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Exploring novel ways to fight diabetes - OMICS Group Medical Conferences

Diabetes is purely a metabolic malfunction due to which a person has high blood sugar levels either because the pancreas does not produce sufficient insulin or because of the cells not responding to the insulin that is produced. As the popular adage says, prevention is always better than cure. There are hundreds of healthy ways on how to keep this at bay. If already diagnosed diabetic, no worries, as there are thousands of ways on how to master control over the demon. Have a look at the facts presented on the way it is spreading.

366 million people have diabetes in 2011; by 2030 this will have risen to 552 million The number of people with type 2 diabetes is increasing in every country 80% of people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries The greatest number of people with diabetes are between 40 to 59 years of age 183 million people (50%) with diabetes are undiagnosed Diabetes caused 4.6 million deaths in 2011 Diabetes caused at least USD 465 billion dollars in healthcare expenditures in 2011; 11% of total healthcare expenditures in adults (20-79 years) 78,000 children develop type 1 diabetes every year (Source: International Diabetes Federation)

Realizing the gravity of the diabetics that is constantly on rise due to urbanization and tremendous changes in human lifestyles, OMICS Group Medical Conference has announced the 4th World Congress on Diabetes and Metabolism at Chicago North Shore, USA from August 1416, 2013 under the theme To translate and harness novel therapies in diabetes. This conference provides both the speakers and delegates a wonderful opportunity to exchange in-depth knowledge and latest insights about the prevention and cure of diabetes.

The event also hosts a Workshop titled Achieving and Maintaining Perfect Diabetes Control: New Ways and Means in coping with diabetic complications and a one-day Symposium that sheds light on the systemic effects of diabetes and obesity on transplantation.

The 3rd World Congress on Diabetes and Metabolism, hosted by the OMICS publishing Group was held on September 24 26, 2012 at Marriott Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India. The main theme of the conference was "To Translate and Harness the Novel Therapies in Diabetes" which grabs over 150 delegates and 100 invited speakers from 20 countries which include renowned scientists and personalities from prestigious Universities, Research Institutes, and Diabetes Centers. The Researchers, Professors and OMICS Group Editorial Board Member's alacrity sustained the conference making it inspiringly successful congress. With the huge optimistic response from scientific fraternity, renowned personalities and Editorial board members of OMICS Group across the world, we would be happy to announce 4th World Congress on Diabetes and Metabolism. OMICS Group Medical Conferences: Diabetes-2013 will provide the latest technologies to treat and prevent diabetes and its related illnesses. It is one of the largest innovative diabetic technologies for researchers, clinicians and general practitioners in all fields of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism Major tracks of Diabetes Congress 2013 include:
1. Clinical Diabetes and Diagnostic Approaches 2. Diabetes Management 3. Diabetes and its Complications 4. Endocrinology: Patient-Oriented Case Management Discussions 5. Advanced Technologies for Treatment of Diabetes 6. Advancement of New Drug/Biomarker Discovery for Treatment of Diabetes 7. Genetics of Diabetes 8. Emerging Focus in Diabetes Research

This will be an excellent opportunity to meet leading scientists in the field of diabetes research and learn about the latest technological advances for people with diabetes. The different tracks are arranged in an interdisciplinary manner to allow delegates to explore issues directly connected to their own areas of work. They also provide an opportunity to engage with other professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Esteemed speakers of the Diabetes 2013 conference include:

Louise Larose, Associate Professor of Medicine, McGill University, USA Patrick Nelson, University of Michigan, USA George Bakris, University of Chicago, USA Lubov Kolesnikova, Director, Scientific Centre of Family Health and Human Reproduction Problems, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Russia Mehmet Akif Buyukbese, KSU School of Medicine, Turkey

For more details on Diabetes-2013 conference, please visit: http://www.omicsgroup.com/conferences/diabetes-metabolism-2013/

Venue & Hospitality

The Official Attendee Housing Site 4th World Congress of Diabetes & Metabolism, which will be held in the vibrant and bustling city of Chicago, USA. The conference will take place in the following dates and locations. Conference Dates: August 14-16, 2013. Holiday Inn Chicago North Shore, Skokie Banquet & Conference Center, 5300 West Touhy Avenue Skokie, Illinois 60077,USA. Tel: 1-847-679-8900

Hotel Photos:

From Chicago O'Hare International Airport: Head south-east. Take the slip road onto I-190 E Merge onto I-90 E Merge onto I-94 E. Take exit 53 to merge onto I-55 S towards St Louis. Take the exit towards S Cicero Ave., Turn left onto S Cicero Ave., Destination will be on the right. Chicago O'Hare International Airport Distance from hotel: 17.17 mi. Drive time: 30 min. Directions: Follow sign Exit to City for 0.5 mi. Take exit 44A for Keeler Ave towards Irving Park Rd/IL19 Turn left onto N Keeler Ave, Slight right onto Interstate 94 W (signs for Milwaukee/Edens Expressway). Take exit 39A for Touhy Ave W. Destination will be on the right.

For further details contact: Valentina Diaz, Diabetes-2013 Organizing Committee. OMICS Group Medical Conferences 2360 Corporate Circle Suite 400, Henderson NV 89074-7722, USA Phone +1-888-843-8169 Fax +1-650-618-1417 Email: diabetes2013@omicsonline.us (or) diabetes2013@omicsgroup.com Contact us at: http://www.omicsonline.org/contact.php