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duced from lheVnclassified I Declassified Holdings of lhe"NationaIArchives'

Annex 1 Hea.dquarters '
After action 46th Field Artillery Battalion
against the enemy report.
1 October 4 October 1944
No incidents. 'the period 117. ApproXimately
1600 rounds 'were ex:pended,,'C0nsiderable enemy activity was evident,
chiefly patrols. 'n:tv",Arty TOTS were frequently fired on these
wi th good effect. Infiltrat,ion into wooded 'areas near our MLR was, evident
and concentrations of" enemy troops was prevented by frequent ar',:t1k.tllery:,.'
TOTs. On the 4th of Ootober A CO relieved L CO in tll-e rlJne. Balance of
IstBN joined 11th INF for atta.ok on Fort were
also sent to the 19th FA BN to coordinate fires to support 1st EN on
this This battalion was out of range to support attack. Two
forward observation parties accompanied the 1st BN, lOth INFo
5 October 19411 - 6 oc'tobsr 1944
Fires oontinued normal. Ammuni tioD was restrioted however, and
harassing fires were reduced. 41 missions. were fired, expending 637
,((:, Ootober 1944
Visibility was exceptiona.lly good and ta.rgets were plentiful. 27
were firsd",;expending 509 rounds against infantry in the open,
enemy artillery, mor.tars, and vehicles. Five Div Arty TOTs a.s harassing
missions were 1,l,J.Ar:,;the morning on probable t,a.rgets before the
haze lifted.. Lt l<'lorr:tson, ABTRY, with forward observation party (Cpl
Mc 'Guire, 'Tt,iSZobel and Pvt;,Paul W Thompson) was reported missing at
2100 hours during attack on Fort Driant. It is believed they were
captured along with .00 HQ J B CO, 16th lNF'.
8 OC tobel" 191.4
Lt Col Robert L BruDzell assumed command of the Battalion effective
1200 hours. Lt 'Col James R Johnson was assigned to 5th Div Arty as 8-3.
From 0615 to 0710 seven protective fires were delivered for LN3 against
strong enemy patrols. Observation continued to be good and twelve mis
slons observed by air and ground OPs were fired. At 1300 hours S/8gt
Young reported from "e
OF tha.t approx:tmately a regiment of enemy
infantry carrying white bags were observed well dispersed In viCinity of
87.4-55.3. They were out of range for us, but the mediums fired. The
troops scattered, and no further activity was observed. A total of 23
missions were fired expending 334 rounds.
9 October i944
Visibility wa.s poor a.nd targets were limited. At 2030 hours this
Battalion was rel,nford'ed by ARMD FA BN (2 batteries) fired covering
fire for a strong patro_l :f',rom the 3rd BN, Ipth INF, wJ1.1ch had the mis
sion of captu.!llng prisoners for 'information. The pat,rol ran into heavy
fortlf.ications anJi.returned without prisonsers. '14 missions were fired
expending 275 rounds. .
10 October 1944
Beginning at 0435 hours, Div Arty fired a. sertes of eight TOTS in ,>I
harassing missions against targets throughout the Division ssctor.
", VisibiJ::ity waS poor ans only 2 observed missions were, fired. 21 ,missions.
l18 ha.rassing, were :e'ire&, eXpend,ing 473 rounds.' ,
", -1'"
, R;PJiUced the
. J1! Q. li If. 1:
11 Oc tober 191j)+
Beginnlng today ammunition allowances are drastically l"educed.
Drastic orders no firing wlthouttheir clearance and then only in the
event of action from the proposed target causing damage to friendly
elements. Battalion continued to fire in support of lOth INF. An es ....
timated platoon of Tanks were reported in area. of LN3 and f1red upon.
Rounds expended for day 188.]\.1188i.on8 13.
12 October 1944
Ammunition allowances again held to 150 rounds .. Battalion fired
on counterattack at 1715 hou,rs with gO,od effect. Action took place in
3rd BN t lOth INF sector. Enemy used 3 platoons with automa'tlc weapons
and suffered many casualties. Rounds expended 398. Missions Bat
talion was subject of photographs made by Div Arty Photo team. Picturt'6
were made by 1st Sec, Btry A firing, and of S/Sg't Sullivan's OP detail.
FDC also photographed for history and publicity purposes.
13 October 1944
Very little activity again today. At 0015 hours, this EN with the
50th FA BN fired TOT on a group of enemy working in woods atLN02 sector.
10lth CAN 00 and IMF mor"i.jars disrupted work and TOT which followed is '
reported to have driven enemy out of area BN continued improving
prima.ry and alternate pOSitions whioh are
dug in. Rounds expended 43.
12+ October 194,4
'1'he EN is still restric ted to firing missions of the most urgent
nature with its own guns, but two units are now being flred freID our
818 th TD "EN CO E maintaines its. own FDC, and CO l3 '735 TK BN,
attached to loth INF is now in position, firing through FA BN
FDd. OPs report that our reduced artillery activity bLas made the enemy
'bolder, and he now shows himself more often. Missions fired, none.
Rounds expended, none. '
15 october 1944
. Ammuni tion restrictions still prevent" our firing on any but the
most urgent missions. A platoon of TKO from CO' B 735th TK EN is now to
be fired tbrough our l,I'DC, but registration and proper organization of
position is delayed. Hounds expended, none. lJIissions, none.
16 OC tober 19J+2t
CO of TICS from 735th 'rK EN fired 25 miSSions, 335 rounds both ob
sered .ani unobserved. Visib1li ty limi ted number of observed missions,
however good effec t was noted on several targe ts of opportuni t.y. TKS'
located in an area without defilade were Observed and fired upon by
enemy artilleryI ca.using 'rKS to move o
17 October 19
Initial reconnaissance and orientation of and 8-2 of
358th FA BN was conducted today by CO. 8-3, and 8-2 of 'th.iS BN. It is
planned 'for this unit to relieve us soon.. Missions, none. Rounda
. expended.., none" TKS again do all firing from our FDC,beca.use of our
ovm ammunition restrictions. They did not fire until later in th.e day
beca.use,of difficulty moving them on soft wet ground. Visibility is
poor, and observed missions a.re few in number .. f.Ussions fired. by 735th
TK BN, CO B, 24. Rounds fired 335. '
18 Ootober 194.lj. '
Visibility during late morning and in the afternoon permitted. a
few observed missions which were dlrected against the bolder activl.ty
of the enemy in our sector'. All missions were fired by the
tanks, or chemical mortars attached to the 50th FA EN, 1st and 2nd
Platoons, CO B, 8lst CNL BN are now assigned the mission of reenforcing
our and appropriate technique and momenclature are quickly under
stood and used by our comput,ers. Sequence of commands is different, but
these mortars are fired on both observed and unobserved missions with
exoellent effect. Mortars have an ammunition allotment including 50 7/q
P. Wi th the aSSignment of these eight MOR'rS the EN can now fir'e
from the OPLR deep into enemy terri tory wi t.hou.t any dead spaoe, hereto...
fore preventing olose in :hres, Th9 attached IrKS have a flat trajectoried
75mm M3 GUN and their minimum elevation has preventes fires in close
.Attached TKs
Chemical Mortars 21
19 00 tober1944
Minor activity on either side of the lines today. Tanks firedt:balbh
observed and unobserved missions today. CML MORTS from CO B, 81at milL, BN
also f:).red on targets close to friendly infantry elements, through our
FDC. Mortars were attached to 46 th FA BN today.
IvIisslons Rounds
Attached TKs "-25""- -203
Mortars 16 180
20 October 1944
This day is taken up in preparatit:m for the relief of the BN by the
358th FA BN and. the conduct of fire of our a.tt.aohed weapons. Lt, Col
Sewall, CO, l"1/il,;J" Marl{le I B-3 and other _staff offlcers of the 358th F'A En
w.ith the battery Qommanders of that unit arrived at apprOXimately 1100
hours and made preparations to guide their unit into Ute posi tiona now
ocoupied by the 46th' FA BNo
During the day the enemy eVidenced considerable activity in the
open, apparently feeling sSlfe from OUI.[' artillery since it has not fired
for several days. Friendly aircraft were seen to drop Safe Conduct leaf...
lets to the enemy in forward areas, and "C'I organic reported intense honae
and vehicular activity on the road between Augney and Metz. Attached tanks
were adjusted on this road and fire for effect was delivered with both HE
and \'/P ammo on call, when activity wa.s greatest. Because,of the ha.ze and.
great range, effect could not be defini tely determined. Enemy artillery
increased. in .activi ty today a.nd guns in F'ort Sommy fired for the first
time in several days. CIVIL IDR'l'S f'ired on suspected enemy outpoats and OPs
.At dark the guns wera ooupled and all equipment l'oaded in prepa.ration
for the maroh to an assembly area in the vicinity of Abbey 5te .Marie. The
. night march was a.ccomplished with one slight accident, which damaged the
radiator of the 3rdSeo, B BTRY prime mover when the vehicle ran lntothe
muzzle of- the howitzer ahead. Bivouacwa.s made and. personnel prepared. for
the march to the EN Trainlng Area. Distance marched 9 miles.
Sta:rting at 1100 hours today the BN used. its ownweapou's for the
first time in many days, firing 100 rounds of IVI84 SInk BE Ammo for praotice
purposes . This ammo has not been used in our operations against. the enemy
so far. Missions .ROUndS
'Attached Tanks _. . 200
Chemical Morta.rs 13 180
105s (46 FA BN) 6 100 BE Ma4- Sm,k.
, i
.-It' .-. .... t> ... ,,' ,,', -._", '."-', ". -, .. - .......
the J)nclassified I DeClassified Holdings of the National Arohives .

21 october 1944
starting at 060Q, BN moved out of assembly area in order A, B, C,
HQ, SV a.nd atta.ched AM. March wa.s made via Thia.ucourt, Chambley, and
Harville, to Xivry - Circourt where the EN 1s bivouacked tn but1dings,
wi th vehicles and howi tzars In surrounding fields, Preparations 1J/ere made
to clean equtpment and. refit comple tely in thl a area in addition t.o
conducting training of a. refresher nature, and orienting replacements.
March completed at 1145. Distance marched 62 miles.
IJlaj s/Sgt Shouse and Capt. Hoge, with the key personnel
remained behind until 1400 houra to assure efficient turnover of
installations of this unit to the 358th FA EN.
For the Battalion Commander: