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Bud, Not Buddy is a book about a orphan ten year-old boy who was trying to find his father.

It was the time of the Great Depression. He was living in a foster home because his mother had died. He carries a suitcase which contains a flyer of Herman E. Calloway and a his band. He think that Herman is his father. Also he keeps a bag of rocks that his mom gave to him in his suitcase. I really though it would be a hard to carry a suitcase all around the city. I was surprised that Herman was actually was his grandfather because he is very young to be a grandfather especially when he has a band! There was one part that was funny to me is when he used to live with the Amosess family, he tried to escaped and saw a old man who he thinks is a vampire! It was hilarious to me that a ten year old boy still thinks that vampires existed. Also there was a little scary and funny part. That part would be the time when Bugs, who is Buds best friend, was sleeping and a roach crawled in his ear while he was sleeping and he got scared so his friends tried to take it out with tweezers but it didnt work. He was screaming like crazy not for the bug in his ear. He was screaming because he cant hear with the bug in the ear. So they took him to the hospital. Finally the doctor took it out. This whole story represents how he got his name Bugs! I really like the whole book because it was full of numerous part that was funny, scary, and embarrassing, which I mention earlier. A young boy named Stanley Yelnats broke his familys curse by doing what his grandfather should have done a long time ago, carrying Madame Zeroni up a mountain. Elya, Stanleys grandfather, wanted to marry Sarah Miller but to do that he has to have the fattest pig. Madame Zeroni gave Elya a pig and said, Carry this pig up the mountain, many times and it will get fat and also carry me up the mountain after you carry the pig. Elya still got married without carrying Madame Zeroni up the mountain, he was lucky. That is how the curse began. After Elya had a great grandson, Stanley, Stanley carried up Zeronis great grandson, Zero, up the mountain. Stanleys gesture of kindness to Zero is what finally broke the curse. 2. Identify a character in the story who shows courage. Explain how the character is brave. I think Stargirl has courage for cheering when opposing players score in a basketball game or for going to the Hot Seat with Leo and Kevin. I also think Leo shows courage for dating Stargirl even though he knows it is causing him to be shunned by the other students or that Dori Dilson by sitting with Stargirl in the cafeteria before people got to know stargirl.

5. Over the course of the book, Leo changes. Compare and contrast Leos appreciation of little things in life at the beginning of the novel and at the end. After Stargirl showed Leo to see the little things, he starts to notice them himself. At the end of the novel, after he has last seen Stargirl, Leo says, I throw myself into my work and keep an eye peeled for silver lunch trucks, and I remember. I sometimes walk in the rain without an umbrella. When I see change on the sidewalk, I leave it there. If no ones looking, I drop a quarter. I feel guilty when I buy a card from Hallmark. I listen for mockingbirds. In contrast, Leos focus is on the way and appearances of his peers. He says, It did not occur to me that I was being watched. We were all being watched.

7. What questions would you ask Leo if you interviewed him as an adult? I want to ask Leo about his high school experiences in Mica Area High School in Arizona. Also I want to ask him about his memories of Stargirl and his career as a set designer. Jerry leaves other questions not answered for an example why doesnt Leo have a family fifteen years after high school or why he doesnt talk about his family in the book.

Thirteen year old Salamanca Tree Hiddle (Sal) lives on a farm with her grandparents, Gramps and Gram, mother and father. But when Sal's mother, Chanhassan , unexpectedly announces that she's leaving her family and going to Lewiston, Idaho, to find herself. Sal and her father are sad by Chanhassan 's absence. Margaret Cadaver, an friend of Sal's mother, convinces Mr. Hiddle to find a change of scenery. In Euclid, Sal meets Phoebe Winterbottom, a respectable 13 year old that worries about her priorities, and Mrs. Partridge, Margaret Cadaver's blind mother. As time passes, Sal gets used to living in Euclid. Sal and Phoebe become fast friends, and Sal begins spending most of her time at Phoebe's house, which is located next door to Margaret Cadaver's. One day, when Phoebe finds a mysterious note on her doorstep, its meaning initially confuses her: Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins. Phoebe wonders what this dark message has to do with her life, until Sal helps her discover the surprising relationship between the message and herself. Over a year later, Sal's mom still hasn't returned. She convinces her grandparents to travel to Idaho to find Chanhassan because she thinks that if she gets to Lewiston by her mother's birthday, she will be able to bring her back and everything will return to the way that it used to be. During the long car trip to Lewiston, Sal tells her grandparents about Phoebe and the mysterious messages that she think that the lunatic is sending those messages. Then later on they found out it was the lunatic who was the adoptive son of the local police chief, Sergeant Bickle. Then, Sal and her father return to their farm in Bybanks, Kentucky and begin trying to rebuild their lives their without her mother. Sal, who has made peace with her mother's tragic death, looks forward to each day on the farm and visit all her friends from Euclid, Ohio. I like this book because it has a lot of adventurous parts. For an example a trip to find her mother on a long dangerous trip. Also it has some bad parts in it but I like stories with some bad things in it so it wont be a fairy tall. For an examples: deaths. My favorite character is Phoebe because she is respectful to others and I am trying to be respectful and it was funny to me about a lunatic sending messages to Phoebe that confused her. This is a very good book!