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King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Honeywell Turki Arabia Limited

Summer Training Report

Name I.D Supervisor Ali Al-Alawi 200989430 Wajih Abu Al-Saud



The department of Electrical Engineering gives the chance to spend eight weeks in a company. This summer training gives students good experience in practical life. Also, it makes students relate what they studied with the practical life in companies. My training program was from Saturday, 15 June 2013 to Tuesday, 6 August 2013 at Honeywell Turki Arabia Limited (ATCO) in Al-Dhahran.

II. About Honeywell Honeywell Company has four fields in which they perform their operations: Aerospace Solutions, Automation and Control, Performance Materials and Power, and Transportation Products. Honeywell products can be seen in different applications during our life days. For example, traffic control systems, autopilots and landing systems. Their abundant number of products helps people worldwide day after day.

Introduction to Control Room - DCS cabinet - ESD cabinet - Marshaling cabinet

III. Introduction to Control Room One of Honeywell`s path is automation and control. Control room is one of the most used applications. In this section, I will discuss three main cabinets.

DCS cabinet DCS means Distributed Control System.

Wasit Project The benefit of these tests is to make sure that all the signals are going in their own path. - Prepare for Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) There are hundreds of wires that will connect different cabinets. There are many steps that have to be followed before FAT. First of all, all the wires should be named in order to make it easy for maintenance to solve any problem later. There two parts in the tags. These tags will give the maintenance the trace of wires. The sign (/) will separate two parts in tags. The first part will be the beginning of the trace where the signals coming from while the second step will give you the final destination of the signal. Secondly, names have to be written using Excel. After that, wires will be printed on shrink tubes using Cable I.D Printer. Finally, tags will be pasted on cables and then wires will be connected to cabinets.

- Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) In FAT, the product has to be checked with the customer and listen to his opinion about the product that he ordered. There are four loop tests that have to be checked which are Analog Input (AI), Analog Output (AO), Digital Input (DI) and Digital Output (DO). We make the four loop tests in Marshalling cabinet.

Analog input In DCS cabinet, we connect a wire to make closed loop. If we get the same signal that we did sent, wire is connected correctly in that path. All paths have to be checked one by one.

Analog output We connect multimeter device to read the current in the path. Then, a signal is provided in the path. If we read the same provided current in the multimeter, wires are connected correctly in that specific path.

Digital input

Also, customer and Honeywell make punch lists. These punch lists will provide all wiring mistakes and drawing modification. If customer want to change any point in DCS cabinet. For example, change one point from temperature alarm to fan temperature.

Advantages of Summer Training During my summer training, I learned many things that are related to my studying in KFUPM.

I spend the first two weeks in Management department. I learned in this department the procedure of Honeywell Company. Also, we had video training course which talked about different topics in control. I spend the other six weeks in engineering department. In this department, I learned about control rooms and their components. Also, I learned how to find any problem in the cabinet wiring. Not only we investigate for the problems, but also we solve these problems in efficient ways.

Conclusion In conclusion, it was a good chance in summer training to enhance my knowledge in real life. Summer training teaches me many things that cannot be learned from books. Dealing with engineers and technicians helped me to gain experience and share ideas with them to enhance my knowledge. Summer training has improved my skills in team work, planning and technical reporting. Not only that, but also I improved my skill in oral presentation.