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YCA (Yonsei Cricket Association) CRICKET TOURNAMENT Organized by: Yonsei University Yonsei Cricket Association would like
YCA (Yonsei Cricket Association) CRICKET TOURNAMENT Organized by: Yonsei University Yonsei Cricket Association would like

YCA (Yonsei Cricket Association)



Organized by: Yonsei University

Yonsei Cricket Association would like to extend out most sincere invitation for you to take part in YCA Cricket Tournament this Chuseok. We will be hosting the event on 19 th of September i.e. 2 nd day of Chuseok at Yonsei Universiy. Teams interested to participate in this event are warmly welcome.

YCA Cricket Tournament Registration Form

Team Name


Captains Name

Vice Captain’s Name

Captains Phone

Vice Captain’s Phone

Team Players


University ID

























Please email the registration form to: zawarkhan79@hotmail.com, shahidrock@gmail.com Contacts:


Muhammad Mustafa (010-8689-2408), Shahid Ansari (010-4680-5051), Usman Liaqat (010-6870-2556)


How to Register

6 teams shall be enrolled on the first come first served basis.

Registration fee is 50,000KRW per team

Last date for Registration: 10 th Sept, 2013.

Registration form should be sent to the email address mentioned above.

Entry fee should be deposited after receiving the confirmation email from Organizing

committee of

confirmation email).

Yonsei Cricket Association (transaction details will be provided in the

Teams registering for the tournament agree to abide by the rules set by the Yonsei Cricket


Tournament Rules and Regulations

1. Each member of a team must be a student or researcher of their respective university.

2. Taped tennis balls will be used in all matches

3. There will be two draws for the Tournament. The first random draw will decide the opposing teams of the first round and the second draw will decide the venue of the match as we have two different venues (Baseball ground and Football Ground) for the Tournament.

4. Each inning of the match will comprises of maximum 10 overs. Subjected to be reduced to 8 overs under special circumstances like rain, bad light etc.

5. There will be no field restrictions and each over stepped “No ball” will be followed by a Free Hit.

6. All extras will be taken into consideration except “Leg bye ad bye” while scoring.

7. The bouncers are not allowed and above shoulder height balls will be considered as No Balls so as the waist height full toss balls.

8. The management will provide two umpires and a Scorer as well as balls and tapes.

9. Tournament schedule will be provided after the registration deadline.

10. Each team should confirm their presence 30 minutes prior to their match.

11. If any team fails to follow the schedule then the opponent team will get the walk over

12. The first round of the tournament comprises three matches between 6 teams and the three

winning teams will qualify for the semi finals. The team with the highest run rate among the three losing teams of the first round will qualify as the fourth semi finalist.

13. In-Case of a tie at the end of a regular match, there will be overtime for the super over.

14. Main Umpire’s decision is final, Main umpires can consult the tournament committee to resolve any issues on the field.

15. All participating teams are requested to wear clothing representing their universities, or to wear similar color T-shirts or bring their university banner

16. Each participating team will receive a refreshment package.

17. The winning team of the Tournament will receive a Trophy, Cash Prize and a Dinner

18. In case of bad weather conditions the tournament will be shifted to following day if

participating teams agreed and venue is available or

compensated with their entry fee according to the decision of management.

cancelled and teams will be

19. Yonsei Cricket Association reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the Tournament. Decision of the management will be considered final.

I do hereby agree on behalf of myself and my team members to accept and play by the rules and to conduct ourselves as fair and decent sportsmen for the duration of the tournament.

Signature Captain: