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2nd September 2013 Dear Parents As we begin a new school year on our brand new site, I would like

to welcome everyone to Reception class. I trust that we shall all have a year of great teaching, great learning and great fun! Our theme for this half term is Up and Away, which gives children the opportunity to find out about things that fly, float or live in the air. This unit is part of the International Primary Curriculum Early Years programme. This curriculum sets out clearly what the children should learn. These learning goals are grouped into strands: Independence and Interdependence, Communicating, Exploring and Healthy Living. The activities which we have planned will cover the learning goals as follows: Independence and Interdependence The children will have the opportunity to take part in group activities and take responsibility for their own actions when they play with the parachute and work together to test their own flying machines. Communicating The children will have opportunities to use language in a variety of contexts. They will develop mathematical concepts and be introduced to some of the processes of art and craft. We will sing songs and listen to stories linked to the theme. Exploring Fun activities such as blowing bubbles and watching feathers and fabric float and fall, will encourage children to use their senses to help them understand the world around them. They will be encouraged to think logically and to ask questions. Healthy Living Throughout the theme, the children will develop their skills of concentration and making choices.

A vital part of the IPC is the development of Personal Goals. We shall be encouraging the children to realise the importance of good Communication, Cooperation, Responsibility, Respect, Adaptability, Morality, Enquiry and Thoughtfulness. We begin our theme on Thursday with a fun-filled session based on flying activities. We shall also be making our own hot air balloons, frisbees, kites and bunny-copters later in the term! One of the main features of our school is its international dimension. During these early days in school, the children will find out that their friends come from different home countries and they will be encouraged to share their experiences of travelling by plane. In Literacy, we shall revise Phase 1 of Letters and Sounds for 3 weeks before commencing Phase 2 where children will learn 4 new sounds each week. This is done in a fun way using songs and rhymes to teach sounds, letter formation and emergent writing. In Mathematics, the children will learn about numbers and counting through rhymes and practical experiences using concrete materials. They will learn how to form their numerals correctly. It is very important especially in these early years that we work together as partners in your childs learning. Please encourage your child to talk about what they have been learning at school as this helps them to learn even more. Visit our class blog at www.receptionwithmsj.blogspot.com for ideas on open-ended questions, general information for Reception parents and updates on our daily activities. This term, Reception children have swimming on Monday AND Tuesday. They should come to school on those days dressed in their swimsuits with their uniform and a towel in a waterproof bag. Please ensure that you have signed the permission slip for your child to take part in the swimming lessons. Without the signed document, children will not be permitted to swim. Reception children have their additional language lesson on Thursday and change their library books every Friday. Library bags are available from the uniform shop.

We have a sun safety code in school: No hat, no play. Please make sure that your child has a Tenby hat, which will remain in class. I recommend that you apply sunscreen to your child in the morning before school. There are many mosquitoes around, so it is advisable to apply some form of mosquito repellent as well to ensure your childs comfort. We have a snack in the morning and lunch at 11.40. Ensure that your child has 2 separate containers that they are able to open and close for these times. If possible, label them as Snack and Lunch. This will encourage independence and early reading skills! They should also have a water bottle that they can drink from. Should your child be buying lunch from the canteen, put their money in an envelope labeled with their name and hand it to Ms Shirley or Ms Jacqueline. The school day finishes at 14.45, except for Wednesdays when Reception children go home at 11.30. Should you have any queries about the information in this letter or concerns about your childs learning, do not hesitate to make arrangements to meet with me or e-mail me at jacqueline.bradfield@tenby.edu.my There will be an information meeting for parents held next week. More information will be e-mailed to you in the next few days. Best wishes Jacqueline & Shirley