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Sixth Central Pay Commission-Revision of rates of Non-Private Practising Allowance (N. P. P. A.

) being paid to the Veterinary Officers of Gujarat Animal Service. Government of Gujarat, Finance Department, Resolution No. PGR/1009/9/Pay Cell (M), Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar. Dated the 3 rd October, 2012. Read :- (1) Government Resolution, Agriculture & Co-operation Department No:- AHS-5098 / 1607-P-2, dt. 31-7-98. (2) Govt. of India, Ministry of Finance Department of Expenditure, New Delhi's OM No. 7 (19) / 2008-E III(A), dt. 30-8-2008. No.PGR-1009/ (3) Government Resolution, Finance Department 8 /Pay Cell (CH) dt.25 th June, 2010. No.PGR-1010/ (4) Government Resolution, Finance Department 51 /Pay Cell (CH) dt.1' September, 2010. (5)Government Resolution, Finance Department No.PGR-1011/ 67 /Pay Cell (CH) dt.22" November, 2011. (6) Government Resolution, Finance Department No.PGR-1011/ 70 /Pay Cell (CH) dt.12 th April, 2012.

Consequent upon the introduction of revised pay structure under the Gujarat Civil Services (Revision of Pay) Rules, 2009 with effect from 1-1-2006, Government is pleased to decide that the Non-Private Veterinary Practicing Allowance (NPPA) may continue to be paid to the under Animal Husbandry Officers of Gujarat Animal Service Department at the existing rate of 25% of the Basic Pay subject to the condition that the Basic Pay + NPPA does not exceed Rs.75500/- for the period 1-1-2006 to 11-4-2012 and Rs.85000/- with effect from 12-42012. 2. The term "Basic Pay" in the revised pay structure means the pay drawn in the prescribed pay band plus the applicable grade pay but does not include any other type of pay like special pay, etc.

3. The NPPA should be restricted only to those Veterinary Officers for which minimum qualification of a Degree of B.V.Sc. & A.H. with registration in the Veterinary Council of India is required. 4. While submitting their claim for NPPA, each Veterinary Officers and Gujarat Animal Service Class-I and Class-II Officers who are entitled for NPPA shall have to submit to the higher authority /Drawing and Disbursing Officer, the Certificate to the effect that he has not done any kind of private practice and have not collected any type of fees from anyone during the month of each claim he submits for NPPA. If it is noticed or proved at any time that the Officer has charged fees from anyone or has received money for private practice then without following disciplinary procedure under the provisions of Gujarat Civil Services (Discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1971, he shall be liable for recovery of NPPA in a single installment from 1-1-2006 up to the date it is proved to have done so. He shall have to give written undertaking in this regard. 5. The Non-Private Practicing Allowance will be treated as pay for the purpose of computing Dearness Allowance, entitlement of Travelling Allowance and other allowances as well as for calculation of retirement benefits. 6. The Veterinary Officers who are in State Government's service under Animal Husbandry Department and Gujarat Animal Service, Class-I & II shall be eligible for N.P.P.A. 7. Non-Private Practicing Allowance of the Veterinary Officer who are in service under Animal Husbandry Department and Gujarat Animal Service, Class-I & II shall be regulated as per Finance Department's orders dated 25 th June, 2010, 1 st September, 2010, 22nd November, 2011 and 12 th April, 2012. By order and in the name of the Governor of Gujarat.

(WD. Sailor) Deputy Secretary Finance Department


To, The Secretary to the Hon. Governor, Raj Bhavan, Gandhinagar. The Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, Personal Secretaries to all Ministers/State Ministers, The Registrar, Gujarat High Court, Ahmedabad, The Secretary, Gujarat Legislature Secretariat, Gandhinagar, The Secretary, Gujarat Public Service Commission, Ahmedabad. The Secretary, Gujarat Vigilance Commission, Gandhinagar, The Secretary, Gujarat Civil Service Tribunal, Gandhinagar, The Accountant General (Audit), Gujarat State, Ahmedabad/Rajkot, The Accountant General-11 (A&  ), Gujarat State, Ahmedabad/Rajkot, All Departments of Secretariat, All Heads of Departments/Offices, The Pay and Accounts Officer, Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar, The Resident Audit Officer, Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar , All Officers/Branches in Finance Department. The Manager, Government Central Press, Gandhinagar, with a request to publish this Notification in part-IV-A of the Gujarat Government Gazette (Supply 100 copies to this Department) Select File: Pay Cell, M, Ch, P & Z Branch, 'B' Distribution. * By letter