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Boundless Communications

SkyEdge II Product Overview

January 2009
This presentation constitutes proprietary and confidential information of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. This presentation may not be disclosed, used or duplicated, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd.

SkyEdge II system
Two-way high performance IP satcom solution 7th Generation VSAT launched in Q3/07
SkyEdge II Pro

Range of topologies

Star NMS Flexible VSAT family

SkyEdge II Access

Modular, scalable, SkyEdge II redundant, multi-outbound Hub hub SkyEdge II IP With powerful NMS

SkyEdge II Extend

Wide application support


High Speed Internet

WiMAX/Cellular backhaul

Confidential and proprietary information

SkyEdge II Highlights
Best Total Cost of Ownership Highest ModCods 16/32APSK, Inbound 8PSK Sophisticated Adaptive BW management Scalability Operation, maintenance, and reliability Best performance Up to 135 Mbps Outb/ 6.1 Mbps Inb Standard-based system Hybrid star/mesh topologies Leverages proven SkyEdge technology

Confidential and proprietary information

DVB-S2 Outbound
DVB-S2 ACM, CCM QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, 32APSK Sophisticated dynamic predistortion LDPC with all FEC rates (1/4 9/10) Very high capacity 45 Msps > 135 Mbps

No predistortion
Confidential and proprietary information

With predistortion

Optimized DVB-S2 ACM

Maximize fill % of ACM frames Cross-frame Concatenation Efficient frame packing Network wide frame optimization Integration with QoS server Accurate info about network bandwidth changes

IP Actual BW info

ModCod change based on network conditions

QoS Server
Confidential and proprietary information

SkyEdge II Hub

Inbound highlights
Sophisticated ICM adaptivity DVB-RCS benefit of years of experience and planning High throughput up to 6.1 Mbps Excellent bandwidth efficiency Simultaneous QPSK, 8PSK Inbound Turbo Coding, 1.2 channel spacing Improved Scalability - Inbound BW as low as 160 KHz

Confidential and proprietary information

SkyEdge II Mesh Highlights

High Capacity: up to 6.1Mbps High efficiency mesh as in star technology Full ICM adaptivity, 8PSK and 1.2 roll off Full Star/Mesh BW sharing Embedded TCP acceleration saves BW and enhances user experience Optional HTTP acceleration over mesh Multi-rate allows optimizing CAPEX per site

Confidential and proprietary information

Standard compliance
Routing standards IPv4, IPv6 (dual stack mode) RIP, DHCP (server, relay), NAT, IPSec Unicast, Multicast, IGMP Application TCP and HTTP acceleration VoIP SIP, H.323, cRTP Backup VRRP, IRDP VLAN Multiple VLAN and VRF per VSAT 802.1q, 802.1p QoS Diffserv, IntServ Management RMON, SNMP, Telnet, SOAP

Confidential and proprietary information

Advanced VoIP Support

Automatic VoIP recognition and flow prioritization Assures best QoS and sufficient satellite resources Compressed RTP and packet aggregation Support both 3rd party VoIP and embedded FXS interface VoIP protocols: H.323 and SIP T.38 Fax Up to 30 concurrent calls per VSAT Simultaneous star and mesh




24/30 Payload


Payload 24/30 Bytes

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Embedded Multi-layer QoS

Fair allocation of bandwidth between VSATs = bandwidth broker MPN for group management CIR/MIR service packages Provide priority customers (metals) Fair allocation of bandwidth between applications = traffic shaping Critical applications behave well Consistent network behavior

Confidential and proprietary information

Embedded TCP/HTTP optimization

VSAT/Hub symmetrical satellite TCP and HTTP optimization Embedded client on VSAT Improved response Time and optimized transaction flows Up to 200% improvement in web-site download time HTTP Pre-fetching - Minimize traffic, Improve user experience HTTP compression - Minimize traffic and download time
No Acc.

2000k 1500k 1000k 500k 0

No Acc. With Acc. With Acc.

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Example: Reduction in number of Kbytes

VLAN - Virtual Routing (VRF) solution

Each VSAT Eth port acts as a virtual router (VRF) Allows serving multiple customers on a single VSAT End to end traffic separation (VLAN tagging or trunking) Eliminates the need for an external VLAN switch Full flexibility unique routing per VRF (NAT, DHCP etc) Flexible QoS control priority and weight per VRF Allows traffic separation between applications Secure and separate critical applications
SkyEdge II VLAN - A Virtual Router VLAN - A


Virtual Router

VLAN Switch


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Maritime and transportable solutions

Maritime tracking antenna integration Transportable antennas and kits Manpack, vehicle and others VSAT GPS readings

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SkyEdge II VSATs and Applications

Description Ethernet Modular Slots Mesh Voice Ports

Compact IP VSAT 1 IP N -

Enterprise VSAT 2 IP N -

Modular MultiService VSAT 4 IP 2 Y 4

Telco-grade Modular, Rack-Mounted Multi-Service VSAT 4 IP 4 Y 8


Confidential and proprietary information

Large Enterprise

Corporate Government Maritime Rural Telephony & IP

Telecom Mobile Operator Military Rural Telephony & IP

SkyEdge II VSAT Extension Cards

Telephony extension cards 2 or 4 FXS ports. High Performance Mesh Receiver up to 6.1 Mbps Standard WiFi access card easier local connectivity MPEG4 Video Decoder card Digital signage or business TV PC/104 general card Wide purpose usage Add software features e.g.: encryption, additional routing protocols

Confidential and proprietary information

SkyEdge II is a system with exceptional TCO High efficiency Sophisticated adaptivity High performance Scalability from 500Khz to a full 54MHz transponder Designed for high reliability and manageability SkyEdge II is a standard-based system SkyEdge II leverages successful SkyEdge technology

Confidential and proprietary information

Confidential and proprietary information