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DO NOT RUN THE INTERACTIVE BUSINESS ID INSTALLER********** Tech should double check the user location when they contact the user. I would suggest not scheduling the users in offices with multiple repave at the same time as offices only has 1 disk. May want to separate appointment by at least 2-3 hours Instructions for repave. -Please ensure user has done backup on old computer. Have user verify all data is back up as if not it will be lost. _Back up document building blocks, proof, templates, office, nk2 file, pst file and signature. -take the yellow binder -Reimage the computer to win 7. -Run post config twice on the computer (select London Life). -Install extra software. see below run \\ssldinvp1\packages\ and install following programs Java "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Sun Java Runtime Environment\\English\Java(TM) 6 Update 35.R3.EN.XPW7.exe" LL Backup to M "\\%homeserver%\packages\BCKUP2MWIN\\Bilingual\Backup to M WinZip" Discovery "\\%homeserver%\packages\Discovery\\Bilingual\Discovery" Discovery Quarterly Update 4.0 "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Discovery Quarterly Update\\Bilingual\DISCOVERY Update" Voyager "\\%homeserver%\packages\Voyager\\Bilingual\Investment Voyager"

Voyager Quarterly Update 4.0 "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Voyager Quarterly Update\\Bilingual\Investment Voyager Update" AmyUni PDF Suite "\\%homeserver%\Packages\AmyUni PDF Suite\\Bilingual\Amyuni PDF Suite" Navi Plan "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Naviplan\8.3.0.N\Bilingual\NaviPlan 8.3.0.N.R1.BL.XP-W7.exe" access runtime "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Microsoft Access Runtime\2007\Microsoft Access Runtime 2007.R1.BL.XP-W7.x86For Build Automation.exe" Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 "\\%homeserver%\Packages\Microsoft Internet Explorer\\Bilingual\Microsoft Internet Explorer" refer to the spread sheet sent out by kevin garcia on Aug 19th at 12:00pm see column AF, if it list Office Pro 2007 install: "\\%homeserver%\packages\Microsoft Office\2007\2007\Microsoft Office 2007 for GLC.R1.BL.EXE" /proplus -Run restore of user back up on computer. -Ensure printer and network shares are created on new computer, make sure my docs, internet favorites are moved over and connect users email archives to outlook. -Have user verify all data was moved over. If not unfortunately data is lost If user are not able to log in on the new unit and there login is not an LL# try adding GWL \ to the front of the user name