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1 Day Leadership Course

For Passionate Leaders

Sept 12th 9.30 - 5pm 1 Queens Rd



Best Day Thinking

Being at your best when it matters & as a life style.
Regularly used by Olympians and business leaders, Best Day Thinking is a mental strategy for being at your best consistently. In the session participants flush out how they produce their best performances and create an easily duplicable recipe, allowing them to create their best performances when desired and when essential. Further the tool is so simple participants can use it to discover what makes their team, staff and loved ones have their best days also. Content: Recognizing what control we have of our bad days. Assessing the effectiveness of what we presently do to manage bad days. Crystalizing the thought process that brings out our best. Learning how to switch on our most constructive thought process. Setting up our environment so it triggers our best performances. Outcomes for participants: Know what control they have of their moods and form. Development of mental toughness. Increased confidence in ability to deliver what they are capable of. Increased ability to perform under duress.

Developing Vision & Goals

Creating massive momentum.
Goals do motivate, however the moment a goal is achieved, all momentum stops. For continuous momentum a goal needs to be part of a vision, a bigger picture. This allows for infinite growth and momentum. A Vision can be developed to generate momentun in an indivuals life, for a teams on going success, or for uniting an entire organisation to one cause. Content: What a vision offers that a goal doesnt. How to develop a vision. The 4 key ingredients present in goals that are achieved Matching Goals and Vision Together Trouble shooting Knowing why you may have failed in the past. How to get momentum & early success. Helping others think through their goals & vision. Outcomes: Know the crucial ingredients of goals that motivate and become real Develop a written vision for multiple aspects of their lives Set key goals for the next 1-10 weeks Move to action on key goals in the next 24hrs. Leverage for managers: Learn the bigger vision that your staff have for their careers and lives. New language and tools to stretch workplace goals for staff. New language for giving staff feedback on what they intend to achieve and what they have achieved. Red Flag indicators that a goal probably wont be hit by a staff member, and awareness of how to respond.

Leverage for managers: Insight into what makes your staff tick. Knowing where to focus your staff to motivate them. A common tool to use in performance reviews to discuss attitudes.



Full Day $245inc gst

Email Kylie to register: kylie@ubuntuleadership.com.au