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Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Saturn

When ever Sun is placed with inimical or malefic planets, it gives bad results related to that planet and house from 22-45 years of life. Inimical planets or malefic planets will give result in their own age. To know the age of planets, please refer post "Lal Kitab and years of life ruled by different Planets" Serving people related to Mercury will benefit the native. But if other friendly planets like Jupiter, Moon or Mars are also placed along with inimical / malefic planets, the friendly planets will suffer instead of inimical / malefic planets. If Sun + Saturn combination is ill placed, native will get adverse results from 22-36 years of life. Both Rahu and Mars will prove highly inauspicious. Venus will also suffer. But native's male child will not suffer. Native will himself spoil his life. (Acacia) Kikar tree will prove inauspicious for him. He will suffer from diseases in young age itself and his wealth earned through government will destroy. He will have character like spinning top and will be totally untrustworthy. If Sun is stronger than Saturn, native may physically appear weak but will have strong body. When Sun aspects Saturn, it spoils significations of Venus. Native's wives die. But when Saturn aspects Sun, Venus gives good results. When both planets are placed in first house or Mars influence this combination, native gains through Gold, Silver or fire related work. When Saturn is placed in houses previous to Sun, it gives bad results. As a remedy, one should bury mud pot filled with water, rice and jaggery towards southern side of the house. Keep this pot filled with water for 43 days. When Sun is placed in houses previous to Saturn, both planets will give their own results. When Jupiter, Moon and Venus are placed in 12th house and they come to second house in Varshphal, native may go to jail or mental hospital. When Mercury is placed in 2nd house and it comes to 5th house in Varshphal, native may go to jail or mental hospital. Sun + Saturn in I House Native should not indulge in to work related to Saturn.He may be a divine and spiritually elevated person. When both planets come to 7th house in Varshfhal, native may go to mental hospital or jail. Sun + Saturn in V House Native will have strong character. Sun + Saturn in VI House It gives bad results for male child and other relatives related to Ketu. Native may suffer from poverty. As a remedy, native should keep complete black dog as a pet. If Sun is ill placed, native should keep green plants and flower pots at home. He should keep cuckoo as a pet. Keeping musical instruments at home will be auspicious. When Saturn is strong, native will get less happiness from wife. Another Remedy: Native can bury flowers or blue color marbles at the

intersection (Choraha) in a deserted place where there is no population at the time of Sun set but before night. Sun + Saturn in VII House When Moon is in 1-6 houses and Mercury is placed in 5th house, native goes to jail. Sun + Saturn in VIII House When Rahu is placed in 11th house and Jupiter is placed in 12th house, Saturn will give highly malefic results in 36th year. Native should not work related to Saturn. As a remedy, make a hole in the wall to ward off evils to self and progeny. Sun + Saturn in IX House Rich but selfish. If Mercury is placed in 3rd house or Mars is malefic, both 3rd and 9th house will give bad results. Sun + Saturn in X House When Mercury also joins this combination, native gets defame. He gets trapped in some scandal. Sun + Saturn in XI House Inauspicious results only. Sun + Saturn in XII House Both give auspicious results. No bad effects to Venus also.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun + Saturn During Solar Eclipse, throw almonds (not kernel) or Coconut in flowing water. Native should not indulge into sex during day time. Native's wife should wear red coral and gold in copper clip in hairs. S Kuber RA Vedic Astrologer and Lal Kitab Expert

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