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OMICS Group Medical Conferences

OMICS Group, the World class Open Access Publisher and Scientific Events Organizer is proud to announce 2nd International Conference on Translational Medicine to be held during August 5-7, 2013 in Chicago-North Shore, USA. Translational Medicine-2013 will bring together representatives from the pharma, government and leading academic research institutions. Together they will discuss on advancement of early stage research to clinical treatments.

Confirmed Speakers of Translational Medicine 2013

Immanuel Freedman, GlaxoSmithKline, USA Michael Retsky, Harvard School of Public Health, USA Paul Frohna, Frohna Biotech Consulting, USA Dan Housman, Recombinant by Deloitte, USA Jingfang Ju, Stony Brook University, USA Jamboor K. Vishwanatha, University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA Ann-Marie Chacko, University of Pennsylvania, USA Paul Hwang, University of Toronto, Canada Sevtap Savas, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada Wanda Sicinska, University of Warsaw, Poland Antonio Gomez-Munoz, Universidad del Pais Vasco, Spain P. Yuan, Lee Ming Institute of Technology, China

OMICS Group Medical Conferences:

Translational Medicine-2013 will cover current and emerging challenges in the biopharmaceutical industry and strategies for drug development with the topics include

Biomarkers in Translational Medicine Molecular Biology in Translational Research Role of Translational Research in Blood Disorders Translational Cardiology and Vascular Medicine Translational Therapeutics and Technologies Translational Modeling of Efficacy & Safety Clinical Epidemiology Translation of Animal Models to the Clinic Clinical and Translational Oncology Immunology and infectious diseases Advances in Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine-2013 considers the requirements of various medical advances in terms of innovative strategic approaches. To deliver advances to patients, and the contrasting requirements for effective translation in commercial companies and health services. It will cover integration across scientific, medical and socio-economic disciplines.

For more details on Translational Medicine 2013 conference, please visit

http://www.omicsgroup.com/conferenc es/translational-medicine-2013/

Diseases that develop as a result of insufficient feeding cannot be treated merely by administering medicines alone and it rather demands a multi- disciplinary approach, capable of finding the root cause of the problem so that the expected solutions can be attained.

Translational medicine is an approach to address the health ailments that arise as a result of certain poor practices. Malnutrition for example is a result of extreme poverty, lack of safe drinking water, unhygienic surroundings, and utter lack of awareness on how to tackle it effectively. Several health ailments like diarrhea, common cold, fever and other communicable diseases may be prevalent among the children that are affected by malnutrition.

There should be a sustainable effort in addressing the root cause of the problem by providing sufficient income generating opportunities to the communities so that families can afford to have healthy meal to their children. This should be followed by certain other efforts like creating awareness on aspects like personal hygiene, necessity to keep their surroundings clean and tidy so that communities can arrest the spread of diseases. The multi-dimensional approach to treat diseases using the knowledge gathered from various sources, inclusive of medicines is called as Translational Medicine.

Venue & Hospitality

The official attendee housing Site 2nd International Conference on Translational Medicine, which will be held in the vibrant and bustling city of Chicago, USA. The conference will take place in the following dates and locations. Conference Dates: August 5-7, 2013 Holiday Inn Chicago-North Shore 5300 West Touhy Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60077, USA Tel: (847) 679-8900 Fax: (847) 679-7447

Hotel Photos

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