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1. We ___________ late every Saturday. A. B. sleep slept C. D. sleeps sleeping

2. Zaimy __________ ask for permission before he went to the library. A. B. 3. Mother Husna A. B. do did C. D. does dont

: How did you break the vase, Husna? : I ___________ it while I was wiping the table. break broke C. D. breaks breaking

4. Adam, please pay attention. You must ___________ to me when Im teaching, said the teacher. A. B. listen listens C. D. listened listening

5. Rafie fell and _______ his spectacles. A. B. break broke C. D. breaks broken

6. The health inspector _____________ the stall owner to clean his stall. A. B. telling am telling C. D. is telling are telling

7. Puan Salwa and her maid __________ the kitchen just now. A. B. is mopping are mopping C. D. were mopping mopping

8. We _________ to get the answer before the teacher ______ back, Julia told the class. A. B. has, come had, came C. D. have, comes have, coming

9. Janet : I saw your father in the park. Nora : He ________ every evening. He needs the exercise and seldom _____ it. A. B. jog, miss jogs, misses C. D. jogged, missed jogging, missing

10. Alina _______ come home late but I _______ be home earlier. A. B. will, will shall, will C. D. will, shall shall, shall

11. The band of musicians will _________ their performance tonight. A. B. perform performs C. D. performed performing

1. Mary had booked her flight ticket earlier because ________ was cheap. A. B. they she C. D. we it

2. Khadijah stayed at home by ________ while ________ parents were away. A. B. myself, my herself, her C. D. himself, him yourself, your

3. A day before Teachers Day, the pupils carried ________ chairs to the school hall. A. B. our their C. D. your his

4. The Year 6 pupils have to prepare ________ well before UPSR. A. B. 5. ourselves themselves C. D. himself yourself

Syukry is flying ________ kite in the field. A. B. her him C. D. his hers


Have________ finished your homework? A. B. I he C. D. she you

7. A. B. 8. A. B. 9. A. B. 10.

________ must listen carefully when in class. It My C. D. You Theirs

Arif and I went to the zoo. ________ went there by bus. We I C. D. She They

She hurt ________ while cutting the vegetables yesterday. itself herself C. D. himself themselves

The tigress licked ________ paws after eating a hearty meal. A. B. its his C. D. our their

1. Anip is a clever boy ______ he is lazy. A. B. so or C. D. and but

2. ___________ Shaira , Zuraida is also a librarian . A. B. Besides Therefore C. D. Although Furthermore

3. Mei May took part in the singing competition ______ her parents objected it. A. B. and but C. D. although therefore

4. They have not met Jenny ________ last year . A. B. since in C. D. from at

5. Mail left the school without permission __________ his friends advised him not to do so. A. B. but and C. D. because although

6. Yusman was absent yesterday _____ he was ill. A. B. so but C. D. because although

7. We prefer swimming __________ jogging during the weekends. A. B. to so C. D. for and

8. _________ En. Lokman ______ Mr. Rachman is attending the meeting tomorrow because they are not feeling well. A. B. Either , or Either , nor C. D. Neither , nor Neither , or

9. There was a heavy rain last night , ____________ the village was flooded. A. B. besides although C. D. therefore furthermore

10. Im sure our team can win the race ___________ we practice hard . A. B. if so C. D. or but

1. It is very hot in here. Please switch __________ the air-conditioner. A. B. of on C. D. off out

2. Aleya went to National Museum _________ Kuala Lumpur. She brought _________ a camera. A. B. at, with in, along C. D. on, beside under, together

3. The farmer leaned the ladder ____________ the wall. A. B. at on C. D. across against

4. Maria and Murad have not seen their grandfather ___________ last year. A. B. on by C. D. for since

5. That small girl is throwing the rubbish __________ the dustbin. A. B. of to C. D. into onto

6. Jamali was unable to open the door so he peeped _________ the keyhole. A. B. on over : : C. D. under through

7. Murali Ah Kong A. B. over along

Where is the hut? Walk _____________ the footpath until you see it. C. D. above through

8. My little sister is hiding ________________ the bed. A. B. at on C. D. under above

9. Please hand in your homework _________Tuesday. Put it _________my table. A. B. on, in by, on C. D. after, across before, under

10. She was ill and hospitalized _______________ two days last week. A. B. for from C. D. since about

1. Cobras and rattlesnakes are _____________ snakes. A. B. 2. delicious furious C. D. poisonous famous

The _________________ driver drove the car into the gate. A. B. careless careful C. D. clever creative


My mother likes to buy ____________ fish and vegetables from the wet market every morning. A. B. new fresh C. D. cold good


This knife is ___________ enough to cut the meat. A. B. hot sharp C. D. blunt hard helped him.


The boy could not do the ______________ sums so his teacher A. B. difficult easy C. D. quick long


Please show me the _________________ way to go to the auditorium. A. B. quick quicker C. D. quickest longest


The _____________ dog follows its master's order. A. B. fierce obedient C. D. tame hungry


This gadget is as _________________ as the LED television. A. B. more expensive most expensive C. D. expensive excellent table.


The _________________ children ate all the food on the dining A. B. hardworking hungry C. D. sad happy


She gave me a _________________ purse on my birthday. A. B. small yellow yellow small C. D. hard yellow yellow torn

1. ___________I tell them the news now? said Johnson A B Could May C D Will Shall

2. My Bahasa Melayu teacher _____________ speak Korean fluently. A B shall can C D may would

3. We ____________ go up Gunung Mahsuri by the cable car afterwards. A B could might C D shall may

4. ___________ I have a glass of milk and some biscuits? A B May Shall C D Might Will

5. What would you do this weekend? asked Jeremy. I am not sure what to do. I __________ visit my grandparents said Jeremiah. A B should shall C D might could

6. What I have to say next is important. You ___________ listen carefully A B shall might C D should may

7. If you do not want to miss the bus, you ____________be at the bus stop earlier. A B would should C D may shall

8. ________ you remind me to take the laundry at Seri Nona? A B Could May C D Will Shall

9. Do not be so noisy. You ____________ wake your grandmother. A B could might C D shall may

10. Where is Marina? asked Maziatul. She _________ be a little late and you must know how fussy she is said Nor Adira A B might would C D may should

1. The beggar looked ____________ at the food. A B hungrily gracefully C D leisurely anxiously

2. He waited ______________ for his turn to be interviewed. A B hungrily gracefully C D leisurely anxiously

3. She ate ___________________ because she was late for school. A B hungrily gracefully C D happily quickly

4. There are many people strolling ___________________ in the park. A B hungrily silently C D leisurely anxiously

5. The Year 6 pupils danced ________________ at the Teacher's Day celebration. A B hungrily gracefully C D leisurely anxiously

6. They cheered __________ when Belaja scored. A B hungrily gracefully C D loudly anxiously

7. He _________ chased after every ball. A B quickly gracefully C D leisurely anxiously

8. The mother rocked her baby in the cradle until she slept __________. A B hungrily gracefully C D soundly sweetly

9. Mr. King drives _____________ when it rains. A B neatly gracefully C D leisurely carefully

10. She arranged all her books ___________ in the bookshelf. A B hungrily bravely C D neatly sadly


1. The children _________ flying kites in the field. A B am is C D are was

2. The fire fighters _________ smart in their uniforms. A B looks look C D looked looking

3. Rina ________ her schoolbag every night before she goes to bed. A B pack packs C D packed packing

4. The farmer _________ the cows yesterday. A B milk milks C D milked milking

5. Kok Keong and Dinesh _________ rowing the boat across the lake. A B am is C D are was

6. She is __________ the windows with a piece of cloth. A B wipe wipes C D wiped wiping

7. The cat __________ some milk from the saucer just now. A B lick licks C D licked licking

8. Humpback whales __________ birth to their young. A B give gives Where ____ the broom? It ____ in the cupboard. C D am, is are, am C D gave giving

9. Elly: Mother: A B is , is are, is

10. Water _______ at 100 degrees Celcius. A B boil boils C D boiled boiling


1. Shes from a small town in Ipoh ___________________? A B wasnt she ? arent she ? C D isnt she ? is she ?

2. They are already on their way, _____________________? A B were they ? are they ? C D werent they ? arent they ?

3. I like chocolate very much, _______________? A B am I ? dont I ? C D do I ? doesnt I ?

4. We live in a tiny flat,_______________________? A B are we ? dont we ? C D do we ? arent we ?

5. We dont watch much television, ________________? A B did we ? are we ? C D do we ? didnt we ?

6. Im not the person with the tickets, _______________? A B am I ? arent I ? C D do I ? dont I ?

7. They need some new clothes, ________________? A B arent they ? dont they ? C D are they ? do they ?

8. Kevin will come tonight, _______________? A B isnt he ? will he ? C D is he ? wont he ?

9. Mary didnt do her homework last Monday, ______________? A B did she ? didnt she ? C D does she ? doesnt she ?

10. He could have bought a new car, __________________? A B can he ? couldnt he ? C D cant he ? could he ?

1. The ladies are busy hanging ________ curtains for ________ wedding. A B a, a an, a C D the, the a, the

2. They live in _______ beautiful house on ___________ island. A B a, an a, a C D the, an an, the

3. Encik Harun is ______ teacher. He teaches English in ______ primary school. A B a, a a, a C D an, the the, a

4. Felix de Weldon is ______ American sculptor who designed ______ National Monument. A B a, the the, the C D an, a the, an

5. In the evenings, my aunt likes to take _____ walk in _____ park. A B a, the an, the C D an, a the, a

6. ______ moon and ______ stars shine at night. A B A, the The, a C D The, the An, the

7. Ramlan bought _____ axe to cut down ____ old coconut tree in his garden. A B an, a an, a C D an, the the, a

8. Pedro Flores made _______ dozen yo-yos and sold them to ____ children in his neighbourhood. A B the, the a, an C D an, a a, the

9. ________ young man saved ______ old man from drowning. A B A, a The, a C D An, the The, an

10. We saw _____ baby elephant when we visited _____ zoo last weekend. A B an, the a, a C D a, the an, a