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oo J IMPORTANT. ‘This documentation is published by Canon Inc., Japan, tc serve as a source of reference for work in the field. Specifications and other information contained herein may vary slighty from actual machine values or those found in advertising and cre printed matter. ‘Aay questions regarding te information contained herein should be directed to the Copier Service Department ofthe Sales Company. ‘This documentation is intended forall sales areas, and may contain information not applicable to certain areas. Reproduction without permission not allowed, Use of this manual should be strictly supervised to avoid disclosure of confidential information. & CORRS, 247 RMIT LT, INE AFT LCORER HEL CRRA ET, SORICIORS I CHNS HOB, CMO). Tuc CHBRRO LEH 2 LOT ATI ER DIBA YET. CORPCRMEN TH SEMEN EIILT 5 RPL, AURAL RB ex BMABEORL ET. CORK, WAMBO SS CHIR HT SACRE NCS, SORIA O MATER SCO BIH DET SA HOR AEA RENAL, REE OLE,