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the "Reputation Award".On the occasion of the business breakfast at the G8 a snack of bread with Nutella has been served.


3.MISSION Today many Ferrero products are global, in that they are sold everywhere. Ferrero is one of the largest confectionery groups in the world. However a company which is both global and local, which focuses on international development, without losing sight of its relationship with local communities. Ferreros relationship with its consumers is based on longstanding and mutual trust, built up over the years with expertise, experience, understanding and intuition. This is a measure of Ferreros interest in consumer needs, and this is a key factor of the companys succes This growth was the result of an extraordinary dynamism in the areas of the Groups recent expansion (with excellent results in Asia, the United States and Russia), as well as the constant efforts of innovation, research and development.

It underlines however the difficulty of the international economic context in which there is a trend of price increases for principal raw materials, packaging materials and energy, which Ferrero decided not to pass on to the consumers. This is without taking into consideration the high financial volatility that has affected all of the geographical areas.

This is mainly made up of employees working in the Groups industrial sites in every corner of the world, confirming the constant attention to the management of human resources. The new investments made by Ferrero in the last year are equal to 446 million euros, of which 401 million (5.1% of sales) were directed at strengthening its industrial and production activities, mainly in Italy, Germany, Poland, Canada and Russia, as well as the start-up of new factories in Turkey and Mexico, which during 2013 will bring the total number of the Groups production sites to twenty. 2011 In April 2011 Pietro Ferrero died tragically in South Africa while engaging in a noble humanitarian mission he had inspired and promoted with the aim to enhance the scope of the Ferrero Social Enterprise Initiatives.

Ferrero invites you to take up the challenge and make your skills count throughnumerous career and training opportunities. Imagine being able to learn from a group of people who are different from one another, but united by deep-rooted values and culture, such as those involved in Ferreros history and traditions. Just think of the many specialities of the Group and the dynamic nature of the market it operates in, which encourages all its employees to work with the products and its consumers always in mind. Ferrero offers an unlimited number of professional challenges and opportunities for personal growth; the company takes care of its budding talents. This is part of the Groups human resources culture of development and values. Ferrero believes that encouraging personal development is a fundamental factor in its success. See your potential become a reality by embarking on a professional career path. From the very first day, this career path starts with an induction programme designed to familiarise you with, and help you adopt, Ferrero values and put you in direct contact with the companys various departments. Its up to you! Ferrero encourages people to make the most of their talents and take a leading role in their own development.

Our Principles:
Loyalty and trust Respect and Responsibility

Integrity and Sobriety Passion for Research and Innovation Work, Create, Donate Products:

Our best loved products

A BRILLIANT IDEA FERRERO ROCHER.Ferrero Rocher was introduced in 1982. In just a few years it became the favourite chocolate treat for millions of people. Today it's the world leader in its category. So, what is the secret of its success? An original recipe, manufactured with the utmost attention, refined packaging and ground-breaking advertising campaigns. Its innovative shape round but irregular and its unmistakable golden wrapping give it that elegance that has made it famous and also hint at the unique taste of this speciality: a creamy filling, a crunchy wafer and a delicious hazelnut centre.

A DELICATE FLAVOUR, FULL OF REFINEMENT...RAFFAELLO.Raffaello was introduced in 1989. So white and refined, it reveals a light and delicate taste whose uniqueness is surprising. Tasting Raffaello means diving into a unique recipe, where a whole almond is plunged into a delicious creamy filling and enclosed in a crispy shell, covered in flakes of coconut. Raffaello, the only pleasure that transports you to a carefree world.

A TENDER THOUGHT, INTENSE SENSATIONS... MON CHRI.Mon Chri was launched in 1956 and marks the beginning of the Ferrero story in the world of boxed chocolates. Mon Chri has been an immense success right from the beginning for many reasons: first of all the recipe, which unites ingredients with very strong personalities dark chocolate, liqueur, cherry in a combination that is both intense and harmonious at the same time. Then the choice of colour: red, that conveys the intense sensations that Mon Chri offers. And finally, the name: Mon Chri, to express the tender feelings of whoever gives or re ceives Mon Chri. Mon Chri is all of this. For everyone's pleasure.

AN ORIGINAL IDEA NUTELLA:The first version of what would become the revolutionary invention of the century and what is now one of the most famous food specialities in the world NUTELLA was founded in a backroom of the pastry shop founded in Alba in 1944 by Pietro Ferrero. Since then, NUTELLA continues to inspire and satisfy the palate of the entire world: from the United States to Europe, Australia to Canada, its unique taste and its distinctive jar appeal to consumers of all generations. Thanks to its inimitable recipe and its genuine and carefully selected ingredients, NUTELLA, spread on bread, makes more enjoyable your breakfast ritual.

SURPRISINGLY PLAYFUL MOMENTS. KINDER SURPRISESince 1974, Kinder Surprise has delighted millions of children with a revolutionary idea. By combining a chocolate egg, a surprise, and a toy, a fun and entertaining world for children was created, while at the same time, delivering parents a reassuring and emotional experience. Since its launch, nearly 30 billion eggs have been sold all over the world

with more than 8,000 different surprises! In fact, nearly every year more than 100 new toys and gadgets are featured, which not only stimulate imagination and creativity, but also accompany and aid in a childs growth and development. All Kinder Surprise toys are designed and developed with safety in mind, rigorously observing international regulations as well as extra safety criteria voluntarily adopted by the Ferrero Group.

MADE EXPRESSLY FOR CHILDREN KINDER CHOCOLATE.Kinder was created 60 years ago as a mothers solution--chocolates to satisfy childrens desires for something tasty and sweet and mothers need for peace of mind serving products only of quality ingredients, trusted name, small sizes perfect for children, etc. These elements helped to build the trust and reassurance that all mothers have for Kinder. Mothers want their children to experience joyful happy childhoods, and they know that when they give chocolate treatslike Kinder Chocolate, which is expressly made for childrenits a simple gesture that sweetens daily life and creates happy moments together.

A CAREFREE PLEASURE KINDER BUENOKinder Bueno is a harmonious blend of contrasting tastes and textures that engages the senses in every surprising bite stimulatingly crispy on the outside and delectably creamy on the inside. With its delicate and sophisticated architecture, Kinder Bueno offers both a refined and dynamic taste sensation that yields a sensory lightness, inviting people to indulge with carefree abandon.

A FRESH MOMENT, KINDER PINGU.Kinder Pingui. A chilled chocolate snack with a unique recipe that is loved by everyone from children to young adults alike - while also trusted by moms. It has a crispy, dark-chocolate shell filled with soft, chocolate sponge cake and a creamy milk center. Due to its genuine ingredients and the absence of preservatives and colorants, Kinder Pingui must be refrigerated.

AN ENTERTAINING FRESHNESS TIC TAC.From the signature rattle and flip top opening to feeling the small, oval pellets on your tongue, enjoying a Tic Tac is a uniquely sensual experience. Unlike any other product, Tic Tac transform from a mint to a playful toy in your mouth. Only Tic Tac lets you customize your experience; swirl one or many pellets around in your mouth, chew them, rattle them against your teeth, or simply let them melt. With Tic Tac, the experience is uniquely yours. July 201303.07.201 Ferreros action has been endorsed by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

Darrel Webber, RSPO Secretary General issued the following statement in support of Ferreros action: RSPO welcomes the progress made by Ferrero in certifying its European production facilities and moving towards a segregated supply chain. Leading companies and brands have a crucial role to play in committing towards sourcing of sustainable palm

oil and playing a responsible role towards the sector and its consumers at large. The steps taken by companies like Ferrero should be commended and encouraged so that other organizations are encouraged to emulate similar commitments" Giovanni Ferrero receives NIAFs Special Achievement Award

Giovanni Ferrero was awarded the National Italian American Foundation's Special Achievement Award in International Business. The NIAF foundation, that works on a continental scale, is the main association representing the 24 million Italian-Americans who live in the States. One of the institutional tasks of the association is to encourage the Italian American community to preserve and keep alive the rich heritage of their values and cultural traditions, and to ensure that Italian American citizens continue to be proud of the great contribution that Italians have made to the history and progress of the United States. Every year, the Foundation bestows a number of recognitions on preeminent Italian and Italian American personalities who have distinguished themselves in their profession or their civic duties. This year, the award giving ceremony was held in Washington D.C., at NIAFs 37th Anniversary Gala, on October 13. During the gala evening, the awards also went to another illustrious Italian name, Letizia Moratti, president of Friends of San Patrignano, and to Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, the time-honoured scientific academy in Rome.

The fantastic sweet world of Ferrero products.

Ferrero India Pvt Ltd

Company Name : Ferrero India Pvt Ltd Head Office Address : 201 & 204, 2'nd Floor, Pentagon Towers-1, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar Indian Corporate office : Bangalore Phone No : (20) 66804000 Website : www.ferrero.com Industry : Food Processing/ Beverages Production unit City : Pune Company Type : MNC No. of Employees : 101-250

Ferrero Rocher is a spherical chocolate sweet made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero SpA, the producer of Tic Tac and Nutella. The sweets consist of a whole roasted hazelnut encased in a thin wafer shell filled with hazelnut cream and covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts and walnuts. The sweets each contain 69 calories, and are individually packaged inside a gold-coloured wrapper. Rocher actually comes from French and means.

Ferrero varieties
A range of Ferrero chocolates benefit from the advertising of the Rocher type. These different chocolates are sold separately, and also as boxed collections of mixed types.

Ferrero Rocher a whole hazelnut, coated in milk chocolate, surrounded by 'Nutella' filling, and encased in a nut croquante. Ferrero Rondnoir a 'pearl' of dark chocolate, surrounded by a dark chocolate cream, encased in a croquante and encrusted with dark chocolate chips. Ferrero Raffaello a half almond, surrounded by meringue and milk cream, encased in coconut wafer coated with coconut flakes. Ferrero Garden (Coconut) a half almond, surrounded by coconut cream, encased in wafer coated with coconut flakes, and topped with white chocolate icing cap. Ferrero Garden (Lemon) as above, but with lemon cream centre and flavouring, and lemon icing cap. Ferrero Garden (Forest Fruits) as above, but with strawberry & raspberry cream centre and flavouring, and strawberry icing cap. Ferrero Garden (Pistachio) as above, but with pistachio cream centre and flavouring, and pistachio icing cap. Note on spelling pistachio.[2] Ferrero Garden (Almond) as above, but with almond cream centre and flavouring, and almond icing cap. Ferrero Garden (Hazelnut) as above, but with nutella-type centre, and a white chocolate icing cap.

Ferrero Giotto a chocolate cream centre, within a wafer sphere coated with hazelnut pieces.

Key Information
Ferrero Rocher plans manufacturing base in India. , plans to invest Rs6 crore over two years to import, repackage and manufacture chocolates and other confectionery items to cater to the Indian market, according to government filings We are interested in getting to know the Indian market better. India is a country you cannot be absent from. - CEO The company, which also owns brands such as Nutella, Mon Cheri and Rafaello, presented investment plans before the secretariat for industrial assistance in the commerce ministry last year. Ferrero has already incorporated a new company called Imsofer Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd, a a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrero International. It is registered in Delhi and Haryana. The shareholding structure is proposed to be 9,999 equity shares to Ferrero International and one equity to a top manager of the Ferrero Group, according to the filing. Imsofer will buy land to build a manufacturing unit and import machinery to produce the chocolates. People with knowledge of Ferreros plans say the company is scouting for land in Uttaranchal, among other places. Later, it plans to build production capacity to make other popular brands such as Kinder Joy, a hollow egg-shaped chocolate with tiny toys inside, and Tic Tacs, breath-freshening mints. In India, most of the materials in making confectioneries will be sourced locally. The proposal, undersigned by Fassinoti, said: The Ferrero Group has a long term vision for India and is focused on providing complete, nutritious and dedicated products and services to the customers. Ferrero International has appointed Delhi-based law firm Titus & Co as consultants for its entry. With chocolates replacing, if not being served alongside, Indian sweets, the chocolate industry in the country has boomed into a Rs4,500 crore entity. With premium chocolates distributed during festivals such as Diwali and newly- celebrated holidays such as Valentines Day, chocolate sales have doubled this year, according to Vinay Malhotra, who markets a confectionery brand called Choco Swiss. After seeing sales grow with no marketing efforts, the company set up a marketing office in Bangalore four years ago and has a staff of six. Among Indias growing middle class, the signature box of luxury chocolates has come to be seen as part-gift, part-status symbol.

Recently, Sahara Group head Subroto Roy sent hundreds of pink boxes containing Ferrero Rocher chocolates to friends and relatives to celebrate the first birthday of his granddaughter, Saranya. In small bursts, there is a market for premium chocolates and there are already gourmet supermarkets catering to discerning customers, said Pavas Bhatia, principal consultant with Gurgaon-based consulting firm, Technopak. There will be a rapid growth in this segment as the retail sector grows.

Executives at Ferrero India Pvt. Ltd.

Sajeev Kaura > Sales Director - India Sub Continent at Ferrero Rudolph Sequeira > Managing Director at Ferrero India Pvt Ltd

Raman Chandrasekharan > National Sales Manager at Ferrero India Pvt Ltd Vineet Gupta > Head Modern Trade. Srinivas Aravindhan > RSM Kumaraswamy Naidu Nadella > Plant Manager at Production unit Rachana Dwivedi > HRM