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Advanced Prepositions + Phrasal Verbs

be + Adjective
am afraid am annoyed is obsessed am interested is liable am shocked am good am, grateful am excited am upset is responsible is famous am right am aware am addicted am fond am bored am preoccupied am serious am married am kind am indifferent am baffled am surprised am angry am jealous is full is good am bad

of with with in to by at to about about for for about of to of with with about to to to by by with of of of at

Sentence Example
Everyone is afraid of pythons. Daddy was annoyed with me because I lost his keys. Teenagers are often obsessed with computer games. I'm interested in learning Chinese. You are liable to fail the test if you don't study. We were shocked by his sudden disappearance. His entire family is good at sports. I am so grateful to you for your help. Jayden is so excited about his visit to Disney Land. I am really upset about my bad grades. He is responsible for organizing the party decorations. Japan is famous for sushi. You are definitely right about that. Are you aware of the consequences of global warming? He is addicted to pain killers. I am very fond of your grandmother. Many students are bored with school. She's very preoccupied with planning her wedding. You should be more serious about your schoolwork. She is married to a famous actor. It important to be kind to our fellow man. He's very indifferent to his surroundings. We were all baffled by that math problem. I was surprised by her sudden success. My mother was angry with me because I forgot to call her on her birthday. Many people are jealous of the success of others. The room is full of happy graduates and their families. That was very good of you ot help me out. Jake is bad at spelling and math.

am anxious am capable am certain am immune am ashamed am conscious am detained am distressed am attentive am prone am engaged am late am keen am happy am sorry am ready am deficient am experienced is absent is derived is different is safe is missing am absorbed am convicted is packed is exempt is faced am barred is cluttered am involved is expelled am engrossed is crammed am insured am concerned is connected

about of about to of of by by to to to for on with about for in in from from from from from in of with from with from with in from in with against about with

Everyone is anxious about the upcoming exams. He is capable of doing 5 things at once! I'm certain about this answer. Sophie is immune to the flu virus because she had a flu shot. I am ashamed of you- insulting your uncle!` Were you conscious of making so many mistakes? He was detained by the police for questioning. His father was distressed by the death of his best friend. She is very attentive to the needs of her children. David is prone to saying the wrong thing. He is engaged to the girl net door. They always arrive late for parties. I am really keen on downhill skiing. He's so happy with his final grades. Oooh, sorry about that. Are you ready for the geography test? If you are deficient in iron, you get anemia. She is experienced in dealing with difficult students. He has been absent from school for 2 weeks. Aspirin is derived from the willow tree bark. She is very different from her twin sister. You will be safe from harm here in the shelter. He has been missing from his unit for3 days. He was so absorbed in his work that he didn't feel the earthquake! He was convicted ot killing his neighbor. My suitcase is packed with gifts. He is exempt from the army due to bad eyesight. The company is faced with disaster if if doesn't get a loan. They were barred from entering the country because they didn't have the correct documents. His house is cluttered with tons of junk. The Mafia is involved in selling drugs. He was expelled from school for cheating. He is totally engrossed in that book. The subway car is crammed with passengers. We are insured against fire and theft. I am concerned about the melting ice caps. The PC is connected with the TV.

resign argue glance confide protest results specialize succeed remind (me) apologize blame collide confront distinguish discuss (something) deter coincide provide differ marvel


from about at in against from in in of for for with with from with from with with from at He resigned from hs coaching position. What are you arguing about again? `i just glanced at my notes- I didn't study. I always confide in my best friend. Workers were protesting against rising prices. Beriberi results from a lack of Vitamin C. He specializes in Art Deco furniture. They succeeded in reaching their goal pf raising 1 million dollars. Your nephew reminds me of my Uncle Will. Did you apologize for breaking his i-Pod? The police blamed his for the accident. The car collided with a tractor trailer. The detective confronted him with the evidence. I can't distinguish one twin from the other. I'd like to discuss something with you Nothing will deter her from reaching her goal. My birthday coincidences with their wedding date. The Red Cross provide them with food and water. Chinese differs from English in many ways. I was marveling at the Grand Canyon's beauty.




concentrate pay confuse (me) deal plead benefit stem confess depend impose react refer insist devote appeal suffer prefer resort see

on for with with with from from to +ing on on to to on to to from to to to

I can't concentrate on my HW- be quiet! It's OK- I'll pay for the dinner. You have confused me with my brother. The teacher can't deal with noisy students. We pleased with the gunman for mercy. Everyone can benefit from eating a healthy diet. His problems stem from an unhappy childhood. He confessed to assassinating the president. We depend on our friends for help and support. Economic Sanctions were imposed on Iran. How did he react to the terrible news? He was referring to a text in the Koran. The 3 year old insists on doing everything himself. Mother Teresa devoted her life to the poor in India. Bungee jumping on my honeymoon doesn't appeal to me. She suffers from severe migraines. I prefer to stay at home tonight rather than going out. Desperate men resort to desperate measures. Please see to that matter immediately.



Sentence Example

ban cure room a witness have control effect have admiration recipe quarrel a solution have a craving have access tax alternative exception a threat restriction influence credit respect sympathy responsibility

on for for to over on for for with to

There is a ban on cars today in the city center. There is no cure for AIDS yet. There is room for 1 more passenger. He was a witness to the accident. She has no control over her unruly children. The medicine had no effect on his cough. I have great admiration for Nelson Mandela. This is a recipe for chocolate cake. Stop quarreling with your brother! What's the solution to the problem # 5? I have a craving for chocolate chip ice cream. Most people have access to the Internet these days. There is a tax on cigarettes and alcohol. What is an alternative to fossil fuels? That's the exception to the rule. Rising sea levels are a threat to low lying islands. There is no restriction on the amount of cash you can bring with you. His parents had a positive influence on his life. Give him credit for raising the companys profits. The soldiers had no respect for private property. I have no sympathy for students who never study. Who claimed responsibility for the bombing?

for to on to to to on on for for for for




in at out of under on by in in under out of without in in by on in in out of under out of on out of in in with in out of out of on

advance fault focus stress behalf of the time jeopardy demand control stock delay comfort good condition coincidence the contrary theory practice work suspicion breath good terms with danger trouble charge of the exception of response to luck practice purpose

Please pay for the room in advance. Who is at fault here? This picture is awful- it's out of focus. He has been under a lot of stress recently. On behalf of the entire staff, we thank you for your help. By the time they arrived at the party, it was over! Your life is in jeopardy if you don't take precautions. Tablet computers are in great demand these days. The police have the situation under control. Sorry that style is out of stock at the moment. Pay your credit card without delay- or pay interest. The rich live in great comfort. The classic Mercedes is in good condition. By coincidence we were on the same flight to Rome. On the contrary, I think the French are very polite. Well, I theory government ministries works well, but In practice, things are not what they seem. He has been out of work for 2 years. He is under suspicion- the police suspect that he robbed the bank. After running 5 kilometers, she was out of breath. She is on good terms with her boss. He is now out of danger- his situation is no longer critical. He got in trouble for cheating on his English test. I was in charge of entertainment for the party. Everyone scored high on the test with the exception of 2 students. I'm writing in response to your letter dated... You are out of luck- there's no more chocolate mousse. Sorry, I'm so out of practice. My tennis is really rusty! Honestly, I didn't do it on purpose.




by on in in in by on for under under on on under under in in at in in at in out of under after without

surprise a regular basis favor of high spirits all likelihood mistake average life pressure repair the verge of the market cover of the impression recognition of collaboration with any rate distress decline first sight comparison with the ordinary the influence of all exception

Oh! You caught me by surprise. He plays tennis on a regular basis. Who's in favor of leaving school early today? Everyone was in high spirits on the last day of school. In all likelihood Obama will be elected president. I dialed the wrong number by mistake. It rains 66 inches a year on average in Oregon. He was put in prison for life. My boss has been under a lot of pressure recently. The Brooklyn Bridge is presently under repair.

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is a

famous movie. They have put their house on the market. The thief stole quietly into the garden under cover of night. I was under the impression that she knew all about the accident. In recognition of a lifetime of achievement in the cinema, you are hereby awarded an honorary Oscar. The scenario was written in collaboration with his best friend. At any rate, we should be arriving very soon. The ship is in distresses and radioed for help. Smoking is in decline throughout Europe. It was love at first sight! A beach holiday is boring in comparison with trekking in the Himalayas. His acceptance speech was nothing out of the ordinary. The king came under the influence of evil ministers. Well after all, it wasn't such a bad vacation. Without exception- everyone must wear their seat belts.

without under out of out of in in in for out of beyond out of under beyond in in for in in at at

a word age pocket control the early stages answer to short

He left without saying a word. How rude! Under age children will not be allowed. He had to pay out of pocket for all the expenses incurred on his trip to Nairobi. The situation is out of control: the government should take stronger measures. Planning for the new library is in the early stages. In answer to your question, we think that... In short the movie was all about a poor family.

the foreseeable future Things should be fine for the foreseeable future. reach belief doors the circumstances a shadow of a doubt the end any case the time being turn time the end large The tasty steak was out of reach of the lion's paws. It was beyond belief that he expected me to pay for his entire vacation. The wedding will be held out of doors. Under the circumstances, I think you should admit taking the money from the till. The accused must be found innocent beyond the shadow of a doubt. In the end the hero conquered the evil magician. In any case I would take an umbrella with you. For the time being we are staying in New York. The children answered the questions in turn. The firemen arrive in time to save the burning house. The entire audience was crying at the end of the movie. The escaped killer is still at large.

back down break down break down break up bring about bring off bring up bring up carry out orders catch on come about come in for come off come up come up against come up with count on do away with draw up a contract drop in on drop off end up face up to fall for fall through get across get at get down to business

retreat car stopped working started crying split with boyfriend make happen be successful raise children mention a subject do what you are told become popular happen get into trouble be successful be mentioned face a problem find an answer/idea rely on get rid of write a contact visit unexpectedly go to sleep happen finally confront a problem get tricked didn't happen make understood what do you mean start working

The enemy backed down and the battle was won. Our car broke down 50 miles from nowhere. She broke down and started sobbing when she heard the news. He broke up with his long term girlfriend last December. What brought about that chemical reaction? I hope he can bring off his political campaign. Bring up children is exceedingly difficult. Why did you brine up that matter again? The soldiers carried out the orders. Apps for i-Phones have really caught on. How exactly did that come about? You will come in for it- if you leave work early every day. We hope everything will come off without a hitch. The subject if our moving came up again during dinner. Everyone comes up against many obstacles in life. We have to come up with a name for our new puppy. You can count on me- I'll be there for you. The ministry did away with school uniforms. The Miami Heat just drew up a new contract for their star center. Lets drop in on John and see what he's up to. The movie was so dull that I dropped off early on. So it ended up that Marvin won the first prize. You better face up to the truth and take steps. Don't tell me you fell for that old trick?! Plans for w weekend on Mykonos fell through at the last minute. He is unable to get his ideas across. Just what are you getting at? I don't understand. Let's stop wasting time and get down to business.

get on get round to give away give up go off go off is going on

get along with find time to give to others quit explode/alarm sounds spoil (food) what's happening

How do you get on with your in-laws? I never go round to reading any books this summer. He gave away millions to charity. I don't know what to do. I give up! The bomb went off at 9 o'clock outside the bank. That cheese stinks! It has gone off. Just exactly what is going on here?

to go around go through grown on have it in for hit it off hold up hold up keep up lay down the law let me down look into make out make up make up pick up put you up put up with rip you off run into see him off set up stand for be taken in take over take to take up tell someone off turn down turn out turn up wear off

enough for all suffer get used to get me into trouble get along really well rob a bank delayed in traffic continue read the riot act disappoint investigate can't read create a fake story got back together get better house you endure cheat meet by chance take to airport etc. start a business symbolize be deceived buy a company learn to like uses time yell at someone refuse happen in the end appear stop working

There is enough pizza to go around- don't worry. He went through terrible trials and tribulations as a child. Living in a foreign country has really grown on me. I know that my boss has it in for me. It's unfair! Alexandra and I hit it off from the moment we met. The National Bank was held up yesterday. Sorry, but we were held up in traffic. Keep up the good work and you'll be a great student. Our history teacher really laid down the law! My friend Olivia always lets me down. It's really upsetting. The police are looking into the matter- don't worry. I can't make out what it says here- can you read it? She is always making up stories about what happened. They kissed and made up and all is well. The economy is picking up and things should be better soon. I'll put you up when you come to London. He simply cannot put up with stupid people. Don't go to that store- they're sure to rip you off. Guess who I ran into last night at the disco? We're going to see my grandmother off tomorrow. The company was originally set up by his grandfather. The American flag stands for the country and the 50 states. He is a dupe! He is often taken in by false promises. Google is taking over a small Internet company. Our new puppy has really taken to you. Washing dishes takes up too much of my time. His Dad really told him off- he's grounded for a month. She turned down his marriage proposal. How did things turn out? Oh they got married in the end. Harry always turns up hours late. The pain killer will wear off in 2 hours.