dress shoes; a dark tie is recommended for the men) Tuner (mandatory for section leaders, optional but strongly recommended for all other ensemble members. There are a number of very good tuner and metronome apps for smart phones available.) These materials are required at each rehearsal, dress rehearsal and concert. Failure to address this component of the course expectations will negatively impact term and final marks. Rehearsal Procedures Warm-up: students should warm-up quietly at the beginning of each rehearsal. Self-discipline and respect: No talking or "noodling" when the director is talking or demonstrating. Never talk while the ensemble is playing. Neatness: Keep the music room neat and clean. Throw out your garbage and hold on to your music, put your instrument away. 1st class sets up, last class tidies up. Listen: Always listen to yourself and others and adjust while you are playing so that your sound will be beautiful and in tune. Practice at home: Always work out individual passages in private practice sessions. Ensemble rehearsals should be devoted entirely to building musicianship, ensemble, and artistry.

A note from a parent/guardian or medical professional is required for any absence, including both illness and school activities. The note must include the date and reason for absence. Any unexcused absences will result in a loss of 2% from your term participation mark. Participation through regular attendance is essential and all courses, whether on the timetable or not, are curricular and will be graded. Concerts are considered term finals even though they occur in the evenings (as well as school times and afternoons). Attendance for the entire concert is mandatory except in the case of emergency or serious illness/injury. Concert dates are posted well in advance. In the event of a conflict, we can try to remedy the problem but I require plenty of notice. Punctuality A great ensemble depends on every member being prepared for rehearsal and ready to start at the appointed time. To that end, the following penalties apply in the case of unexcused lateness: For the first unexcused late, the student forfeits half a percent of their term participation grade. For the second unexcused late, and up to and including the fifth, the student forfeits one percent of their term participation grade. Any further unexcused lateness is penalized at the discretion of the Director, and will be significantly more than one percent. Keep in mind that, although unexcused lates count against the term grade, the number of lates on any students record dont reset at the beginning of a new term.

2013-2014 Tour Information: TBA Concerts

School Concerts: Dec 17th, 2013 7-9pm Churchill Auditorium May 20th, 2014 7-9pm Churchill Auditorium

Should you or your parents need to contact Ms. Siedlecki at the school, please do so by 604-713-8189 lsiedlecki@vsb.bc.ca Follow us on Twitter SWC Music @music_swc