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Baby Names - Boy

(Updated on July 2009) A List of Modern Indian Baby Names With Their Meaning. These Names Are Modern As Well As Unique. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically.

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This compilation of names and their meanings has been compiled from various sources, many of these are submited by visitors therefore we cannot be held responsible for their authenticity.


Boys Name starting with A

Aabheer Aachman Aadarsh Aaddhar Aadesh Aadhan Aadhira Aadi Aadidev Aadil Aadit Aaditya Aafreen Aagam Aagman Aahan Aahlaad Aahva Aakaar Aakar Aakarsh Aakarshan Aakash Aakesh Aalam Aalap Aalok Aamir Aanand Aandaleeb Aaradhaya Aarav Aarif Aarit Aariz Aarman Aarnav Aaron Aarpit Aarth Aarush Aarya Aaryan Aashank Aashish Aashka A cowherd Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja Ideal Foundation Command; Message Be First Moon First; Most important The first God Justice Peak Sun Encouragement Coming; Arrival Arrival Iron; Sword Delight Beloved Shape Shape Attraction Attraction The sky Sky The whole world Musical Light Populous; Full; Prosperous Joy The Bulbul bird Regard Peaceful Acquainted; Knowledgable One who seeks the right direction Respectable man; Intelligent Desire Ocean; Sea High Mountain To donate Meaning First ray of sun Line on any particular raaga from sanskrit Illustrious Faith Blessings Take aashka of aarti

Aashman Aasim Aasit Aatish Aayan Aayush Aayushman Abaan Abadhya Abbas Abdar Abdul Abed Abedin Abeer Abeesht Abezag Abhar Abhav Abhay Abhaya Abheek Abhi Abhibhava Abhidi Abhihita Abhijat Abhijay Abhijaya Abhijeet Abhijit Abhijun Abhijvala Abhik Abhilash Abhiman Abhimand Abhimani Abhimanyu Abhimoda Abhin Abhinanda Abhinatha Abhinav Abhinava Abhinay Abhineet Abhinit Abhiraam Abhiraj Abhiram

Son of the sun Protector Black Stone Fireworks; Name of Lord Ganesha Speed; Bright Long life Long life Old Arabic name Always victorious; Unopposed A family name Glittering with water; Wealthy Knowledge Worshipper Worshippers Colour Wanted; Desired Pure; Holy Brilliant; Magnificent; Shining Lord Shiva Fearless Fearless Fearless Fearless Overpowering; Powerful; Victorious Radiant Expression; Word; Name Noble; Wise Victor Conquest; Complete victory Victorious One who is victorious Abhijeet Expert; Skilled Blazing forth Beloved Desire Pride Gladdening Full of pride; Another name for Agni as the eldest son of Brahma Arjuna's son Joy; Delight Different To rejoice; To celebrate; To praise; To bless; Delight Lord of desires; Another name for kama Quite new; Novel New; Young; Fresh; Modern Expression Perfect Acted Pleasing Fearless King Lovely; Pleasing

Abhirath Abhiroop Abhirup Abhisar Abhisha Abhishek Anointing Abhisoka Abhisumat Abhiveer Abhivira Abhra Abhyagni Abhyudaya Abhyudita Abid Abimanyu Abishek Abjayoni Abjit Abra Abraham Abrak Abrar Abyan Abyaz Abzar Acalapati Acalendra Acanda Acarya Acchindra Acchutan Achal Achalraj Achintya Achyut Achyuta Achyuthan Acintya Adair Adalarasu Adarsh Adavak Adeel Adeela Adeep Adesh Adham Adheesh Adhik

Great charioteer Handsome Pleasing Companion Sky Shower of Milk or Water over an idol; An auspicious bath for a deity; Passionate; Loving Radiant; Another name of sun One who commands; One who is surrounded by heroes or warriors Surrounded by heroes; A commander Cloud Towards the fire; A son of Aitasa Sunrise; Elevation; Increase; Prosperity Elevated; Risen; Prosperous Worshipper of God Arjuna's Son Ritual Born of the lotus; Another name for Brahma Conquering water Cloud Father of the multitude The blessed one A truthful person; Saint Very clean White Powerful; Mighty Lord of the immovable; Lord of mountain Lord of the immovable; The Himalayas Not of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle Teacher; Another name for Drona; Asvaghosa and krpa Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect Lord Vishnu Constant Himalayan mountain Inconceivable; A name of Lord Shiva; Beyond comprehension Imperishable; A name of Vishnu Indestructible Indestructible Surpassing thought; Incogitable Form of Edgar King of dance Ideal Simple; Uncomplicated Judge; Honest Equal Light Command Black King Greater

Adhikara Adhiksit Adhip Adhipa Adhiraj Adhish Adhit Adhita Adikavi Adil Adinath Adit Aditeya Adithya Aditya Adnan Adraksh Adrian Adrij Adripathi Advait Advaita Advaith Advay Advik Advitiya Adwaita Adway Adwaya Afeef Afrah Afraz Aftaab Aftab Afzal Agampreet Agasthya Agasti Agastya Agendra Agha Agharna Aghat Agnello Agneya Agnimitra Agniprava Agnivesh Agraj Agrata Agrim

Principal; Controller King; Lord King King; Ruler King Lord; Master Scholarly; Intelligent; Wise A scholar First poet Sincere; Just The first lord; Lord Vishnu From the beginning Another name for the sun Sun God; Son of Adithi The sun Proper name Lightning Rich Belonging to the mountains Master of the mountains Unique Focussed Non-Duality; Unique Unique Unique Non-duality One; United Unique Chaste; Modest Happiness Height The sun The sun Most excellent Love for god A name of a sage Name of a sage Name of a sage King of mountains Pre-eminent The moon Destroyer of sin Angel Son of agni Friend of fire Bright as the fire Bright as the fire Leader; Senior Leadership Leader; First

Agrima Agriya Agyeya Ahan Ahdas Ahijit Ahilan Ahim Ahir Ahmad Ahren Ahsan Aijaz Aiman Ainesh Aja Ajaat Ajamil Ajanta Ajay Ajinkya Ajit Ajitabh Ajitesh Ajmal Ajmil Ajoy Akaash Akalank Akalmash Akalpa Akand Akarsh Akash Akbar Akhash Akhil Akhilesh Akhyath Akilesh Akmal Akram Akrash Akroor Aksal Akshaj Akshan Akshar Akshat Akshath Akshay

Advance First best Beyond comprehension; Beyond knowledge Dawn; Morning New; Novel Conquerer of the serpent Knowledgeable; Commanding Warm; Cloud; Water; Traveller The Devotee and God are One Praiseworthy; Commendable Enlightened Mercy Favour Fearless The sun's glory Unborn Unborn A mythological king Eternal fame Unconquerable; Invincible Invincible Unconquerable Ajeet; Invincible One who has conquered the sky Vishnu Pious A mythological king Joyful Sky Without any flaws Stainless Ornament Calm Attractive The sky Powerful Price; Worth; Value Complete Lord of the universe; Indestructible; Immortal Famous Lord and Master of Universe Complete Excellent Attractive Kind Complete Lord Vishnu Eye Imperishable Uninjurable Indestructible Indestructible

Aksheen Akshit Akshobhya Akshun Akul Akush Akyas Alaa Alaap Alabhya Alagan Alagappan Alagarasu Alam Alamgir Alan Alankar Albert Alden Alec Aleem Alexander Alexis Alhad Alif Alih Alkesh Alok Aloke Aloki Alpesh Alya Amaan Amad Amal Amalendu Amalesh Aman Amanath Amanda Amanjeet Amanpal Amanuday Amar Amara Amardeep Amaris Amarjeet Amarnath Amarpreet Amartya

Very strong Permanent Lord Vishnu A significant particle A name of Lord Shiva Lap Wise; Intelligent Nobility; Excellence Musical notes in a order Durlabh Handsome Handsome Handsome king; King of beauty The whole world The lord of the whole world Rock or Noble Gold; Ornament Noble Bright Old Friend Form of Alexander Knowledgeable Defender of men Helper Joy The first character in Hijaiyah Idol Lord of Alkapuri A man with lovely hair; Cry of victory Light Brightness Tiny Apt Aman Serious Bright; Clean; Pure; Unblemished The unblemished moon The pure one Peace Treasure Active Peace attainder Peace protector Peace rising Forever; Immortal Immortal Eternal light Child of the Moon Victorious Immortal god Immortal love of God Immortal

Ambar Ambareesh Ambarish Ambarisha Amber Amberdeep Ambud Ambuj Ameen Ameer Ameet Ameya Ameyatma Amian Amil Amin Amir Amish Amit Amitaabh Amitabh Amitabha Amitav Amitava Amitay Amitesh Amitiyoti Amitosh Name Amiya Amjad Amlah Amlan Ammar Amod Amogh Amoha Amol Amolak Amolik Amoorta Amresh Amrik Amrish Amrit Amritanshu Amshu Amshul Amuk Amul Amulaya

Sky King of the sky The sky Lord of the sky The sky Light of the Sky Cloud Lotus Divine grace Ruler; Prince Boundless Boundless; Magnanimous; Immeasurable Lord Vishnu Tamer Invaluable Divine grace Rich Honest Endless; Boundless; Without limit Boundless lustre One with boundless splendour Limitless lustre; Name of Lord Buddha Limitless lustre; Name of Lord Buddha Same as Amitabh Limitless Infinite god Limitless brightness Ever happy Meaning Nectar; Delight More Glorious Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful; Pleasant Unfading; Everbright The maker Pleasure A name of Lord Ganesh; Unerring Clear; Straight Priceless; Valuable Priceless Priceless Formless Lord Indra Nectar Lord Indra Nectar Moon Atom Bright Some; One or another Priceless Invaluable

Amulya Priceless Anaan Clouds Anadi Eternal Anagh Sinless; Pure; Perfect Anahid Immaculate Anal Fire Anamitra The usn Anand Joy; Happiness; Bliss Ananda Joy; Happiness Anandi Bringer of Joy; Lord Vishnu Anang Name of Cupid or Kamadeva Ananga Name of Cupid or Kamadeva Ananjan Without any faults Ananmaya One who cannot be broken Anant Infinite Ananta Infinite Anantajit Always victorious Anantram Eternal god Ananyo Sole; Peerless Anargh Priceless Anarghya Priceless Anas A group of people Anay Radha's husband Anbarasu King of love Anbu Love; Kindness Anbumadi Kind and intelligent Andrew Manly Anees Close friend Aneesh Supreme Anek Many Anesh Smart one Angad An ornament Angada Bracelet; Brother of Wali and Sugreev Angaj Son Angamuthu Made of pearls Angeeth Flavoured on charcoal Angel Messanger; Angel Angus Unique choice Aniij Charming Anik Soldier Anikait Lord of the World Aniket Homeless; One who makes the world his home; A celestial being who was the king of the Anga dynasty Aniketh Lord of all Anil God of wind Animesh Open-eyed therefore attractive Animish Open-eyed therefore attractive Anirab An angel who presides over fire Aniran Eternal light Aniruddh Grandson of Lord Krishna Anirudh Boundless; Lord Vishnu

Anirudhha Anirvan Anirvesh Anirvinya Anisa Anish Anit Aniteja Aniveshak Aniveshan Anjal Anjalika Anjan Anjana Anjaney Anjani Anjas Anjasa Anjor Anjum Anjuman Ankit Ankur Ankush Anmol Anna Anniruddha Annuabhuj Anoop Anram Ansh Anshu Anshul Anshuman Anshumat Ansu Antariksh Anthony Antim Antony Antriksa Antrix Anu Anuansh Anubhav Anudeep Anugya Anuha Anuhlad Anuj Anuja

Free; Grandson of Lord Krishna; Cooperative Undying Devotion A name of God Vishnu Supreme Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva; Supreme Joyful unending Immeasurable splendour One who finds seeker To find Hollow formed by joining two hands One of Arjuna's arrows Eye liner Dusky Lord Anjaneya A title of the mother of Hanuman; Anjani kumar Fortright Guileless; Deceitless Bright A token A token; A sumbol Conquered Sprout; New life Check; An instrument used for Priceless Food Son of Pradyummna Lord Shiva Without comparison; Incomparable; The best Continuous Portion The sun Radiant The sun Luminous Ray of light Space; Universe Flower Last Name of a Saint Space; Outer space; Sky Space; Sky An atom Generous; Charitable Experience Small diya Authority Satisfied Brother of prahlad Younger brother Younger brother


Anunay Anup Anupam Anuraag Anurag Anuranjan Anuttam Anuva Anuvind Anuvrat Anvay Anvesh Anwar Aparesh Apoorva Appaji Aprameya Apratim Apurva Aquil Arabinda Aradhya Aran Aranya Arav Aravali Aravan Arbad Archan Archit Ardhendu Areehah Arenu Arghya Arha Arham Arhan Arhant Arhat Aric Arihan Arihant Arijit Arin Arindam Arinjay Aritra Ariv Arivali Arivarasu Arivoli

Supplication; Consolation Without comparison Without comparison; Incomparable Love Attachment; Devotion; Love Name of a raag; Love Unsurpassed Knowledge One who receives; A cousin of Lord Krishna Devoted; Faithful Joined; Integration Investigation Devotee of God God Shiva's invincible worship Quite new; Unique Lord Venkateswara of Balaji A Name of Lord Krishna Unequalled Unique Wise Lotus To be worshipped Righteous A forest; Foreign land; Desert Peaceful Righteous Righteous Masters; Lords Worship Worshipped Half moon Destroyer of enemies One who does not belong to earth; Celestial Offering to the Lord Lord Shiva Rhe word is just like OM for Jain community Tirthankara Destroyer of enemies Deserving Rule with mercy One who kills enemies One who has killed his enemies Conquering enemies; Son of Krishna and Subhadra With spokes; Discuss Destroyer of enemies Victory over evil One who shows the right path; Navigator King of wisdom Smart; Intelligent King of wisdom Glowing with intelligence


Arivumani Arja Arjit Arjun Arka Arkaan Ashvin Ashwath Ashwathama Ashwin Ashwini Asif Asija Asim Asit Asitvaran Asjid Askha Aslam Aslesh Asuman Asutosh Asvathama Asvin Aswad Aswini Ataa Atal Atambhu Atamveer Atanu Atharva Atharvan Athervan Athrv Atif Atiksh Atimanav Atin Atish Atit Atithi Atiya Atma Atmaja Atmajyoti Atman Atmanand Atmananda Atraiu Atreya

Intelligent jem Divine Earned Pandava prince; Bright; Peacock The sun Principles A cavalier Banyan tree Ever Living A Hindu month One of the constallations Forgivness A great sage; Brother of Brihaspati Limitless The planet Dark complexioned One who prays to God More liberal Greeting Embrance Lord of vital breaths One who becomes happy easily Sun of drona A Hindu month Islamic name; Black stone in Moka Name of a star Gift Immoveable The Holy trinity Brave Cupid Name of Ganesha; The first Vedas Knower of the Arthara vedas One of the four vedas Lord Ganesha Generous Wise Super man The great one Fire; Splendor Past Guest To surpass Soul Son Light of soul The self Blissful Bliss of soul Great Warrior Receptacle of glory


Atri Atul Atulya Aurva Ausija Avadhesh Avadhoot Avalok Avanindra Avanish Avasyu Avatar Avi Avijit Avikam Avikshit Avilash Avinash Avinashi Aviral Avirat Avkash Avtar Avyukta Awad Aws Ayaan Ayaaz Ayavanth Ayman Ayog Ayoob Ayuj Ayush Ayushmaan Ayushman Ayyapan Azam Azb Azeez Azhagar Azhar Azhmeer Azzaam Azzam

Name of hindu Rishi Matchless Unweighable; Incomparable; Matchless Grandson of rishi Bhrigu Renowned; Bright as the dawn King Dasaratha God Dattatreya One who beholds King of the earth God of the earth Lord Indra Incarnation The sun and air Invincible Diamond Not see before Faithful Indestructible Indestructable Continous; Ongoing Continuous Limitless space Holy incarnation Crystal Clear Reward; Compensation Name of a tree Nature; Temperament Respected and enduring Lord Shiva Lucky; On the right Institution A Prophet's name Without a companion; Without an equal Long lived Having long life Blessed with long life Ever youthful Offspring Sweet Friend The handsome one Famous Clever; Wise Determined; Resolved The lord; Almighty

Boys Name starting with B

Baadal Baahir Cloud Dazzling; Brilliant


Baalaark Baanbhatt Baasim Babala Babar Babulal Badal Badikh Badri Badrinath Baha Bahaj Bahubali Bahula Bahuleya Bahuliya Bahumanya Bahurai Bahuvida Bajrang Bakhtawar Bakool Bakul Bakula Baladeya Baladhi Baladhika Baladhya Balagopal Balaji Balakumar Balamani Balamohan Balan Balanath Balanuj Balaraj Balaram Balaravi Balark Balarun Balavan Balavant Balbhadra Balbir Baldev Balendra Balgopal Balgovind Bali Balin

The rising sun Name of an ancient poet Smiling Above Lion Beautiful Cloud; Rain Important; Prominent Lord Vishnu Lord of Mount Badri; Lord Vishnu Beautiful; Magnificent Jubilation; Happiness; Joy; Rejoicing A Jain Tirthakar A star Lord Kartikeya Lord Kartikeya Honoured by many With great riches Scholarly; Wise; Enlightened A name of Lord Hanuman One who brings good luck Flower A kind of tree A kind of flower Giver of strength Deep insight Unequalled in strength Full of strength Baby krishna A name of Vishnu Youthful Young jewel One who is attractive Youthful Lord of strength The younger brother of Balaram; Another name for Krishna Strong The brother of Lord Krishna The morning sun The rising sun Dawn Powerful Lord Hanuman Brother of Krishna Strong Godlike in power; Strong Lord Krishna Baby krishna Krishna Monkey king Healthy; Energetic; Powerful


Balraj Balram Balveer Balvinder Balvindra Balwan Balwant Balwin Banaj Banajita Banbihari Bandhu Bandhul Bandhula Bandish Baneet Banke Bankim Banshi Bansi Bansilal Banwari Baradwaj Baran Barid Barindra Barry Barsaat Barton Barun Basaam Basant Basanta Basav Basavaraj Basdev Basel Bashaar Bashir Basistha Basudha Batuk Bayaz Beau Benjamin Bernard Bhadra Bhadrak Bhadraksh Bhadrang Bhadresh

King Krishna's brother Powerful Strong Strong Strong Person Strong Bold Protector Lotus One who conquers with arrows; Another name for Vishnu Lord Krishna Friend Pleasing Charming Binding; Attach together Polite Lord Krishna Curved Flute Flute Lord Krishna Lord Krishna A star Noble Man Cloud The ocean Spear; Javelin Welcome rain Placename of where Barley was grown Lord of the Sea Smiling Spring Spring A minister of a jaina king who developed Vira-Saiva system Lord of bulls Fire Brave Bringer of glad tidings Harbinger of good things A sage Earth Boy White; Bright Handsome Son of my right hand Bear-Brave Auspicious Handsome One with beautiful eyes Beautiful body Lord Shiva


Bhagat Bhagirat Bhagirath Bhagwant Bhagyaraj Bhairav Bhajan Bhakti Bhalendra

Devotee With glorious chariot One who brought river Ganga to the earth Fortunate Lord of luck Lord Shiva Adoration Devotion; Prayer Lord of light

Boys Name starting with C

Calder Cool Clear Spring Caleb Messanger; Dog Calvin Bald One Cameron Place name crooked stream; Crooked nose Carlos Strong and manly Cary Place name; Pleasent stream Casey Watchful Ceasar Hairy Child Ceeven The name came to a guy from dream Cesar Long Haired Chaanakya Name of Kautilya; The great scholar Chaggan The Zodiac sign of Aries Chahel Good cheer Chain Peace Chaitan Name of Kautilya; The great scholar Chaitanya The name of a saint; Consciousness; Life; Knowledge Chaitnya Consciousness; Wisdom; Soul; Mind; Spirit; Founder of the four principles of Vaishinav sect; A reincarnation of Krishna Chaitya Pertaining to the mind; Indivdual soul; A stupa built in Jain or Buddhist places of worship Chaityak Abode of consciousness; A place of worship; A mountain near Magadha; Which is worshipped Chakor A bird enamoured of the moon Chakradev Lord Vishnu Chakshu Eye Chaman Garden Chamanlal Garden Champak A flower Chanak Father of Chaanakya Chanakya Son of chanaka Chanchal Restless Chand Moon Chandak The moon Chandan Sandalwood Chandavir Very brave; A Buddhist deity Chander Moon


Chandnin Chandra Chandrak Chandran Chandrat AncientIndia Chandresh Chane Chanyana Chapal Charak Charan Charanjit Charanpal Charles Charu Chatresh Chatur Chatura Chaturnik Chayank Chaz Cheliyan Chellapan Chemmal

Anointed with sandalwood; Another name for Shiva The moon Peacock feather The moon The moon's nectar; Fair; Handsome; Peaceful; Nectar like; A physician of Lord of the moon Name of a god; Dependability Moon Quick An ancient physician Feet One who has won over the lord Protection under the Guru's lotus feet A Man Agreeable; Charming; Genteel Lord Shiva Clever Clever Four faced; A name for Varuna Another name for the moon Form of Charles Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous Precious Premier; Best

Boys Name starting with D

Daamodar Daaruk Daarun Dabeet Dadhikra the morning sun Dadhyan the art of preparing Dagan Daha Dahana Daitya Daityahan Daivya Daiwik Dajasi Daksayan Daksh a perfect being Daksha Dakshesh A name of Krishna Charioteer of Krishna; Tree Hard Male Hindu Warrior Born from the Ocean of Milk; Fast moving; A divine horse who personifies Seller of milk; One who brings the milk; A hermit who was taught by Indra rice for offering to the gods Corn or grain Blazing; Very bright A Rudra A Non Aryan Killer of demons; Another name for Shiva Divine By the grace of God Child of Sephiroth Coming from Daksa Expert; Talented; Fit; Fire; Gold Daksh son of Daksa; Precious son; Son of Able; Talented Shiva


Dakshi Dakshin Dakshina Dalajit Dalapathi Dalbhya Dalbir Daljeet Dalpati Daman Damati Damian Damik Damodar Damon Danah Dandak Daniel Danish Danta Danuj Danvir Darpad Darpak Darpan Darsh Darshan Darshish Darshit Daruka Darun Dasharath Dasmaya Datta Dattey Daulat Davanand David Dawoud Dayaal Dayada Dayakar Dayakara Dayamay Dayamit Dayanand Dayanidhi Dayaram Dayasagar Debashis Debashish

The glorious South direction Donation to god Winning over a group Leader of a group Belonging to wheels Soldier The conqueror of forces Commander of group One who controls One who subdues a conquerer Tamer Earth; Land; Field Lord Ganapati Blue sky Intelligent; Knowledgeable A forest God is my judge To be clever; Mercyfull and forseening Calm; A name for Lord Hanuman Born of danu; A danava Charitable Lord Shiva Kamdev; God of love A mirror Lord Krishna Religious text Mighty; Powerful Display Deodar tree As hard as wood The father of Lord Rama Beautiful Given; Granted; Presented Lord Indra Wealth Joy of god Beloved A Prophet's name Kind hearted Son; Inheritor Merciful Lord Shiva Compassionate Full of mercy Kind; Merciful One who likes being merciful Treasure house of mercy Merciful Extremely kind; Sea of mercy Benediction of god Pleased by gods


Debjit Deenanath Deep Deepak Deepan Deepankar Deepdas Deepen Deependra Deependu Deepesh Deepinder Deepit Deepsharn Deeptendu Deeptesh Deeptiman Deeptimoy Dehabhuj Denise Deshak Dev Deva Devaapi Devabrata Devadas Devadatta Devadeva Devadhipa Devadutt Devaj Devajyoti Devak Devan Devanand Devanath Devang Devank Devansh Devaraj Devarpana Devarsh Devarshi Devarsi Devarya Devashish Devavrat Devbrata Devdarsh Devdas Devdatta

One who has conquered Gods Lord of the poor A lamp Lamp; Kindle; Lustrous Lighting up One who lights lamps; Lord of light Servant of Light Name of poet Lord of light Bright moon Lord of light God's light Lighted Deep search Bright moon Lord of light Lustrous Lustrous Another name for Lord Shiva From Dionysisu; God of wine One who directs; Guide God; King Deity An ancient king A name of Bhisma Follower of God God given Lord of All Lords Lord of the gods Gift of god From God Brightness of the Lord Divine Like a God Joy of god Lord of the gods; Another name for Shiva Devansh Part of god Godly Part of God King of the gods Offerings to the gods God's gift Another name for Narada Sage of the Devas Divine belief Blessings of God Great bhishma Bhishma Worshipper of God Servant of god Given by God


Devdutta Deven Devendar Devendra Devesh Deveshwar Devesth Devhish Devi Devilal Devin Devjeet Devkumar Devnath Devpad Devraaj Devraj Devrat Devsena Devya Deyaan Dhairya Dhairyash Dhakshesh

King Resembling a God King of Lord's King of gods; Lord Indra God of gods; Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Best among the gods Gift; Generosity; Charity Goddess Son of godess Resembling a God God's triumph Son of God King of gods Divine feet King among gods; Name of Indra King of gods Spiritual Army of gods Devine power Concentration Patience Patience and Success Lord Shiva

Boys Name starting with E

Eashan Ebhanan Ecchit Edhas Edhit Edi Edmond Ednit Edward Eeshwar Egaiarasu Eha Ehimay Eka Ekaaksha Ekaakshara Ekabhakta Ekachakra Ekachandra Ekachit Ekachith Ekadant Lord Vishnu Ganpati Wanted; Desired Happiness Grown; Advanced; Evolved Herb Prosperous Protector Evolved Rich guardian God King of charity Lord Vishnu All pervasive Lord Vishnu One eyed; Shiva A Name for Lord Ganesha One who worships a single deity Son of Kashyapa The only moon Possessing one's mind; Complete concentration; Calm; Reposed With one mind Lord ganesh


Ekagr Ekagrah Ekaksha Ekakshara Ekalavya Ekaling Ekalinga Ekambar Ekana Ekanath Ekanga Ekanjeet Ekanpreet Ekansh Ekantin Ekapad Ekaraj Ekaraya Ekatan Ekatma

Complete concentration; Poised; Peaceful; Stable; Alert Focused Lord Shiva Oneself; Alone Renowned for his devotion to his guru Lord Shiva Shiva Sky Lord Vishnu King Bogyguard God's triumph Love for God Whole Devoted to one object; Aname for the follower of Vishnu Lord Shiva Emperor One ruler Closely attentive One soul

Boys Name starting with F

Faakhir Faaris Faarooq Fadi Fadl Faghyar Fahad Faham Fahim Fahmidah Fairuz Faisal Faishah Faiyaz Faiz Faizah Faizan Faizeen Fakhar Fakhry Fakht Fakruddin Falak Falgu Falgun Falguni Proud; Excellent Horseman; Knight One who distinguishes truth from falsehood The redeemer Outstanding; Honourable Intelligent; Like a scholar Lynx Wise; Considerate Wise; Learned; Prudent; Sagacious Intelligent; Wise Victorious; Triumphant Decisive Head; Principal; Place of origin of a river or torrent Artistic Gain Achieving; Attaining; Accomplishing; Possessing Generosity; Abundance; Benefit Honest Pride; Fame; Jewellery; Excellence; Nobility Honorary Moonlight; Moonbeam Pride of religion The sky Lovely Month in the Hindu calendar Born in Falgun; A Hindu month; Arjun


Falih Fanibhusan Fanindra Fanish Fanishwar Faqid Faraj Faraz Fardin in Aries Fareed Farhad Farhan Farhat Farid Faris Farman Farmand Farokh Farozan Farrokh Farrukh

Prosperous; Successful Lord Shiva The cosmic serpent Shesh The cosmic serpent Shesh Lord of serpents; Vasuki One who knows law and divinity; Intelligent; Judicious; Understanding Happiness; Ease; Relief Equitable One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is Unique Happiness Happiness; Joyful Happiness Wide Ability to discern; Perspicacity Order; Command; Royal patent Intelligent; Pure Power of discrimination Luminous Auspicious Blessed; Auspicious

Boys Name starting with G

Gadhadhar Gadin Gafur Gagan Gagandeep Gaganjyot Gagnesh Gajanan Gajanand Gajdant Gajendra Gajkaran Gajrup Galav Gambheer Ganak Ganaka Ganapati Ganaraj Gandesha Gandhaa Gandhar Gandharaj Gandharva Name of lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Invincible Sky; Heaven Light of the sky Light of the sky Lord Shiva One with elephant face Lord Ganesh Elephant teeth; Ganesha The king of elephants Like ears of elephant Lord Ganesh To worship Deep; Serious An astrologer One who calculates Lord Ganesh Lord of the clan Lord of fragrance A sweet smelling Fragrance King of fragrance Celestial musician


Gandhi Gandhik Gandira Ganendra Ganesh Gangadhar Gangadutt Gangesh Gangesha Gangeya Gangol Ganjan Gannaath Garisht Garonman Garry Garth Garuda Garv Garvpreet Gatik Gaurang Gaurav Gauresh Gaurikant Gaurinath Gaurish Gautam Gavisht Gayak Gayan Gee Geet George Geyarajan Ghaalib Ghaazi Ghaibi Ghalib Ghanaanand Ghanashyam Ghanendra Ghanshyam Ghasaan Ghiyaath Gian Giles Girdhari Giri Giridari Giridhar

Sun Fragant Hero Lord of a troop Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati Shiva Gift of Ganga Lord Shiva Lord of Ganga Of the Ganga A precious Surpassing An epithet of Shiva Heaviest House of heavenly song Spear Protection; Enclosure King of birds Proud Hounour; Pride Fast; Progressive Fair complexioned Honour; Pride; Respect A Name of Lord Shiva Husband of Gauri Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Buddha Abode of light Singer Sky Respect Song Farmer King of songs Victor Conqueror HeavenlyGhaibi Concealed; Heavenly Excellent Happy like cloud Lord Krishna Lord of clouds; Lord Indra Lord Krishna Old Arabic name Succourer Master of knowledge; Apostle of knowledge Youthful downy-beared one Lord Krishna Mountain Lord Krishna One who holds mountain; Lord Krishna


Girik Girilal Girindra

Lord Shiva Son of mountain; Lord Shiva Lord Shiva

Boys Name starting with H

Haadiya Haady Haamid Haani Haarith Haaroon Haashim Haatim Habib Hadden Hafiz Hakesh Hamid Hamir Hammad Hamshad Hamza Hana Hanan Hans Hansaraj Hanshal Hansraaj Hansraj Hantidev Hanuman Hanumant Har Hara Haraksa Harbhajan Harbir Hardeep Hardik Hareendra Harendra Haresh Hari Hariaksa Haricharan Haridas Harigopal Harihar Huide to righteousness Guiding to the right Praising God; Loving God Happy; Delighted; Content Plowman; Old Arabic name A Prophet's name Generosity; Prophet's grandfather Judge Beloved Child of heather filled valley Protected Lord of sound Friend A raga One who praises God Always victorious Lion Happiness Mercy Swan King of a swan Swan like King of swans King of Swans Gentle The monkey god of Ramayana The monkey god of Ramayana Name of Shiva The Remover of Sins Lord Shiva Lord's devotee Warrior of God God's light Heartfelt Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Krishna; Other interpretaion Shiva Sun; Vishnu Lord Shiva Feet of the lord Servant of Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu or Vishu and Shiva together


Hariharan Harij Harikanth Harilal Harina Harinaksh Harinder Harindra Hariom Hariprasad Haripreet Hariraj Hariram Haris Harish Harit Haritbaran Harith Harivansh Harjas Harjeet Harjit Harjyot Harkrishna Harley Harman Harmeet Harmendra Harold Haroon Harpal Harsh Harsha Harshad Harshal Harshaman Harshil Harshini Harshit Harshita Harshul Harsith Harteij Hasan

Vishnu and Shiva conjoined The horizon Dear to Indra Son of Hari Deer; Other name for Lord Vishnu and Siva Lord Shiva Lord A tree Lord Vishnu Blessed by Lord Krishna Beloved of Gods King of lions Lord Rama Protector Vishnu Green Green Lion Belonging to the family of Hari Praise of the God Victorious Victor Gods light Lord Krishna Deer Hunter or Archer Everybody's beloved God's friend The moon Powerful ruler or warrior Hope One protected by God Happiness Joy; Delight One who gives pleasure Lover Full of joy Joyful Joyful Joyous Joyous Deer Smile Radiance of Lord Laughter

Boys Name starting with I

Ian Ibhanan Form of John Elephant faced


Ibhya Ibraheem Ibrahim Ichaa Idaspati Idhant Idrees Idris Iesa Iham Ihit Ihsaan Ihtesham Ijay Ikram Ikrimah Ikshan Ikshu Ilaiyavan Ilamporai Ilamurugu Ilandevan Ilango Ilashpasti Ilavalagan Ilavarasan Ilavenil Ilesh Ilisa Ilyas Imaad Iman Imaran Imdad Imraan Imran Imtiaz Imtiyaz Ina Inakanta Inamdaar Inas Inbanathan Indeever Inderbir Inderjeet Inderpreet Indivar Indra Indraarjun Indradutt

Possessor of many attendants A Prophet's name Abraham; Earth Desire God of rain; Vishnu Luminous A Prophet's name Fiery Lord A Prophet's name Expected Prize; Honour Beneficence Magnificent Lord Vishnu Honour respect A female pigeon Sight Sugarcane Youthful Prince Young lord Murugan Young master Chera Prince who wrote Tamil masterpiece Silappadhikaram Lord of the earth Young and handsome Prince Brilliant Lord of earth King of the Earth A Prophet's name Support; Pillar Name of raga Strong Charity A Prophet's name Prosperity; Father of Moses Power of discrimination Great King Lord Surya Beloved of sun Gift giver Capable; Sociability Happy Blue lotus Lord of Bravery Conquerer of Indra Love for god Blue lotus Excellent; First Bright and brave Indra Gift of Indra


Indrajeet Indrajit Indrakanta Indraneel

Conqueror Conquerer of Indra Lord Indra Emerald or sapphire

Boys Name starting with J

Jaabir Jaafar Jabez Jacob Jadhav Jafar Jag Jagad Jagadayu Jagadbandu Jagadeep Jagadev Jagadhidh Jagadhish Jagadip Jagadish Jagajeet Jagajeevan Jagan Jaganmay Jagannath Jagat Jagath Jagatpal Jagatveer Jagdeep Jagdeesh Jagdeo Jagdish Jagesh Jagish Jagjeevan Jagjit Jagmohan Jagrav Jagreet Jahan Jahi Jahnu Jai Jaichand Jaidayal Consoler; Comforter Rivulet God will increase your boundary One who supplants A yadava Little stream The universe Universe Life spring of the universe Lord Krishna Light of the world Lord of the world Lord of the world Lord of the world Lamp of the universe Lord of the universe Conquerer of the world Life of the world Universe; World Spread over the universe Lord of the world; Lord Vishnu The universe The universe Caretaker of the world; God Bravest in the world; Jagveer Light of the Universe Lord of the Universe God of the World King of the World Lord of the world Lord of the Universe Worldly life Winner of the world One who attracts the world Awakened World's way The world Dignified A Rishi Conqueror Victory of the moon Victory of kindness


Jaideep Jaidev Jaigath Jaigopal Jaikrishna Jaiman Jaimini Jainam Jainarayan Jaipal Jairaj Jairam Jaisal Jaishankar Jaison Jaisukh Jaithra Jaitra Jaival Jaivant Jaivardhan Jaiveer Jaiwant Jakarious Jalaal Jalad Jalaj Jalal Jalbhushan Jaldev Jaldhar Jalender Jalendra Jalendu Jalesh Jalil Jalindra Jalpesh Jalsa Jamaal Jameel James Jamil Janak Janakinath Janamejay Janardan Janav Janesh Janith Jankesh

Victory to the light God of victory Victorious Victory of Lord Krishna Victory of Lord krishna Victorious An ancient philosopher Following Janism Victory Lord Brahma Lord of victory Victory of Lord Rama Famous folk Victory of Lord Shiva Son of victory Joy of winning Lord Vishnu Leading to vitory Life giving Victorious Lord Shiva Victorious Victory Peaceful friend Glory of the Faith Giving water Lotus Glory Ornament of water God of water Clouds Lord of waters Lord of the water Moon in the water Lord of water Revered Lord of the water King of Water Celebratory procession Beauty Beautiful A Cheerful boy; He who supplants Handsome Father of Sita; Creator Lord Rama A mjanardan Lord Vishnu One who helps people Protecting men Lord of men Born Lord of His Subjects


Janmesh Janu Janya Japa Japan Japendra Japesh Jarrar Jasamit Jasapal Jasbeer Jashan Jashanjeet

The king of his kundli Soul; Life force Born Chanting Muttering prayers Lord of chants-Lord Shiva Lord of chants-lord Shiva Attractive; Huge; Tremendous army Protected by fame Very famous Victorious hero Celebration Celebration of victory

Boys Name starting with K

Kaaliya Kaamil Kaanan Kaarikaa Kaartikeya Kabir Kadeem Kahill Kailas Kailash Kairav Kalan Kalap Kalapriya Kalash Kalicharan Kalidas Kalimohan Kaling Kalipada Kaliranjan Kalith Kalkin Kalpa Kalpak Kalpesh Kalpvan Kalya Kalyan Kamadev Kamal Kamalaj Kamalakar A huge serpent Perfect Forest Actress Son of Shiva Name of a famous saint Slave to god Best friend Abode of Lord Shiva Name of a Himalayan peak; Abode of Shiva White lotus Warrior Moon Lover of art Sacred pot A devotee of Goddness Kali The poet; Dramatist; Slave of godess Kali; A devotee of Goddess Kali A devotee of Goddess Kali A bird A devotee of Goddess Kali A devotee of Goddess Kali Understood Tenth incarnation of God Vishnu Able; Fit A Heavenly tree Lord of perfection A forest of wishes Pleasant Welfare God of love Lotus flower Lord Brahama Lord Vishnu


Kamalapati Kamalesh Kamalkant Kamalnath Kamalnayan Kaman Kamat Kamboj Kamesh Kamik Kamil Kamlesh Kamod Kampu Kamraj Kamran Kamukh Kanad Kanaiya Kanak Kanal Kanan Kanav Kanchan Kandan Kandarp Kandarpa Kandavel Kanha Kanhai Kanhaiya Kanishk Kanishka Kanishta Kanj Kanthamani Kantilal Kantimoy Kanu Kanvar Kanwal Kanwaljeet Kanwaljit Kapaali Kapil Kapindra Kapish Kapoor Karan Kareem Karen

Lord Vishnu Lord of Kamala Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lotuseyed Desired Unrestrained Conch shell; Elephant Lord of Love Desired Perfect God of lotus A raga Sweet Cupid Success Passionate An ancient Lord Krishna Gold Shining Forest a garden A Hindu Sage Gold Cloud God of love Cupid God Murugan Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna An ancient King Name of a king Youngest Lord Brahama Lord Krishna Lustrous Lustrous Lord Krishna Young prince Lotus Lotus Lotus Lord Shiva Name of a sage King of monkeys; Hanuman Lord Hanuman Saffron Karna; The firstborn of Kunti Kind Pure


Karim Karm Karmendra Karmjit Karna Karnajeet Karnam Karnik Karpoor Kartar Kartheek Karthik Kartik Kartikey Kartikeya Karun Karunakar Karunamay Karunamaya Karunesh Karunya Kashi Kashif Kashinath Kashyap Kasish Kathir Kathith Katran Kaunteya Kausar Kaushal Kaushik Kaustav Kaustubh Kautik Kavan Kavana Kaveesha Kavel Kavi Kavin Kaviraj Kavish Kayaan Keanu Kedaar

Generous; A title of God; The Merciful Being Fate God of action Winner over obstacles The firstborn of Kunti Conquerer of Karna; Arjun Famed Judge Camphor Master A hindu calendar month A Hindu month; One who bestows happiness Name of one of the hindu months Brother of Lord Ganesha God of war; Elder son of Lord Shiva Compassionate Merciful Full of light Full of compassion Lord of mercy Compassion Luminous; Pilgrimage spot A connoisseur Lord Shiva Name of a sage Lord Shiva Ray Well recited Well Learned Son of Kunti Lake of paradise Clever; Skilled Sentiment of love; Sage Vishwamitra A legendary gem; A gem worn by Lord Vishnu A jewel of Lord Vishnu Joy Water; Poem Water Lord of Poets; Lord Ganesha Lotus A wise man; Poet Handsome; Beautiful Doctor King of poets; Other name of Lord Ganesh The name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad Cool breeze over the mountains A field; Name of Shiva

Boys Name starting with L


Laabh Laalamani Laavanya Labeeb Labh Lagan Lahar Lakhan Laksh Lakshan Lakshay Lakshin Lakshman Lakshya Lalam Lali Lalit Lalitesh Lalitkumar Lalitmohan Lamar Lambodar Lambodhar Laniban Lankesh Larraj Lars Latafat Latif Latifah Lav Lavana Laven Lavitra Laxman

Profit Ruby Beauty Sensible; Intelligent Gain Appropriate time Wave Lord Rama's brother Aim Aim Target With auspicious marks Prosperous; Younger brother of Rama Aim Jewel Blushing Beautiful God of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wife Beautiful Beautiful and attractive Close to the sea Lord Ganesh Lord Ganesh Lord Shiva Ravana A sage See Kyle Elegance Elegant Elegance Son of Lord Rama Handsome Fragrance Lord Shiva Lord Rama's brother

Boys Name starting with M

Maadhav Maagh Maahir Maalin Maalolan Maan Maandhata Maaran Maari Maazin Another name of Krishna Name of a Hindu month Skilled One who makes garlands Name of Deity in Ahobilam Mind An ancient King Brave Rain Proper name


Madan Madanapal Madangopal Madesh Madhav Madhavan Madhavdas Madhu Madhuban Madhujit Madhuk Madhukanta Madhukar Madhumay Madhup Madhur Madhuram Madhusudan Madin Madur Magadh Magan Maha Mahaadev Mahabahu Mahabala Mahaddev Mahadev Mahaj Mahakaya Mahaketu Mahakram Mahamani Mahanidhi Mahaniya Mahant Mahanth Mahapurush Maharanth Maharath Maharshi Maharth Mahasvin Mahatru Mahavir one Mahavira Mahdy Maheepati Mahendra Maher

Cupid; God of love Lord of Love Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Sweet like honey; Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Servant of Lord Krishna Honey; Nectar Lord Vishnu Conqueror of Madhu A honeybee The moon Honey bee; Lover Consisting of honey A honeybee Sweet Sweet Lord Krishna Delightful A bird Son of Yadu Engrossed Gazelle Another name of Shiva Arjuna Great strength Lord Shiva Most powerful god; Lord Shiva A noblel descent Gigantic; Lord Hanuman Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva A great treasure house Worthy of honour Great Great Great Being; Lord Rama Pollen inside a flower A great charioteer A great saint Very truthful Glorious Lord Vishnu Most courageous among men; A Jain prophet; Also the super courageous Son of Priyavrata Guided to the right path The king Indra; Lord Vishnu Adept


Mahesh Maheshwar Mahijith Mahin Mahinder Mahindra Mahipal Mahipati Mahir Mahiraj Mahish Mahit Mahith Mahmoud Mahmud Mahrishi Mahtab Mainak Maitreya Majd Majdy Makarand Makeen Makhesh Makrand Makul Makur Malak Malank Malay Malaya Malhar Malik Malkauns Mallesh Mamdouh Mamnoon Mamraj Manaal Manaar Manajith Manan Manas Manasi Manaswa Manasyu Manav Manavendra Mandaar Mandan Mandar

Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Conqueror of the earth The earth God of Gods A king A king King Expert Ruler of the world A king Honoured Honoured Praised The Prophet of Islam Yogi The moon A mountain a Himalayan peak Friend Glory Glorious Honey; Honey Bee; Pollen Strong; Firm Lord Krishna Honey A bud Mirror Angel King A mountain A Forest A raga used in Indian music King A raga Lord Shiva One who is commended; Praised; Glorified Trustworthy Lord of affection Attainment; Achievement Guiding light One who conquered the mind Repetition Mind Born of the mind Mankind Wishing; Desiring Man King among men A flower Adorning Flower; A celestial tree


Mandeep Mandhatri Mandin Mandir Mandith Maneesh Maneet Manendra Manesh Mangal Mangesh Manhar Mani Manidhar Manik Manikandan Manindra Maniram Manish Manit Manith Manivannan Manjeet Manjot Manjul Manjunath Manjyot Manmatha Manmeet Manmohan Mannan Mannath Mannith Mano Manohar Manoj Manomay Manonith Manoop Manoranjan Manorath Manoth Manprasad Mansour Mansukh Manth Mantha Manthan Mantram Manu Manuel

Light of the mind Prince Delighting Temple Adorned Lord of the mind One who wins heart King of mind God of mind Auspicious Lord Shiva Lord Krishna A jewel A mythical snake with jewel in its hood Ruby; Gem Another name for Lord Ayyappa Lord of the mind; Diamond Jewel of a person God of mind; Intellect Highly respected Honoured Lord Ayyappa's related name Conqueror of the mind Light of your heart Handsome Husband of Lord Parvathi; Lord Shiva Light of the mind Cupid Friend of mind Pleasing Meditate A vow to a deity Chosen God be with us Beautiful; Captivating; One who wins over mind Born of the mind Conqueror of Ones Heart Carried by the mind Son One who pleases the mind Desire Born of the mind Mentally calm and cool person Aided by God; Victorious Pleasure of mind Thought Another name for the sun; Lord Shiva Reflection through study Holy Name; Lord Vishnu Founder father of human beings; Original man Powerful; Strong


Manuj Manuraj Manvendra Manvik Manyu Maraam Mardav Mareechi Markanday Markandeya

Son of Manu Kuber King among men Conscious Mind Aspiration Softness Ray of light Shiva's devotee; A Sage who wrote Devi Mahatmyam A devotee of Lord Shiva; A sage

Boys Name starting with N

Naadir Naag Naagarjun Naagendra Naagesh Naajy Naanak Naarad Naasih Naathim Naayantara Nabarun Nabeeh Nabeel Nabendu Nabh Nabhan Nabhanyu Nabhas Nabhendu Nabhi Nabhij Nabhith Nabhoj Nabhomani Nabhya Nachik Nachiket Nachiketa Nacoma Nadal Nadeem Nadeesh Nadin Nadir Nadish Dear; Rare A big serpent An ancient Philosopher King of the serpents God of serpents; Sheshnaag Safe First Sikh Guru An ancient sage Advisor Arranger; Adjuster Star of our eyes Morning sun Noble; Outstanding Noble New moon Sky Noble; Outstanding Eternal Sky New moon Focus; The best Lord Brahama Fearless Born in sky Jewel of the sky; Sun Central A short form of Nachiketa Son of Vajashravas An ancient rishi; Fire Loveable Fortunate Friend God of river; Ocean Lord of rivers Pinnacle Ocean


Naeem Nagaraj Nagarin Nagarjun Nagendra Nagesh Nageshwar Naggar Nahid Nahusha Naimish Nairit Naishadh Naitik Najeeb Nakir Nakshatra Nakul Nal Nalesh Nalin Nalinaksha Nalinikant Naman Namasyu Nambi Namdev Namish Namit Namith Nanak Nand Nanda Nandan Nandi Nandin Nandish Nandlaal Nandu Nanu Naotau Narad Narahari Narasimha Narayan Narayana Narayanan Narendra Naresh Narhari Narinder

Comfort; Ease; Tranquil King of cobras Lord of a town Best among the snakes Seshnag Seshnag; Cosmic Serpent Lord of the cobras Lord Krishna Stainless A mythological king Momentary; Transient; A mythological forest South-west King Nala; A hero from the Mahabharata who was king of Nishadha Ethical Of noble descent Hateful Star Name of one of the Pandavas An ancient king King of flowers Lotus; Water Lotus-eyed Husband of lotus; Salutation Bowing Self confident Lord Vishnu; Poet; Saint Lord Vishnu Bowed down; Modest To bow in a humble greeting Guru fo the Sikhs Joyful Meritorious; Great achiever Pleasing; Son One who pleases others; The bull of Shiva; Lord Shiva Son; Delightful Lord of pleasure Lord Krishna One who always be cheerful Small New Indian Saint; Devotee of Narayan Lord Vishnu An incarnation of Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Vishnu; Refuge of man Title of Vishnu; Krisna King of men Lord of man; King Man-lion The King


Narmad Narottam Narpati Narrottam Narsi Narsimha Nartan Nartana Narun Naruna Naseem Nashir Nataraj Natesh Nathan Natheer Nathin Natraj Natwar Nauhar Nauka Navaj Naval Navalan Navaneet Navashen Navdeep Naved Naveen Navin Navjot Navneet Navnit Navraj Navrang Navroz

Bringing delight Best among men King Best among men Poet; Saint Lion among men Dance Makes others dance Leader of men Leader of men Fresh air One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer Lord Shiva King Controller Warner Protected King among actors Lord Krishna 9 Garlands Boat Newly born Wonder Orator Butter The one who brings hope New flame; New Shine Reward; Justice New New The new light; Always bright Fresh butter Fresh butter New rule Beautiful A Parsee festival

Boys Name starting with P

Paandu Paandurang Paaninee Paarth Paarthiv Paavan Pablo Pachai Pachaimani Padam Father of the Pandavas A diety A Sanskrit grammarian Another name of Arjuna Earthly Purifier Little Youthful; Resourceful Youthful; Resourceful Lotus


Padm Padmaj Padmakant Padmakar Padmal Padman Padmanabh Padmanabha Padmapani Padmapati Padmashri Padmayani Padmesh Padminish Pahal Pakhi Pakshi Palak Palani Palanisami Palanivel Palash Palin Pallab Pallav Panav Panchal Panchanan Pandhari Pandi Pandita Panduranga Panini Pankaj Pankajan Pankajeet Panmoli Panna Pannalal Panner Panshul Panvi Paraashar Parag Parakram Param Paramartha Paramesh Paramhans Paramhansa Paramjeet

Lotus Lord Brahama Husband of lotus Jewel; Lord Vishnu Lotus Lotus One with lotus in his navel; Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Bramha Lord Vishnu Goddess of wealth; Seated in a lotus Lord Brahama; Buddha Lord Vishnu Lord of lotuses Facet; Beginning initiative Bird Bird Eyelash Abode of Lord Murugan Another name for Lord Murugan Another name for Lord Murugan A flowering Protecting New leaves Young shoots and leaves Prince Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vithobha Lord Pandi Scholar One with pale white complexion; Lord Vithobha The great scholar-grammarian Lotus flower Lotus; Lord Vishnu Eagle; Garuda Speaks sweetly Emerald Emerald Life of happy Lord Shiva Lord shiva A celebrated saint Pollen grains Strength The best Highest truth Lord Shiva Sadguru Supreme soul Highest success


Paramjit Paranjay Parantap Parantapa Paras Parashar Parashuram Parasmani Paratpara Paravasu Parees Paresh Paresha Pargat Pari Parighosh Pariishna Parijat Pariket Parikshit Parimal Parin Parindra Paritosh Parkash Parmaarth Parmeet Parmesh Parminder Parnad Parnal Parnik Parth Partha Parthiv Parvesh Parwez Pascal Pashunath Pashupati Pasupati Patag Patakin Patanjali Pathik Pathin Patoj Patr Patralika Paul Paurav

Heroic Varun; Lord of the Sea Hero Conqueror; Arjuna Touchstone An ancient Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Touchstone Greatest of The Greats Name of a sage Touch stone Supreme spirit; Supreme Lord Lord of The Lords; A Name for Lord Rama Appearance Charitable prince Loud sound A sweet little angel A celestial flower Against desire Name of an ancient king Fragrance Another name for Lord Ganesha Lion Contentment; Satisfaction Light Highest truth; Salvation Wisdom Lord Vishnu God of Gods A Brahmin in the qpics Leafy Creeper King; Arjun Arjun Prince of Earth Lord of celebration Victorious peace Pass Over Lord of animals; Lord Shiva Lord Shiva's incarnation Lord Shiva Sun Holder of a banner Famous Yoga philosopher A traveller Traveller Lotus Defender New leaves Small A descendent of King Puru


Pavak Pavalan Pavan Pavanaj Pavani Pavankumar Pavitra Payas Payod Paz Peeyush Pehlaj Perumal Peter Phagun Phalak Phalgun Phalguni Phaninath Phanindra Phanishwar Phenil Phoolendu Pihu Piki Pilar Pinak Pinaki Pinakin Pingal Pitambar Pival Piyali Piyush Pogula Ponnan Poojan Poojit Poonish Pooran Poorna Poornanand Poorvaj Poorvash Porush Posh Prabal Prabhakar Prabhanjan Prabhas Prabhat

Fire Skilled in literature Wind; Breeze Lord Hanuman Hanuman Bhim; Hanuman; Son of the wind Pure Water Cloud Peace Nectar First born Lord Venkateshwara Rock A Hindu month Sky A month in Hindu Calendar Born in Falgun; A Hindu month; Arjun Lord of serpents King of gods; Sesh; The divine snake King of serpents Foamy Full moon Chattering of bird Cuckoo Pillar; Fountain base Shiva's bow Lord Krishna Lord Shiva A reputed sage Lord Vishnu A tree A tree Nectar; Milk Lord Venkateswara Precious Worship Worshipped Lord of the pious Complete Complete Complete joy Elder; Ancestorsn Moon Man power Month in Hindu calender Coral The sun Dust storm Lustrous Dawn


Prabhav Prabhjyot Prabhu Prabir Prabodh Prabodhan Prabuddha Prachand Prachet

Effect Light of God God Hero; Brave one Praveer Sound advice; Consolation Knowledge Awakened Hard; Bold Lord Varun

Boys Name starting with R

Raadhesh Raahi Raajaa Raajeev Raakaa Raakesh Raakin Raam Raamiz Raatib Rabah Rabee Rachit Radhak Radhakanta Radhesh Radheshyam Radhey Radheya Radhiyaa Rafael Rafat Rafey Ragesh Raghav Ragheb Raghotham Raghu Raghubir Raghunath Raghupati Raghuram Raghuveer Raghuvir Rahas Raheel Raheem The consort of radha; Lord Krishna Traveller King Blue lotus Day of the full moon Lord of the night Respectful Lord Rama; God; Supreme spirit Symbol Arranger Gainer Spring Invention Liberal Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Karna Karna Content; Satisfied God has healed Elevation Pioneer The man who sings sweet ragas Lord Rama Desirous Greatest of all The family of Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Secret One who shows the way Merciful


Rahi Rahil Rahim Rahman Rahul Raivata Raivath Raj Raja Rajab Rajag Rajak Rajam Rajan Rajani Rajanikant Rajanya Rajarshi Rajas Rajat Rajdeep Rajdulari Rajeet Rajeev Rajender Rajendra Rajesh Rajesha Rajhans Rajinder Rajit Rajiv Rajkumar Rajnish Rajrishi Raju Rajul Rajveer Rajyeshwar Rakesh Rakishi Raksha Rakshak Rakshan Rakshit Raktakamal Ram Ramadeep Ramadhuta Ramadut Ramakaant

Traveller Traveller Another name for God Merciful Son of Lord Buddha A Manu Wealthy King; Kingdom King The 7th month of the Muslim year Universal awareness Illuminating Goddess Lakshmi King Night Sun; Lord of night Kingly King's sage Mastery; Fame; Pride Silver Best of Kings Dear princess Decorated Blue lotus Lord of Kings; Emperor King God of kings God of kings; Emperor Celestial swan Spontaneous Decorated Lotus flower Prince Moon King's sage Prosperity Brilliant National hero King The moon; Lord of the night; Sun Wide load The moon; Protection Rescue Protector Guarded; Secure; Saved A red lotus Lord Rama; Pleasing; Charming; One who pleases Lord Rama Ambassador of Rama Lord Hanuman Lord Vishnu


Ramakanta Raman Ramandeep Ramanuj Ramanuja Ramashray Ramavatar Ramchandra Ramdas Ramees Rameez Ramesh Rameshwar Ramith Ramoji Ramon Ramprasad Rampratap Ramratan Ramswaroop Ramu Rana Ranadeva Ranadhira Ranajay Ranajit Ranak Randal Randeep Randhir Ranesh Rangan Ranganath Rangesh Rangith Ranjan Ranjeet Ranjit Ranjiv Rantidev Ranveer Rasaraj Rasbihari Rasesh Rashad Rashid Rashmi Rashmil Rasik Rasmaru Rasul

Lord Vishnu Beloved; Pleasing; Cupid Absorbed in the light of Lord's love Lord Krishna; Lord Laxman Lord Krishna; Born after Rama; Lakshman Lord Vishnu; Protected by Rama Reincarnation of Lord Rama Lord Rama Devotee of Rama Winter Prince Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Loved Lord Rama Wise Protector Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord Rama Lord sriram Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look Lord of Battles Patient in battle Victorious Victorious King Sheild Wolf The hero of the battle Brave Lord Shiva A flower Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Well couloured Pleasing Victor in wars Victorious Victorious Devotee of Narayana Winner Mercury Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Integrity of conduct Rightly guided; Having the true Faith Sun Rays Silken Connoisseur Lord Krishna Angel


Ratan Ratanakar

Precious stone Precious stone

Boys Name starting with S

Saabir Saad Saahid Saahil Saahir Saajid Saakaar Saalih Saanjh Saaras Saariyah Saarth Saatatya Saatvik Saaz Sabal Sabar Sabarish Sabeeh Sabhajit Sabhya Sabrang Sabyasachi Sachan Sachchit Sachet Sachetan Sachh Sachin Sachint Sachish Sachisth Sachit Sachiv Sadabindu Sadaiappan Sadajit Sadanand Sadar Sadashiv Sadashiva Sadavir Saddhan Sadeepan Patient Good luck Wakeful Sea shore Wakeful One who worships God Manifestation of god Good; Righteous Evening Swan Clouds at night Meaningful Never ending Pious Melody With strength Nectar Lord Iyyappan Beautiful Honoured praised celebrated Refined Rainbow Lord Arjun Friendly Lord Brahma Consciousness Animated; Rational The truth Lord Indra Thoughtful Lord Indra Most powerful helpful Consciousness Friend Lord Vishnu Lord Siva Always victorious Ever joyous Respectful Pure Eternally pure Ever courageous With money Lighted up


Sadeeq Sadgun Sadhan Sadhil Sadhin Sadhuj Sadiksha Sadiq Sadiva Sadru Saeed Safal Saffar Safiy Safwan Sagan Sagar Sagma Sagni Sagun Sagurik Sahadev Sahaj Sahaman Sahanj Sahar Sahara Saharsh Sahas Sahasan Sahasanu Sahasin Sahaskrit Sahasrad Sahasvat Sahasya Sahat Sahaujas Sahavan Sahay Sahaya Sahayu Sahdev Sahen Sahendra Sahib Sahil Sahir Sahishnu Sahisht Sahit

Trustworthy Virtues Pocessing Perfect To accomplish Good conduct Good intention Kingly Eternal Lord Vishnu Priestly Succeed Coppersmith Best friend Old Arabic name; Rocks Lord Shiva Sea; Ocean Powerful; Mighty; Strong Sacred fire Possessed of qualities Capable; Energetic Prince Natural Victorious A king Sun; Dawn Lord Shiva With joy Bravery Powerful; Mighty Patient Powerful; Mighty Bestowing strength; Power Lord Shiva Full of valour; Victorious Mighty Stong Endowed with strength or power Possessing strength; Mighty Help Lord Shiva Victorious One of the Pandava princes Falcon Resembling God Indra in power The lord Guide Magician Lord Vishnu Strongest; Most powerful Bounded


Sahith Sahodar Sahoj Sahojit Sahor Sahovan Sahuri Sai Saiamartya Saibya Saideep Saikat Sailesh Sainath Saipraasad Saiprasad Saipratap Sairam Sajal Sajan Sajitvan Sajiv Sajiva Sajjan Saju Sakal Sakash Sakelshwar Saket Saksham Sakshik Sakshum Salah Salaman Salarjung Saleem Salem Salil Salim Salman Salokh Salvador Sam Sama Samaah Samabashiv Samaj Samajas Samalya Saman Samant

Literature Brother Full of strength Victorious by strength Good excellent pious Mighty superior Victorious strong Flower; Everywhere Immortal; Shirdi Sai Baba Belonging to Lord Shiva A Name for Sai Baba Beach King of mountains Saibaba Blessing Guide; River bank Blessing of Saibaba Blessing of Saibaba Moist Beloved Victorious superior Lively Full of life Noble respectable Travelling All whole perfect Illumination Lively Llrd Krishna Capable Witness Skillful Righteousness High Beautiful Healthy Safe Water Happy; Peaceful Safe Friendship The Saviour Strong person Equal Generosity Lord Shiva Lord Indra Lord Shiva Garlanded Calming song of praise Universal whole


Samantha Samanvaya Samanvita Samanyu Samar Samara Samarajit Samarendra Samarendu Samarjeet Samarjit Samarpan Samarth Samarthya Samarvir Samavart Samay Sambaran Sambha Sambhav Sambhddha Sambit Sambodh Sambudh Samdarshi Samedh Sameen Sameep Sameer Samen Samendra Samendu Samesh Samgram Samhita Sami Samidh Samik Samiksh Samil Samin Samir Samiran Samit Samividhan Sammad Sammat Sammath Sammud Samodh Sampada

Bordering Equanimity Name of Goddess Durga Lord Shiva War Accompanied by Gods Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Lord Vishnu Winner of the battle Victorious in war; Lord Vishnu Dedicating Powerful Strength capability Hero of battle Lord Vishnu Time Restraint; Name of an ancient king Shining Born; Mainfested Wise Consciousness Complete knowledge Wise prudent Lord Krishna Full of strength Valuable Close Breeze Happy Winner of war Lord Vishnu Lord of equality Host A vedic composition High; Sublime; Similar Perfect full Peaceful Near to sun Peaceful Self-disciplined Wind Breeze Always making friends Constitution Joy Agreed; Consented Agreed Joy delight Fragrance full of joy Blessing


Sampat Sampavan Sampoorn Samprad Samprati Samprit Samraj Samrat Samrath Samridh Samrudh Samskar Samskara Samudra Samudrasen Samuel Samvar Samvath Samyak Sanabhi Sanag Sanal Sanam Sanas Sanat Sanatan Sanatana Sanath Sanay Sanchay Sanchit Sandananda Sandeep Sandeepan Sandeepen Sandesh Sandipani Sandy Sangir Sangod Sangupt Sanhata Sanil Sanisth Sanivesh Sanja Sanjan Sanjay Sanjeev Sanjeevan Sanjit

Prosperous Pure Complete Culture In the right way Pleased delighted Universal ruler Emperor Lord Krishna Perfect complete The Enriched One Good Ethics and Moral Values Ethics Ocean Lord of the ocean Name of God Content Prosperous Enough Related A beautiful mountain Vigorous Beloved Laughing smiling Lord Brahma Eternal Eternel; Lord Shiva With a protector Eternal Collection Collected Eternal bliss A lighted lamp A sage A sage Message A preist Good Lamp Assent promise With water pond lake Percectly hidden Conciseness Gifted; Bestowed Gaining most Appearance; Form God universal creator Creator Bhritarashtra's charioteer Love; Life Victorious Who Is AlwaysVictorious


Sanjith Sanjiv Sanjivan Sanjog Sanjoy Sanjval Sankalp Sankalpa Sankara Sankarsana Sankarshan Sanket Sankil Sankul Sannath Sannidhi Sannigdh Sanobar Sanshray Sanshubh Sanskar Santan Santanak Santatey Santavir Santosh Santya Sanu Sanug Sanurag Sanvah Sanvar Sanvaran Sanvarth Sanvrit Sanwariya Sanyam Sanyat Sanyog Sapan Saparyu Saprathas Saprem Saptajit Saptanshu Saptarishi Saquib Sarag Saral Saramay Sarana

Perfectly victorious Love; Life Immortality Coincidence Creator Well lit blazing brightly Aim Resolve Shiva One who ploughs A name of Balaram; Brother of Lord Krishna Signal Possessed with fire a burning torch Crowded together; Dense Accompanied by a protector Nearness Always ready Palm tree Aim Radiant; Beautiful Good Ethics and Moral Values A tree Spreading a tree Continuous extended Courageous and Saintly person Contentment; Happiness Kind; Bestowing gifts Peak sun With followers Affectionate Carrying along bearing wind Dam bridge Covering enclosing A rain cloud meeting Happened Lord Krishna To have controll Following a king Conincidence Dream Swapna Honouring devoted faithful Lord Vishnu With love Conqueror of 7 elements Fire 7 Stars representing 7 Great saints Bright Heaven Straight Firm; Best of anything Injuring


Sarang Saransh Saras Sarasi Sarasija Sarasvat Sarat Saravana Saravanan Sarbajit Sarbani Sarbesh Sarfaraz Sargam Saril Sarin Sarish Sarngin Saroj Sarojin Sartaj Sarthak Saruh Sarup Sarva Sarvad Sarvadaman Sarvadev Sarvag Sarvahit Sarvajit Sarvak Sarvambh Sarvanavel Sarvang Sarvashay Sarvavas Sarvbhanu Sarvedra Sarvendra Sarvesh Sarvinder Sarwar Sasatya Sashak Sashang Sashank Sashanth Sashreek Sashwat Sasi

Spotted deer In Brief A bird; Lake Lake Lotus Learned Autumn; Name of a season; A sage Clump of reeds Another name for God Murugan One who has conquered everything Goddess Durga Lord Siva Head held high Musical notes One That brings essence Helpful Equal Name of God Vishnu Lotus Lord Brahma Crown Well done Attainer; Achiever Beautiful Lord Krishna; Shiva Lord Shiva Son of Shakuntala-Bharat Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Useful to all All conquering Whole Lord Ganesh Another name for Lord Murugan Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Name of sun Sun God of all Lord of all King of kings Promotion Accompanied by truth Rural of the contry Connected Moon Lord of all Prosperous Eternal Moon


Sasmit Sasta Sasyak Satadev Satamanyu Satanand Satayu Sateendra Satejas Satesh Sathi Sathish Satin Satinath Satindra Satish Satkar Satkart Satkartar Satpal Satpati Satrajit Satrijit Satruijt Sattat Satvamohan Satvant Satvat Satveer Satvik Satvinder Satvir Satwaki Satyadev Satyajit Satyak Satyakaam Satyakam Satyaki Satyam Satyamohan Satyamurty Satyankar Satyapriya Satyarat Satyasheel Satyavaan Satyavache Satyavan Satyavrat Satyavrata

Ever smiling One who rules Possessing good qualities perfect God Lord Indra Lord Vishnu Brother of Amavasu and Vivasu Lord of truth Full of power Lord of hundreds Partner Good king Real Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Voctorious Honour respect Honoured respected Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Protector Lord Indra Ever victorious Father of Satyabhama; Wife of Lord Krishna A son of Vatsa Always constant Truthful True faithful pious sacred Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu Virtuous Lord of virtue Lord of virtue Fighter Lord of truth Victory of truth Honest Believer in truth Son of Jabala in the Mahabharata Charioteer of Krishna Honesty Truth Statue of truth True; Good Devoted to truth Devoted to truth Truthful Devoted to truth Lord Rama; Speaker of Truth Husband of Savitri; True One who has taken vow of truth Dedicated to truth


Satyayu Satyendra Satyesu Satyeyu Sauanand Saubal Saubhadra Saubhag Saugat Saujas Saul Sauman Saumil Saumit Saumitr Saumitra Saumya Saunak Saura Saurabh Saurav Sauri Saurjyesh Sauvan Savanth Savar Savera Savio Savir Savit Savitendra Savya Sawan Sayam Sayan Sayed Sayid Sayuj Seduka Seemanta Sehej Sekar Selvan Selvannmbi Sena Senajit Sendhil Sengannan Senmal Senthil Seshan

It's a truthful and pious life Lord of truth Satyen Seeker of truth Striving for truth Sweet natured Mighty Abhimanyu Full of fortunes auspicious Gift an enlightened person Full of energy Prayed for Flower blossom Easily available Easy to get Good friend Lakshman Handsome Boy sage Sacred to the sun Fragrance Divine; Celestial Son of the sun Kartikeya; The Lord of Valour Celestial heavenly Employer Lord Shiva Morning Saint's name Leader Sun The sun Lord Vishnu A Hindu month Evening Precious friend; Companion Leader Master United companion comrade Existent Parting line of hair Calm Lord Vishnu Prosperous Prosperous and confident Army Victory over army Lord Murugan Visionary The best Lord Murugan Light


Seshu Seshvar Setu Sevak Shaady Shaan Shaant Shaarav Shaardul Shaashwat Shabar Shachin Shadab Shafeek Shafeeq Shagun Shahalad Shaheen Shahid Shahil Shahnaaz Shailendra Shailesh Shakib Shakti Shaktidhar Shaktik Shakuni Shakunt Shalabh Shalang Shaligram Shalik Shalin Shalina Shaline Shalmali Shalya Shama Shamak Shamakarn Shambhu Shameek Shami Shamindra Shamir Shams Shamshad Shamshu Shamun Shan

Sesh Nag Believing in God Sacred symbol Servant Singer Pride Peace and calm Pure and innocent A tiger Eternal Nector Dra-Lord Indra Fresh Nector Compassionate; Tender Auspicious Joy Tender Patriot Shore; Ruler; Leader Pride of a King King of mountains; Himalaya God of mountain; Himalaya Patience Power Lord Shiva Powerful; Mighty Bird; Uncle of Kauravas Blue jay Lord Shiva Emperor Lord Vishnu A sage Modest Courteous Praiseworthy Lord Vishnu's power An arrow Sun Makes peace Lord Shiva Lord Shiva An ancient sage Fire Quiet; Gentle Rock that can penetrate metal Fragrance Beautiful Beautiful Name of prophet Pride; Prestige


Shanay Shandar Shankar Shankdhar Shankh Shankha Shankhin Shankir Shanku Shanmuga Shanmukha Shant Shantam Shantanav Shantanu Shantashil Shantidev Shantimay Shantinath Shantiv Shanyu Shaquita Sharad Sharadindu Sharan Sharang Sharat Shardul Shareef Shari Shariq Sharman Sharu Shashank

Power of Lord Shani Proud Lord Shiva Lord Krishna A shell Conch Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Lord shiva arrow dart Kartikeya; First son of Lord Shiva Kartikeya; First son of Lord Shiva Gentle Quiet Bhishma Pitamaha A king from the qpic Mahabharata Gentle Lord of peace Peaceful Lord of peace Peaceful Benevolent Blessed Autumn; Name of a season Autumn moon Shelter Deer A season Tiger Distinguished; Noble Arrow Intelligent Joy; Delight; Shelter Lord Vishnu Moon

Boys Name starting with T

Taahir Taamir Taarank Tabrez Taha Tahir Tahoma Taizeen Taj Tajdar Taksa Taksha Chaste; Modest One who knows dates Savious Challenging; Showing openly Pure Holy With a Cute Personality Encouragement Crown Corwned Son of Bharata King Bharat's son


Takshak Taksheel Talaketu Talal Talank Talat Talha Talib Talin Talish Talleen Tamal Tamam Tamas Tamila Tamish Tamkinat Tamoghna Tamonash Tamra Tana Tanak Tanav Tanay Tanish Tanishq Tanmay Tanoj Tanuj Tanush Tanveer Tanvir Tapan Tapas Tapasendra Tapendra Tapesh Tapeshwar Tapomay Tarachand Taradhish Tarak Taraknath Taraksh Taral Taran Tarang Taranga Tarani Tareef Tarendra

A cobra A strong character Bhishma Nice; Admirable Lord Shiva Prayer Kind of tree Divine Lord Shiva Lord of earth Absorbed A tree with very dark bark Generous Darkness Sun God of darkness; Moon Pomp Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva Destroyer of ignorance Copper Red Issue Prize Flute Son Ambition Jewel Engrossed; Absorbed Son Son Lord Shiva Englightened Strong Sun; Summer Heat; Penance; Ascetic Lord Shiva Lord of heat; Sun The Holy trinity Lord Shiva Full of moral virtue Star Lord of the stars Star; Pupil of eye; Protector Lord Shiva Mountain Honeybee Raft; Heaven Wave Wave Boat; Sun Rare; Uncommon Prince of stars


Taresh Tarfah Tarik Tariq Tarit Tarosh Tarpan Taru Tarun Taruntapan Tarusa Tate Tathagat Tathagata Tatharaj Tatva Tatya Tauheed Tausiq Tautik Tavish Tawfeeq Taymullah Tayseer Teerth Tej Tejal Tejandra Tejas Tejasveer Tejendra Tejesh Tejeshwar Tejomay Tereshan

God of the stars; Moon Kind of tree One who crosses the river of life Morning star Lightning Heaven; Small boat Refreshing Small Plant Young; Youth Morning sun Conquerer Great Talker Lord Buddha The Buddha Buddha Element Lord Shiva Victoriuos Reinforcement Pearl Heaven Success; Reconciliation Servant of God Facilitation Holy place; Sacred water Light; Lustrous Bright Sharpness; Light Lustre; Brilliance Someone full of light and vigour The Lord sun God of brightness; Sun The sun Glorious Solid redemption

Boys Name starting with U

Ubaadah Ubaidah Ubay Uchadev Uchit Udant Udar Udarathi Udarchis Udarsh Uday Old Arabic name Servant of God Old Arabic name Lord Vishnu Correct Correct message Generous Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Brimming To rise; Appearance


Udayachal Udayan Udbal Uddhar Uddhav Uddip Uddiran Uddish Uddiyan Uddunath Udeep Udit Udjith Udu Udupati Uduraj Udyam Udyan Udyat Ugresh Ujagar Ujala Ujas Ujendra Ujesh Ujjala Ujjay Ujjwal Ujval Ujwal Ulagan Ulagappan Ulagarasan Ulhas Ullas Ulmuk Umaarah Umair Umakant Umanand

Eastern horizon Rising; Name of king of Avanti Mighty Liberation Lord Krishna's friend Giving light Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Flying speed Lord of stars Flood Grown; Awakened; Shining Lord Vishnu Water Lord of stars Lord of stars Effort Garden Star Lord Shiva Bright Bright First light Conqueror One who gives light Bright Victorious Splenderous Splenderous Bright Wordly Creator of the world King of the world Joy; Delight; Happiness Light Lord Indra Old Arabic name Old Arabic name Lord Shiva Lord Shiva

Boys Name starting with V

Vaageesh Vaakpati Vaalmeeki Vaaman Vaarin Vaarshik Lord of speech Great orator An ancient saint Lord Vishnu Ocean Annual


Vaasuki Vachan Vachaspati Vadish Vagindra Vagish Vahin Vaibhav Vaijayi Vaijnath Vaikartan Vaikhan Vaikunth Vainavin Vairaj Vairaja Vairat Vairinchya Vairochan Vaisaka Vaishvik Vajasani Vajendra Vajra Vajraang Vajradhar Vajrahast Vajrajit Vajramani Vajrapani Vajresh Vajrin Vakrabhuj Vakratund Valaak Valavan Valentina Vallabh Vallabha Valmik Valmiki Vama Vamadev Vaman Vamsi Van Vana Vanad Vanadev Vanajit Vanamalin

A celestial cobra Speech Lord of speech Lord of the body Lord of speech Lord Brahma Lord Shiva Richness Victor Lord shiva Name of Karna Lord Vishnu Vaikuntam; The abode of Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Spiritual glory Son of Virat Gem Lord Brahma's son Lord Vishnu's son A Season Belonging to the world Lord Vishnu's son Lord Indra Lord Krishna's greatgrandson; Diamond Diamond bodied Lord Indra Lord Shiva Lord Indra Diamond Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Indra Lord Ganesh An epithet of Ganesha A crane Skillful Strong Beloved; Dear Beloved The author of the qpic Ramayana The author of the qpic Ramayana Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu Name of a 'Raaga' Forest Intelligence Cloud Lord of the forest Lord of the forest Lord Krishna


Vandan Vanhi Vanij Vaninadh Vaninath Vanmaalee Vanraj Vansh Vansidhar Vara Varaah Varad Varadaraaj Varadraj Varana Vardhaman Vardhan Varesh Vareshvar Varid Varij Varin Varindra Varish Variya Variyas Varnit Vartanu Varun Varunesh Vasant Vasav Vasava Vasavaj Vasavi Vashita Vasishista Vasishtha Vasistha Vasu Vasudev Vasudha Vasuki Vasuman Vasumat Vasumitr Vasupati Vasur Vasuroop Vatatmaj Vatsa

Salutation Fire Lord Shiva Husband of Saraswati Husband of Saraswati An epithet of Krishna King of forest Coming Generation of father Lord Krishna Gods gift An epithet of Vishnu God of fire Another name of Vishnu Lord Vishnu Holy river Lord Mahavir Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Cloud Lotus Gifts Lord of the ocean Lord Vishnu Excellent one Lord Shiva Varn Beautiful Lord of the waters; Neptune Lord of water Vasanspring season Lord Indra Indra Son of Indra Son of Indra One who hypnotises by her virtues Muni A sage Name of a sage Wealth Krishna's father; God of wealth Earth A Famous Snake in Hindu Mythology Born of fire Lord Krishna An ancient name Lord Krishna Precious Lord Shiva Lord Hanuman Son


Vatsal Vatsapal Vatsar Vatsin Vaydeesh Vayu Vayujat Vayun Vayunand Vayya Vea Ved Vedaant Vedamohan Vedang Vedanga Vedank Vedant Vedanth Vedatman Vedavrata Vedesh Vedmohan Vedprakash Vedswarup Veer Veera Veeral Veerendra Velan Venavir Vendan Vengai Veni Venimadhav Venkat Venkatesh Venu Vetrival Viamrsh Vibhaas Vibhas Vibhat Vibhavasu Vibhishan Vibhor Vibhu Vibhumat Vibhusnu Vibhut Vibodh

Affectionate Lord Krishna A year Lord Vishnu God of The Vedas Lord Hanuman Lord Hanuman Lively Lord Hanuman Friend Chief Sacred knowledge The scriptures Lord Krishna From the Vedas Meaning of Vedas Chapter of ved Hindu philosophy The one who has read the vedas Lord Vishnu Vow of the Vedas Lord of Vedas Lord Krishna Light of the Vedas Form of Knowledge Brave The brave Priceless Lord of courageous men Another name for Lord Murugan Lord Shiva's son King Brave Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu; Lord Krishna Flute Successful Lord Shiva Shinning Decoration; Light Dawn Lord Krishna A character from the epic Ramayana Ecstatic All-pervading Lord Krishna Lord Shiva Strong Wise


Victor Vidarbh Videsh Vidhaath Vidhatru Vidhesh Vidhu Vidhyadhar Vidip Vidith Vidojas Vidor

Conqueror Ancient name of a state Foreign Creator Lord Shiva Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Full of Knowledge Bright Interprettation Lord Indra Cheerful

Boys Name starting with Y

Yaar Yachika Yadav Yadavendra Yadu Yadunandan Yadunath Yaduraj Yaduvir Yagna Yagyesh Yahyaa Yaj Yajas Yajat Yajnadhar Yajnarup Yajnesh Yaksha Yamahil Yamajit Yamajith Yaman Yamha Yamir Yasaar Yash Yashas Yashasavi Yashkaran Yashmit Yashneil Yashodev Yashodhan Very good friend Application Lord Krishna; Descedent of Yadu Lord Krishna An ancient King Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Lord Krishna Ceremonial rites to God Lord fo the sacrificial fire Prophet's name A sage Fame Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu Lord Krishna Lord Vishnu A Type of a Demi God Another name Lord Vishnu Lord Shiva Another name for Shiva Proper name Dove Moon Ease; Wealth Victory; Glory Fame Famous; Glorious; Successful Fame Famed Famous; Glorious; Successful Lord of fame Rich in fame


Yashodhar Yashodhara Yashpal Yashraj Yashwant Yashwanth Yasir Yasnil Yathavan Yatin Yatindra Yatish Yatnesh Yatrik Yayin Yazeed Yeshwant Yeshwanth Yogadeva Yoganand Yogendra Yogesh Yogi Yogini Yogiraj Yogit Yoonus Yoosuf Yudhajit Yudhisthir Yugma Yukta Yuval Yuvaraj Yuvraj Yuyutsu

Famous One who has achieved fame Protector of fame King of fame One who has achieved glory Always famous Wealthy Shiv Lord Vishnu Ascetic Lord Indra Lord of devotees God of Efforts Journey Lord Shiva To increase; Grow; Enhance Success A person who attains fame and glory Lord of Yoga Delighted with meditation God of Yoga God of Yoga Devotee Lover of Yogas; Lord Krishna Great Ascetic; Lord Shiva Planner Prophets name Prophets name Victor in war Firm in battle Twins; Zodiac sign of Gemini Attentive; Skillful Brook Prince; Heir apparent A prince Eager to fight

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