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Case Study: The Dance of the Lemons I.

Introduction Romeo Mendoza joined Swerte Corporation, he sat down with Elsa Cruz to learn about the goals of the organization and what was expected from him. But Miss Cruz was reluctant to talk in specific in sharing confidential information pertinent of his position. As the discussion grew, Romeo found put about the dancing lemons. Six days later, after having located another position, Romeo Mendoza resigned. II. Statement of the Problem Is the culture of the Corporations The Dancing of the Lemons ethically acceptable? Is the practice of The Dancing of the Lemons of the Corporation justifiable? III. Analysis of the Problem a. The problem tackles the ethical responsibility of the managers when it comes to performance appraisal. b. The managers responsibility in making decisions that can influence the morale of the employees and the organization as well. c. The problem also tackles ethics pertaining to honesty and fairness in dealing with issues both the manager and employee. IV. Alternative Course of Action a. Romeo should have been blunt honest in asking Miss Cruz about the specifics of his job. b. Miss Cruz should have been honest with the specifics of Mr. Mendozas job and the process of performance appraisal. c. The corporation specifically the management should change the way they appraise the performance of the employees. If the employee deserves to be terminated because of deficiency in performance he/she should be told to honestly and not deceiving him. V. Recommendation In situations like this its right that Romeo did resign because the company is not practicing ethical standards when it comes to dealing with performance appraisal. The management should change its way of dealing with non performing employees. Performance appraisal should be honest and not biased.


Learning Failing to be honest with employees about their performance is a form of deceit that is damaging to the employee, organization, and the manager. Managers who practice this deceit either do not know how to evaluate employees properly or simply do not take a sincere interest in their performance. Managers who follow correct performance evaluation and feedback procedures create an environment in which there are no surprises, and employees have the opportunity to correct deficiencies and grow. Ethics becomes a matter of honesty and fairness in dealing with issues both the manager and the employee.

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The Dance of the Lemons

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