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GIVE YOUR VIEWS regarding the current education system based on fixed (Core) Curriculum.

since the very inception, humans have tried to progress and develop by discovering new possibilities and opportunities. they have been pretty succesful at exploiting whatever resources nature has provided them with, and the most exploited of all resources, is our brain itself. humans have exercised their brains to such a level that there isn't any other species left to challenge them. although, this phenomenon is called evolution, but the major development in evolving the brain has been a formation of systemised educational system. every country has adopted a different system, with probably the same core elements of education which aim at developing analytical, critical and calculative skills of a person. hence, governments have introduced core-curriculum in every spheres of higher education, thus making the education system more and more efficient. since, to err is human, there are still many things that can be done to improve the core-curricula.

there are several benifits of involving a core curricula in a college educational scnario. not only the colleges reap rewards for their ambitious curriculum arrangement, but the students too find themselves to have become more intellectual in many basic skills that are a must in excelling in any academic stream or studies. students have claimed to have learnt many things that are out of the way, and hence, have not limited them to learning what's in their discipline. nevertheless, there are faults that the studens suggest to repair. the major problem is of huge class size. students say that they don't benifit much, specially in subjects, which are writing intensive, because of a huge class size. this makes core curriculums unproductive. another problem faced is of an easy course. this doesn= not challenge the student, and they don't gain what they plan to.

hence, thre are still various fields that have to be looked after to make this core curriculum more effective, although, not perfect. still, there is no denying the fact that it has been a win win situation for the colleges and students alike. core curriculums have certainly made the educational system better, as these give students an intellectual challenge to learn more about diversity of philosophies, religious cultures, and world views on various topics. these curriculums do have faults which are legitimate, but have increased the potential of students. there is a stroonger sense of intellectuality, institutional identity, and teacher-student satisfaction. with such increased initiatives, such as the introduction of core curriculums, we are sure that the development f educational system has a long way to go, until it finally becomes perfect.