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Maria Ivanova Kraeva 41616, English and American studies, 1st year


Charlotte Brontes novel Jane Eyre is a work filled with love and passion, difficulties and obstacles to be overcome. The author reveals the love story between Jane Eyre and her master Mr. Rochester. This is a fascinating novel, which shows us the happy and sad side of the relationship between a poor countryside girl and a severe, stubborn man. The romantic tale begins when Jane Eyre moves to Thornfield Manor where she begins to work as a governess. There she meets for the first time her true love Mr. Rochester the master of the house. At first, she is being treated as part of the servants. Thats because Rochester needs to control everything and everyone around him. Jane subordinates him as a docile and obedient girl by calling him sir. But as time passes she falls in love with him. For the first time the poor orphan feels happy someone has paid attention to her and has made her feel special. Although the two characters are exact opposite, they are like two parts of the same whole. Rochester is masterful, stubborn and selfish. He is born wealthy and of good name. Unlike him, Jane is good-natured, honest and kind girl, who is born poor and whose parents died of fever. These two characters are very different, but yet they attract each other. The young girl and her master go through many obstacles, in order to be together at last. Jane is a brave woman, who is willing to do everything to save the flame of love. She fights with the difficulties brought to her by life and succeeds to overcome them. In chapter 23, we become witnesses of the conversation in the garden between Jane and Rochester. He leads her to believe that he is about to marry Blanche Ingram and that she must leave Thornfield soon and forever. Does Rochester truly love Blanche or does he only pretend, because he wants to see the reactions of Jane? Her soul speaks perfectly for the feeling she has: in the moments I and my pupil spent with him, I lacked spirits and sank into inevitable dejection (Bronte p.251). She is torn by the fact that she has to leave her only home1

Thornfield and she cant bear the truth that she has to leave the ones who love her. The master of the mansion shows himself as a rude and selfish man by causing pain to his beloved. He wants to see whether Jane is ready to fight for her love or she will just give up. The jealousy he puts her under isnt a proof of his love; its just a way to show his desire to be loved. Mr. Rochester is playing with her feelings, truing to make her jealous and increase her love for him. An obstacle staying in their way is the mad woman in the attic Mr. Rochesters wife, named Bertha Mason. Jane fears that if the truth come out she will be treated bad by the prejudiced society. She wont be able to live with the sin of being with a married man, no matter if the truth will be know publicly or not. On the other hand Rochester takes great risk by not telling Jane about his wife and in a way he decides instead of his beloved and doesnt give her the right to make her own decisions. Rochester is willing to run the risks of a bigamous marriage and accept the consequences which may follow in order to possess Jane. She, as a woman, will be looked at with bad eyes and no one will want to hire a governess who was sexually closer with her employer. For him, as a man, the situation is far more different. He wont be regarded as a sinner because he possesses money and power. His deeds once more show his selfish and egoistic nature, because he makes decisions without taking in mind the position Jane will be put into when she finds the truth about his wife. She will be in the position of his mistress. Soon Jane flees from Thornfield and arrives at Whitcross, where she meets the pastor St. John Rivers who asks her to marry him for the Service of God, but the poor girl refuses his proposal: I have a womans heart; but not where you a concerned; for you I have only a comrades constancy (Bronte p.420). Jane states she cant marry such cold-hearted man. For St. John love and passion are just earthly temptations, while for Jane love is a genuine union between two kindred souls. In her sadness she hears Rochesters voice calling for her, which makes her go back to the manor. There she finds it ruined by the fire started by Bertha and her true love blinded and crippled. She finds him changed for the better, now he is pious and praying to God. This is the man in whom she has fallen in love- tender, gentle and good to her. Under his rough character there is a sensible soul searching and longing for love and understanding. Although he is not as attractive as before she doesnt leave him. She declares: All my heart is yours, sir; it belongs to you; and with you it would remain, were fate to exile

the rest of me from your presence forever (Bronte p.456). The one and only man that is on Janes heart is Rochester; he is the one whos her other half; the one that suits her. Only with him she can feel the passion of love, she can be herself and a truly happiness can be achieved. The novel ends with the heroine telling us: I have now been married for ten years. I know what it is to live entirely for and with what I love best on earth. I hold myself supremely blest - blest beyond what language can express; because I am my husbands life as fully as he is mine.(Bronte p.464). Jane Eyre is a novel with happy ending, which reveals a world full of love, passion and pain. Its a tail of two hearts, which show us that true love can exist between a poor countryside girl and a wealthy stubborn man; its a book proving that love is always ready to endure whatever comes.


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