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Putting You In Control

Camex II Universal Control Valve

35002 Series Camex II

Universal Control Valve

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The Worlds Best Performing Eccentric Plug Control Valve

35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 3

Camex II Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve

Simply Reliable
The Masoneilan Camflex control valve is based on an elegant design one which is uncomplicated yet attentive to all the right details. Designed as an integrated system of valve, actuator and positioner, the Camflex is designed to minimize friction, eliminate drive train slop and to mitigate component wear. These design objectives are accomplished via standard and simplified design architecture ensuring that the Camflex reliably performs the basic functions of shutoff, throttling and emission control over an extended lifetime. As a result, the Camflex design elevates overall product integrity and reduces risk of component failure or process upset. This is not an automated valve pieced together in a valve automation shop. Process plant owner/operators have no better control valve choice than the Camflex in driving results on key business metrics:

Broadly Capable
With built-in reliability the Camflex product design provides a standard platform with enormous versatility and breadth of application. With Camflex, Masoneilan created the eccentric plug, a true rotary globe control valve, that packages the best features of a globe style valve within rotary valve architecture. But we didnt stop there. High-end features such as the extension bonnet, hardened trim, and high performance low emission packing are all standard features, providing exceptional long-term reliability. In fact, Camflex outperforms other control valves in many severely erosive applications where abrasive solids would tear apart other types of valves. Optional constructions, such as the patented DVDTM (Differential Velocity Device) noise reduction trim, alloy constructions and cryogenic extension bonnet allow Camflex to be custom tailored to fit particular application needs. All of this combines to provide industry best life-cycle cost, from purchase through installation and start-up through operation and maintenance.

Maximizing Process Up-time Improving Asset Utilization Optimizing Control Performance

Standard Platform Globe Valve Performance Variety of Customized Configurations

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Reliable Long-Term Shutoff

With its eccentric rotating valve plug, Camflex eliminates two common valve shortcomings: excessive seal ring friction inherent in ball valves and high actuator forces required for tight shut off of either conventional globe valves or butterfly valves. Because of its unique seating action, the Camflex plug makes no contact with the seat until it rotates into its full closed position. Once seating occurs, continued shaft rotation causes the plug arm to flex, forcing the plug into deeper contact with the seat ensuring consistent tight shut off. This reliable seating method eliminates wear from rubbing contact and the tight shutoff performance greatly reduces the possibility of clearance flow induced wear or erosion. Camflex seating mechanics and resulting long term reliable shutoff offer the following benefits:

The eccentric plug action of the Camflex combined with a long actuation lever provides a 3:1 force multiplication. Only one-third the force required to stroke a conventional single seated globe valve is required for the Camflex actuator to stroke against a given pressure drop.

Smaller Actuator Size Faster Speed of Response Improved Control Performance

No Rubbing No Wear, No Friction Improving Uptime by Extending Time Between Maintenance Preventing Unplanned Outages and Loss Production
The Camflex plug makes no contact with the seat until it rotates into its full closed position.

Conventional Valve Design 1:1 Ratio of Forces Requires Large Actuator

The Camflex Principle 3:1 Multiplication of Forces

35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 5

Absolute Reliability
Simple Geometry
The essentially linear flow characteristics of the Camflex valve is established by the spherical geometry of the eccentric rotating plug. While the major portion of the flow curve is linear, there is a slight modification as the plug approaches the seat. As the plug cams into the seat, the rate of change in flow is reduced gradually until the plug actually contacts the seat.

Reliable Control
Combining the features and control accuracy of Camflex valves with Masoneilans best in class digital valve positioning technology takes your control accuracy to new heights. The Masoneilan SVI II AP (HART) or FVP (Foundation Fieldbus) positioners share state of the art features to optimize control performance.

Directly Connected Valve Shaft Provides Reliable Mechanics Patented Non-Contacting Stem Feedback Ensures Long Term Positioning Reliability Patented Control Algorithm Provides Best in Class Speed and Accuracy (Qualified for Compressor Anti-Surge and Emergency Applications)

Stable Operation Over a Wide Range Cv Ratio of 100:1 Improved Control at Start-Up (Low Flow/High Control 'P)


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Packing Follower

Standard Environmental Packing System

Why pay extra to comply with current environmental emissions requirements? Unlike other control valves which often require expensive specialized packing systems to satisfy low emission requirements, Camflex comes standard with Masoneilans EF Seal technology.


Satisfies Global Low Emissions Standards Requirements Standard at No Extra Cost Simple and Reliable with Long Life


Broad Applicability
Unlike ball valves which typically only offer one trim size (Cv rating) per valve size, Camflex is offered with full area and at least two reduced capacity options per size. In most cases, changing the Cv rating requires a simple change of the seat ring only.

The Camflex easily adapts to a variety of applications, providing an efficient solution at competitive prices. Standard Camflex parts are available offthe-shelf, offering product enhancements which are typically options on many alternative products. Unique features, such as the standard extended bonnet, allows for operation within a wide temperature range.

Cv Change in Globe Valves Requires Replacement of Multiple, Often Expensive Parts Camflex is Available in 1 Thru 16 Sizes From Cv of 0.5 to Cv of 3650 Optimized Trim Selection Improves Control Performance and Durability

Field Proven
Over 800,000 Camflex valves have been successfully installed and operated in a variety of process industries and applications. Todays Camflex continues to provide legendary dependability through a field proven concept that remains the standard of excellence for all eccentric plug rotary control valves.

World Class
The Camflex valve continues to be manufactured to the highest standards, using precise techniques, quality craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, unmatched industry knowledge, and over 125 years of process control experience. 35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 7

Typical Globe Valve

Spring-Diaphragm Actuator Provides Smooth Control

Open Actuator Linkage

Exposed to environment Contaminants can affect performance

Positioner Mounting Uses Complex Linkage

Increased risk of lost motion, adjustment errors Performance is installation dependent

Sliding Stem Reduces Packing Durability

Increased wear Higher friction Contaminants can be dragged through packing Expensive optional systems required for low-emission compliance

Gasketed Pressure Boundary Joint

Risk of leakage Multiple gaskets & shims depending on trim size Qty. 3 to 5

Linear Seating Motion

1:1 Ratio of Unbalance Force

Large unbalanced area requires balance seals which limit tight shut off Larger required actuator slows dynamic performance

Cage Guiding
Guide surface in flow stream Fluid contaminants can damage guiding surfaces Not trash tolerant

Typical 50:1 Cv Ratio or Turndown

Typical Total Parts: 88 Typical Weight Comparison (2 size): 133 lbs (59 kg)
Even in small sizes, other valve styles often require use of lifting devices during installation and removal

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Camflex II Universal Control Valve

Spring-Diaphragm Actuator with Rolling Diaphragm (Constant Area) Provides Superior Linear Control Fully Enclosed Actuator Linkage
Protected from environment

Direct, Linkageless Positioner Mounting

Positioner directly connected to valve shaft No lost motion Consistent long term performance across all installations

Rotary Shaft Motion Provides Increased Packing Life

Low wear Low friction Rotating motion prevents contaminants from being dragged through packing Standard EF Seal low emission packing system

No Gasketed Joints / No Gaskets / No Shims

Linear Seating Motion Due to Cam Action of Plug


3:1 Force Amplification Reduces Unbalance Force

Lower force reduces required actuator size Smaller actuator volume area improves dynamic performance for faster system response

Heavy Triple Guiding

Guide surfaces out of flow stream Fluid contaminants do not impinge on guides Trash tolerant

100:1 Cv Ratio or Turndown

Improves control range, especially at low openings

Total Parts: 72 Weight Comparison (2 size): 45 lbs (20 kg)

Camflexs lower weight makes handling a breeze and the low profile allows installation into tight areas with low overhead room

35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 9

Simply The Best

Superior Capability
Camflex is available with Masoneilans patented DVD (Differential Velocity Device) noise reduction trim. This highly efficient, yet economical low noise solution applies a concept from turbo-fan jet technology. The DVD device utilizes larger diameter outer holes to create a lower velocity annular flow stream around the flow area perimeter. This lower velocity flow stream reduces noise transmission from the higher velocity inner flow, resulting in lower external noise levels.

Simple Construction Efficient Noise Abatement Easy to Retrofit

Camex with DVD Low Noise Element

Flow Streams
Reduced Downstream Pipe Wall Noise Levels Achieved By Valve Outlet Flow Stream Conditioning

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Severe Service Capability in a Standardized Valve Package

Not all control applications involve easy-to-handle or non-hazardous fluids. Extremely high or low temperatures can pose challenges for many valve designs, as can corrosive or erosive fluid streams. Camflex provides cost effective solutions to all of these challenges. Standard Camflex handles temperatures up to 750 F (400 C) using low- friction TFE packing. Competing designs require graphite packing above 450 F (232 C), greatly increasing stem friction and reducing control accuracy.

Optional Cryogenic Extended Bonnet option is ideal for use in applications to -320F (-212 C). Steam Jacket construction to maintain minimum flowing temperature. Hardened Trim handles mildly abrasive applications with ease. Ceramic Trim option handles more severe erosive applications. Alloy Construction for highly corrosive services.

By combining a rugged, standardized platform with a broad range of material and construction options, Camflex provides exceptional long term performance in a broad set of applications.
Utility1 Service General2 Service High4 Temp Low5 Temp








Optional Soft Seat



Optional Ceramic

Optional Alloy Materials

Optional Trim

Optional DVD Trim

Segment Served by Camflex


1. Water, steam to 100 F (38 C), other non-corrosive/erosive fluids at temperatures <300 F (149 C) 2. Pressure to 250 psi (17.2 bar), temperature to 450 F (232 C) 3. Tight Shutoff: ANSI Class V for reciprocating or Class VI or better for rotary 4. Temperature above 750 F (400 C) 5. Temperature below -250 F (-157 C)

35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 11

Camex II Eccentric Plug Rotary

Eccentric rotating, self-aligning plug for a reliable tight shut-off

Total enclosure p

ANSI Class 600 construction with many trim congurations to handle temperatures ranging from -200 C (-320 F) to +400 C (+750 F) and standard ANSI Class IV leakage

Rugged construction with a splined plug shaft and a triple bearing system minimizes backlash and provides exceptional support and guiding

Protected handwheel s

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y Control Valve
Increased actuator power for more positive seating

provides complete protection

Direct mounted positioner eliminates all linkage for better accuracy and repeatability


SVI II AP Advanced Performance

digital valve positioner

35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 13

Nothing in the Marketplace Compares to Camflex

It has been said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. As the first, and industry leading eccentric plug control valve, Camflex has been the standard many competitors have tried to copy, but none have successfully duplicated. Camflex is the only product that effectively combines broad application range, superior control performance, simplicity and long term reliability.

Body Sizes Body Ratings (ANSI Class) End Connections

Masoneilan Camflex
1 - 16 DN25 - DN400 150, 300 & 600 Threaded, Flanged, Flangeless Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Alloy 20 Hastelloy Uranus B6 Integral ISA S75.08.02 (IEC 60534-3-2)

Competitor A
1 - 8 DN25 - DN200 150, 300 & 600 Flanged, Flangeless Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Hastelloy Integral ISA S75.08.02 (IEC 60534-3-2)

Competitor B
1 - 10 DN25 - DN250 150, 300 & 600 Flanged, Flangeless Carbon Steel Stainless Steel

Competitor C
1 - 12 DN25 - DN300 150, 300 Flanged, Flangeless Carbon Steel Stainless Steel

Body Materials

Bonnet Type Face to Face Weight lbs (kg) 2 (DN50) Flanged 2 (DN50) Flangeless Overall Height No. of Body Gaskets Plug to Shaft Connection Rotation Stellite Trim Standard Available Option Low Noise Trim Reduced Trim Options Guide Bushings Low Emission Stem Seal Standard Available Option

Separate ISA S75.08.02 (IEC 60534-3-2) ANSI B16.10 82 (37.2) 70 (32) 24 (610 mm) 2 Long Spline 90 Yes Yes Yes 0.5 Stellite No Yes

Integral ISA S75.08.02 (IEC 60534-3-2)

54 (24) 45 (20) 15 (381 mm) 0 Long Spline 50 Yes Yes Yes 0.6 / 0.4 / 0.2 440C, Stellite, Alloy 25 Yes Yes

81 (37) 22 (558 mm) 0 Sleeved Taper Pin 90 No Yes No 0.4 PTFE, 440C, Stellite No Yes

49 (22) 40 (18) 16 (406 mm) 0 Square Shaft Connection 90 No Yes No 0.7 / 0.4 440C No Yes

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35002 Series Camflex II - Universal Control Valve | 15


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