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Roland Barthes//Joseph Beuys//Nicolas Bourriaud// Peter Bixger//Graciela Camevale//Lygic Clatk// Collective Actions//Eda Cufer//Guy Debord//Jeremy eller//Umberto Eco//Hal Foster//Edouard Glissant/ Group Materlal//Félix Guattari//Thomas Hirschhorn// ~ Carsten Héller//Allan Kaprow//Lars Bang Larsen// Jean-Luc Nancy//Molly Nesbit//Hans Uirich Obist// Hélio Oiticica//Adrian Piper//Jacques Ranciére// Dirk Schwar2e//Rirkrit Tirevanija Porticipation r" Fa C) Y= = COr Ay OZ Saiie Oa se sie a en Uhitechapel Ill ARTS Documents of Contemporary Art In recent decades arts have progesively expanded the boundaries of a ‘hey have sought fo engage sith an increasingly plaalistie enitoom Teachincsating and understanding of art and visual clare are ewe longer pounded in ralonal esthetics centred on significa eas and hares ranging rom the every tothe enna the peychoanaytc pita ‘The Documents of Contemporary Art series emeres fom this content E lume focuses on specific subect o boy of writing that hasbeen of ‘nen in conterorary art inteationaly. ae an inode by 2h ist ric carator cath ofthese source books provides acest prt ‘woices and perspectives defninga significant there or tendency. For over aontury the Whitechapel Calley bas fered a pub platform ar and ideas tn the sime spit, each pues editor represents 2 itnet, verse approach - rater than oe institutional postion or school f thou land has concelved exch volume to address no only a proesionalatience allioterested readers tes aviary oe ges as Cun a Des Mk Mace