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Jewish and Yogic Power Sounds Decoded Part 4 ~~~ Transcript / Quotes ~~~ Jai Radha: Hello and

Welcome to Part 4 of Yogic and Jewish Power Sounds Decoded / Questions and Answers with Dr. Pillai. ~ Dr. Pillai, you have said that YA and VA are pre-eminent Sounds. How and Why? Dr. Pillai: Its a complex question. But I will briefly answer and then at a later time, I will give the full answer. YA and VA together constitute the Name of the Jewish God, YAVE. And these 2 Sounds are also used within the Yogic tradition in the Mantra Sound: NA MA SI VA YA. Its imbedded in the Sound NA MA SI VA YA. And it can be used differently. Thats what I was discussing in the Webcast. So - YA and VA, whether its used in the context of Judaism or in the context of Hindu Mysticism, they both represent Highest Vibrational Quality. YA for instance, vibrates at the Speed of Space. Space is Vibration. And VA vibrates at the Speed of Air, as opposed to the other elements like Fire, Water, and Earth -they vibrate at a lower level. So when you choose to vibrate at the Higher Level using the Technology of the Sounds YA and VA, naturally then- you pick up the Highest Values of Life, of Intelligence, of Performance, of Everything. So that is The Secret! Jai Radha: You have revealed the Sound BRZEE as a Prosperity Sound. Weve heard of people building multi-million dollar homes with the Sound. Directors of Insurance Companies have used it to grow their sales. And what we really want to know, is how does this Sound work? And where did it come from?

Dr. Pillai: The Brzee Sound is a very unique Sound that was directly revealed to me through some scriptures that only some people can read these scriptures. And some of them who have had the opportunity to get the similar information from these scriptures, have really done well in life. So it came, the Sound itself came from the scriptures. And particularly the scriptures of a Great Siddha, or Yogic Master. To begin with, he was not a Yogi. His name is Vishwamitra. He was a King, or Emperor. He was completely dissatisfied with temporal power, because he wanted to make every one of his citizens affluent and happy. But there was not enough money. So he was looking for a Technology that can bring Abundance. And then he found out that only through Spiritual Divine Means he could accomplish that. And then he (Its a long story, and Im going to make it very short) - he found a Guru, Vasishta who trained him and gave him a lot of instructions. So this Sound BRZEE directly came from Vishwamitra, the King who became a Yogi. Thats why he is often called a Raja Yogi, a King Yogi. And its true that the use of the Sound has created a lot of impact on the lives of so many people. Im very happy that I became an Instrument of this Sound. I hope that people watching this program will go to relevant places to find out more about this Sound. A lot of people have picked up this Sound and put more about it all over the Internet. Have a look at that. Jai Radha: Dr. Pillai, you gave the AH Meditation to Wayne Dyer. Is there a connection between AH, YA, and VA? Dr.Pillai: The AH Sound that I gave to Wayne Dyer is a Very Ancient and Primordial Sound. It is in fact the 1st Sound that emanated. I did not reveal too much at that point, when the Sound was given to Wayne Dyer. Because I just wanted 1st - the Sound to reach the people and

there was no need for them to know the Intellectual background behind it. Now, if you look at the AH Sound - and the YA Sound, and the VA Sound, - you see AH in the YA and also in the VA. So you Need the AH Sound for most of the Vowels and also the Consonants because it is almost like a Life Sound. It is a Sound of Life, the AH Sound is the Sound of Life. And it combines with YA and produces some other results. And it combines with the V Sound and it becomes VA and it becomes a different energy. So the constant in YA and VA is AH. AH is the constant. Thats why AH is called GOD. Even the Buddhists would call AH as The Buddha. The people who worship Shiva, will call it Shiva. This Sound AH is also in almost all religions. Allah is the AH Sound. The AH Sound is a common Sound. But it is a very primordial Sound. What it can do is it can give you Divine Intelligence. And it can primarily allow your Mind to Conceptualize the Inconceivable. It can transform your Creative Energy that is lying dormant in the Root Chakra into Intelligent Energy and takes it to the Brain.