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Blackmail 1929 Movie Script Well, we finished earlier than either of us expected. - Are you going anywhere?

- No, I don't think so. So the next time, I changed to another tailor, but I found out he was no better than the first. I bought some pretty expensive trousers and you should've seen the mess he made of it. I told him I wouldn't pay for the thing. The trouble is he got my material. Well, that was stupid. Wish I could have been there to see it. - Good evening Miss White. And how are you? - I'm all right, thanks. - I haven't seen you for a long time. Have you come to take Frank for a walk. - That's right. - Well, I must push along. - Good-night. - Good-night Frank. - Well dear. - I've been waiting here half an hour for you. - Good-night Sean. - Good-night Frank. Good-night George. - Sorry sir. Full up. You may find more room upstairs. - Aaaahhh. Didn't you hear me, I said there was more room upstairs. Sorry Sir. Full up here. There's more room... HEY!

Frank. I've lost one of my other gloves. Maybe at the other table. - Is this it? - Yes, thanks. Thought so, there's are holes in two of the fi ngers. Would you like a pair of nail scissors for Christmas? - Funny, aren't you? - Miss, oh Miss. There's no good being impatient, you have to wait your turn. What's the matter with you today? - Got out of bed the wrong side? - I don't like waiting about for you. Oh, don't you? Do you expect the entire machinary of Scotland Yard to be held up to please you? You and your Scotland Yard. If it weren't for Hand or Wallace, nobody would've heard of it. Funny aren't you? Anyway, what's the hurry? We're only going to the pictures, we've got all evening. - Well, I don't think I want to go to the pictures. - Oh, and why not? - I've seen everything worth seeing. - You haven't seen "Fingerprint". I would like to see that. Still it's about Scotland Yard. It might be that they'll get all the details wrong. I don't see why. I did hear that they got a real criminal to direct it. - So as to be on the safe side. - Oh Miss! Well, I've ordered.

- I'll go to the pictures with you, if you like. - Oh, you've changed your mind. Have you got an ashtray Miss? I never seem to get an ashtray where I sit. Frank, Frank. I've changed my mind again. - About what? - About going to the pictures. - You mean you don't want to go again? - No, not particularly. - Why not? - I don't know, I just don't want to. - Isn't that enough? - No, it's not enough. Miss! - What are you going to do? - I'm going to get the bill. I'm about fed up with you. If you don't want to go, I do. - Oh all right, I'll come too. - Miss! Oh, don't let's have a row. I'm sorry. I know I've been rather mad theese days. - Miss! - Frank, I've said I'm sorry. Here, that will cover it. Hold on. I live here. Do you? Then you needn't come any further. But I said that I would see you home, and I will. But I only live just around the corner. Do you know White? The newsagent? - Yes? In the Kings road?

- That's my father. No, yes... Then let' s say, we are neighbors. - No, yes... Then let' s say, we are neighbors. - No, I'd love to. - Come up and see mine. - Oh I cannot. Perhaps another time. - Why not now? - Why, it's so late. - Are you frightened? - No, of course not. Then why not now? No, really. Thanks awfully. I must be getting home. - You are frightened. - I'm certainly not. It takes more than a man to frighten me. Yes... but I thought... at fi rst. - What is the time? - Not very late. - Come on. What's the harm. Oh, no harm really. Besides, I always think of other women when they attract a man. Yes, of course you do. Do you trust me? - Alice? May I call you Alice? - If you like. Come on. - Oh Mr. Crul. Before you go in, may I...? - Excuse me a minute. That chap is nothing but a sponger. Always pestering people up and dow this street.

Well, here we are. I'm right upstairs. Top! Excuse me a minute, will you? I say, I'm awfully sorry. I won't be a minute. You start walking up. That's all right. Oh good evening. Sorry to disturb you. Mr. Snu, did he leave any message? No, he wouldn't leave any message. - Have you seen him before. - Yes, the same gent who has called here several times. I see. Thanks anyways. Goodnight. It was fine, wasn't it? What a lovely room. Did you do it all yourself? Hardly. I say, do you feel cold? I think I'll light the fire. - I say. That's good, isn't it? - Oh that? Yes, that's a new one, just finished. - How do you hold this? - What? Oh, that. That's easy. I'll show you. Oh God, not like that. Let me show you. You take this and hold it like that, you see... Then you get the brush and hold it there. You try. - Like this? - Yes.

- Oh, look what I've done. - Ooo, Ooo Draw something Alice. - Shall I? - Yes. Rotten. Never mind. We'll finish this masterpiece together. Now you hold the brush. Steady. There we are. You are awful. Wait a minute. There. Already a pick ahead of me. I'll go and get those drinks... Right you are. I say, how would I do for one of your models? That's an idea. - Let's see it on you. - Do you mean, put it on? Yes, why not? - Oh, it's so strong! - Go on... Oh no, I don't think so. Besides I have to go home soon. I see. OK. I would have like to have sketched you in it. - Would you have really? - Yes, but perhaps you are right. It wouldn't suit you.

I bet it would. - Shall I really try it on? - Yes, will you? - All right. - Good. - Think this will be big enough for me. - What? - I said, do you think this will be big enough for me. - Yes, I think so. - Go on, play something. - Wait a minute, how does that thing go? I know. And that's a song about you my dear. You haven't said how you like it. Marvellous. - I can't do it up. - Where is this trouble? - I can't do it all up. - Never mind. - How do I look? - Wait a minute, it isn't quite right. Put your hands there. - I best be going. - I see. I've got it. - Please give it to me. - All right, come on out. There it is. Don't be silly Alice. Don't be silly. No, no, let me go! Let me go!

No, no... - Who did you say it was? - Mr. Crull. All right. Don't you worry. I'll send round right away. What number did you say? Seven or... eleven? - Number 31. - 31? - What? - 31? - No, no, 31. - 31. - Ah good. Just take a look around, will you? - Right you are sir. Alice, wake up. Or you won't be able to sleep all night. If you please. There's been a murder last night, round the corner. They tell me the police are round there now. - Good-morning. Heard about the murder? - Yes, I've heard. - Do you remember Frank's telephone number dear? No, but here, you'll find it in the book. What's wrong Alice? You don't look very chipper this morning. - You look a little bit peeky, I must say. - Dad, Alice, breakfast. I got a fright in the paper, from what happened last night. Mind you, it could be all together the police's fault.

Finally, they have to wink at something. It's one thing to have a word with one, but quite another to stick a knife into a gentleman. I must say I feel the same about that too. A good, clean, honest whacker to be hit with a brick is one thing... ...something British about that. But a knife. No, a knife is not right. One should never use a knife. Now, mind you a knife is a difficult thing to handle. A knife... a knife... a knife. Alice, cut a bit of bread will you? KNIFE! Dear, you ought to be more careful. You might have cut somebody with that. Customer... - No news of the murder yet? - No, not yet. Thank you. Good-morning. Well, I must be going. I can't stand here gossiping all day like some people. Chatter, chatter, chatter... give them a chance to go on about other people's business, and they'll take it. What's the matter Alice? Have another row with Frank? Another customer Alice. - Good morning Alice. - Dear, it's Frank. Hello Frank. - I say, have you heard about our murder? - Yes, they put me on it. Did they? That's good isn't it?

Well, I hope you get him Frank! If they do, that will mean motive, won't it? You reckon you'll get him soon? I don't know. - Well, I came in here to phone. - That's all right. Alice? Come here a minute will you? But I must be going now. Good-bye Mrs. White, good-bye Mr. White. Now you two. Sssshhhh... Be careful... What happened last night? Why don't you tell me? Look. Do you know where I found this? It's the only piece of evidence that you were there. I am keeping it back. For God's sake, say something! If you're not using the phone... aahhh. I want to get on to Scotland Yard. Okay. - I want the best cigar in the shop. Certainly sir. Would you like to telephone while I go down? - No thanks, I can wait. - What does he mean? Very well sir. What sort of cigar would you like sir? I've got... I got Corona, Corona.

- Corono. - Corono. Certainly sir. - Any news of the murder. - No, not yet. Have you heard anything? No, no news. Are you... quite sure. What the hell business is it of yours anyway. You know, I looked everywhere for that other glove last night. But you detectives are much better at finding these things. Ah, here we are sir. Excuse me, will you? Thank you. Oh they look good. They ought to. I've had them for years. - Is it all right sir. - Yes, I thought the top was broken, but it's all right. - Have you a light? - Yes, here you are. Quite silly of me, hadn't noticed it. Is it all right sir? Of course... sorry. Extraordinary actually... I can't quite I say... would you pay for this? Is this gentleman a friend of yours Frank?

No, we're not exactly friends. At least not yet. But we're going to do a little business together, aren't we Frank? I'll look after the shop, father. You go in and finish your paper. What for? Oh... all right my dear, all right. Quite unfortunate that poor young man died around the corner last night. Look here you... Perhaps it's fortunate, that your little secret only came into the hands of a man like me. You know, there are some men who would make money out of a thing like that. What a chance for blackmail. Oh, oh that's awful. I couldn't do a thing like that. Good-morning Miss. Two of each there. By the way. You're a detective. Let me give you a tip. Don't wave important clues in telephone boxes. They've got glass doors. Detectives in glass houses, shouldn't wave clues. Come on, out with it. What do you want? What do I want? Oooooh... Couldn't we discuss that over breakfast.

Mother this is a friend of Frank's. Mr...? - Tracy. - Pleased to meet you. - Mr. Tracy, would you like something to eat? - Yes, thank-you. - Lovely weather, we're having. - Yes, splendid. - Who did you say that was? - He's a very important friend of Frank's. I'll get the breakfast for me. - I say, awfully rude. Won't you take my chair? - Oh, thank-you. - Did you see, or hear anything during the night? - No, sir. - What time did you go to bed? - What time did you go to bed? Did you write this? Yes. How old would you say this man was. I'm afraid I couldn't tell you sir, he had his hat on. Did you notice anything paticular about his... clothes? Well ah... he had a black hat and a loose kind of collar... ...a tie... and that' s about all I think. Was he dark or fair? Well, you couldn't say he was a blond and you couldn't say he was a brunette. Little bit of both, you know, kind of mousey.

- Anything else? - No. Except when he spoke to you, he went like this. Ok. Give me a record. Well, bring him along. Let's hear what he's got to say. - Understood? - Yes, sir, right. Get along with it... How much longer is that man going to stay? Don't tell me he's staying til dinner. Don't make things awkward mother. It means a lot to him. Well, I don't see why they should carry on their business in my parlour. - I'll take it. - Very well. But I don't like that man. The sooner he goes the better. ...yes, you are very clever. I can see that all right. Frank? Just a minute will you? A friend of yours at the Yard, said he thought you might be here. Oh, all right. Hello? Yes. Yes. - Well, I thought you wouldn't mind if... What?

Who? Any news Frank? Alice... Lock that door. As you were saying... rather unfortunate the way that poor young man round the corner died last night. On the other hand, perhaps it's fortunate. For us, that is... There's a suspicious looking man, with a criminal record, was seen looking around the place. You... Look here, don't you try and pin this thing on me. That won't get you anywhere. Also quite unfortunate, that Scotland Yard, are at present looking for that man. - I say, Frank! - Just a minute Alice. But there's one thing you seem to have forgotten... Oh, and what's that? Before we get to any hangings, I shall have quite a lot to say. And the first thing I shall say is, that she was there too. Oh, you will, will you? Isn't there one thing you seem to have forgotten, that our words are as good as, or perhaps a bit better... ...than that of a jailbird. ...than that of a jailbird. Meanwhile, we'll just sit quietly here

until the squad van arrives. - That surprises you doesn't it? - No, that doesn't surprise me in the least. When it comes, so it won't be for me. Very well then, we are both satisfied. Yes, we are both satisfied. It's my word, against hers. - Frank, you can't do this. - Why not? - Because... - Now, now don't interfer Alice, I know what I'm doing. You don't, you don't. - Please Frank. - For God's sake, be quiet Alice. - Why don't you let her speak. - You mind your own business. In any case, she'll speak at the right moment. Look here Frank. Why can't we just chalk the whole thing now? I've got nothing against you. You've got nothing against me. I had some cash on me, but... I wasn't serious. Well look here, have it back now. Well can't you see, she's want to chalk it up too? And so do I you know. Look here Miss. You tell him. Tell him that he's playing with fire... and... And we'll all burn our fi ngers.

I'm not bad really... I... Things have gone wrong lately, and one has got to live, you know. All right then. It's still my word against hers. All right then. It's still my word against hers. I say, it's not me you want... It's him... ask him. Why his own... I am going to give myself up. I cannot bear the thought of that... ...man being accused of something I have done. Alice Hello. Not very often I see you so early in the day as this. - Called to see Frank? - No. No, I want to see Inspector Walls, please. - Then you'll have to fill out one of these forms. - All right. - Do you know something about this? - Yes. George, just a minute. Take this along to inspector Walls. Well I suppose you're going to tell him who did it Miss. Yes. - You can come along now - Here you are Miss. Come in, please.

Won't you sit down? You've something to tell us about his case. - Yes. - Well, what is it? Well, you see. I know who did it. Is this worthwhile sir, now that everything has been cleared up? Let's hear what she's got to say. What I was going to say is this... I'd better say, what I have to say now... I would rather not wait... What I wanted to say is... - I was the one... - One moment please. Hello. Yes, yes... Yes, hold on... Will you deal with this young lady, I shall be busy for a minute. Yes, sir. This way Miss, please. Alice, whatever made you come here? I did it. - I know. - No, you don't know. He tried... No, I can't tell you. It's too painful. I was protecting myself. I didn't know what I was doing and...

My dear. So you found him Miss. Did she tell you who did it. Yes. You'll want to look out, or you'll be losing your job my boy. I suppose we'll soon have lady detectives up in the Yard. And I shall be all right on the dole, won't I.

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