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Mohamed Rafique Bin Ramlan 920622-14-5311 PJCAD/2010/JULY/2603 Branding Part 1 : Rebrand/Repositioning/Redesign Packaging Design 2 (DGD 2421) Semester Y2 S6 (July/Sept 2010) Ms. Chan Poi Har

1. Company Background

Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. started with a humble beginning of producing coconut oil based product through natural bio-technological process without using any foreign materials and substances for the benefits of the consumers in sustaining their healthy way of life.

Singgahsana in direct translation means throne in English. Throne in this concept is affiliated with the position of coconut fruits as they sit at the top of tree, signifying its hierachy in the coconut tree. This is similar to a ruler sitting on his throne at the top of the hierachy of the country and his people. This is also associated with the companys goal to triumph over other competitors and to be the pioneer in producing coconut oil based product through natural bio-technology process in the industry.

The Matured Coconut

A germinated matured coconut is naturally grown through the circle of life and depicted to has the highest quality extract of the coconut oil. In reflection with the product and the company, their policy is highest quality product through natural process to ensure consumers benefits in sustaining a healthy way of life.

2. Research
Research has been done in two methods ; survey questionaire among consumers and interview with the companys founder.

2.1 Survey Questionaire

The objective of this research is to find out the consumer awareness statistics, behaviour and requirement on the product. This research is crucial as it will affect the specifications and materials of the packaging. Indirectly, this will results in convincing the consumers to purchase the product.

Survey questionaire has been distributed to 20 participants out of 45 who have used the product before and are aware on the benefits. The other 25 which have never used the product and are not aware on the benefits also have given their reasons for not using the product before this survey been conducted.

25 out of 45 participants does not aware on the benefits of the product and never use before.

20 out of 45 participants know the benefits and used it before.

Among 45 participants surveyed, only 20 participants (44.4%) answered the questionaire. This shows that more than half of the consumers have never used the product and neither aware due to certain circumstances. This clearly states that coconut oil product is not a staple oil used by consumers compared to other oil products. Although it is not something new in Malaysia, yet people seemed to be uncertain about the product. The survey is carried out in depth for both sides.

Out of the 20 participants who answered the questionaire, 11 (55%) took it directly as food supplement. seven (35%) applied on the hair or on the skin as moisturizer treatment. While only two (10%) used it in cooking or as food enhancer. This clearly states that coconut oil in Malaysia is mainly used as supplemental food as well as beauty/hair treatment.

Meanwhile, the other 25 participants gave their reasons for never used the product before. 11 (44%) claimed that they do not have confidence in the product and the benefits. Nine (36%) claimed that the product is concentrated with high cholestrol which resulted in risks for health. While the remaining five (20%) stated that there is a lack of awareness campaign on the benefits of the product.

The research mainly focus on the 20 participants who answered the questionaire. 13 out 20 are females and the remaining seven are males. This is because coconut oil is well known among female to be applied on hair or on skin as moisturizer compared to males who majority took it as supplemental food.

By age, the majority of people using the product are aged 30 - 50 and above. This group is more health-concious and tend to use beauty or care product to pamper themselves. Furthermore, this group of age are more prone to health-risk and more keen to use natural product compared to age group of 30 and below who tend to use chemically infused, scientificallyproven products that show quick results due to lifestyle, exposure and environment factor.

In terms of income, majority have an income of RM 5,000 - RM 10,000. As the majority age group is 30 and above, this shows that majority of consumers who used this product already have a stable income with good professions. This group of consumers are more keen to spend on wants rather than needs. They also spends more on supplemental things as part of their investment for future and self-satisfaction.

From the previous research data, we can see the connection between the target age group and their income among both genders. Now we focus on how both genders generally use this product. From the data above stated, 15 participants (75%) prefered to consume the product personally as this is categorized as supplemental food for inside health. The remaining five ( 25%) preferred to share the product with friends and family to be used in cooking or applied on hair/skin as moisturizer.

The majority of the consumers use the product as a personal use for supplemental health food. 14 out 20 participants (70%) strongly prefere to buy one unit a month. This make sense as the majority of the target group usually go to the supermarket or pharmacy once in a month to buy their household stocks or medicine. This proves that consumers do not want any hassle to carry the product in large quantity.

Basically, this group of consumers are more keen to spend on supplemental things as part of their investment for future and self-satisfactory. Therefore, more than half of the people surveyed, 12 participants (60%) are willing to spend around RM50.00 to RM 100.00 for supplemental food. They do not mind to spend more for health and product satisfaction. As stated above, they take it as part of their investment for future and self-satisfactory.

2.2 Interview
An interview session has been conducted for a half hour with the founder of Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. about his perspective on developing the product from the beginning, marketing and awareness issue, cost of product, distribution issues, and peoples views on the product.

The following conversation are as follows :-

1. What makes Singgahsana Coconut Oil (SCO) different from other coconut oil in the market? SCO is a transparent oil without using any chemicals or foreign materials through natural bio-technology process. By this method, SCO conserved all natural ingredients present in the oil without any preservatives or changes made in the chemical chains. SCO also has the least and almost no pungent smell compared to any ther coconut oil in the market and also the least cloudy compared to the other competitors.

2. Who is your target audience for this product? We do not have any target audiences. It is suitable for all ages, and anyone can consume this product. Whether it is for prevention or for cure, it is a supplemental food for everyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

3. Why it is stored in the glass instead of plastic since plastic is cheaper than glass? In the beginning, SCO was packed in plastic bottle but due to its chemical molecule which are very fine, it slowly evaporates through the plastic molecule structure which resulted in the content slowly dissapearing from the bottle. This has been proved by simply placing it in the car during the day since cocout oil is very sensitive to heat of the surroundings.

4. Why it is packed in small quantity (100ml) ? For the convenience of consumer and to preserve the quality of content. If it is stored in bigger volume, there will be a tendency of oxidization at the tip of the bottle resulting in growth of fungus. On the other hand, it is for the convenience for consumers to share with friends and family.

5. How long will it take for a unit (100ml) to finish if taken regularly? One week.

6. How many unit does a consumer buy at a time? New customer usually will buy one or two at first to try while regular customer usually will buy four bottles at one time for personal consumption for a month. Basically, for every four bottles bought, we will give bottle for free to the customer so that they can promote to their friends and family.

7. How much does it cost and what is the price per bottle (100ml)? Cost per unit is RM5.00 with the retail price of RM25.00

8. Where can the customers get the product? Customers can get the product through the company, and recognized distributor all over the peninsula.

9. So far, how is the market growth? Unfortunately, the market growth is slow as they are not many distributor sells this product.

10. What makes the market growth slow? Certainly awareness and marketing issue. People are not aware about the product. They have some misconceptions about it and they are not confidence with it. Another issue that the distributors effort on selling the product.

3. Data Analysis :
Based from the results, more than half (50%) of the participants surveyed have never use the product neither know about the benefits. Their reasons are mainly because they do not have confidence on the product, misconceptions about the product and also lack of awareness. The research that has been conducted, consisted mainly of women who used it as beauty/hair treatment which as moisturizers. On the other hand, consumers of ages 30 and below tend to use chemical sciencetificallyproven product that bears quick response.s These are due to their lifestyle and environment factor. Meanwhile, from the data, we can see that the connection between target age group and their income. From here, this will lead to set a target consumers for the product. Set physical criteria and materials for the product to be packed. Conclusion :

4. Conclusion :
In conclusion, the reason for slow market growth is mainly because they do not have the confidence in the product, misconceptions about the product and also lack of awareness. The are flaws in design of the product packaging, that it is not convincing enough to attract consumers. On the other hand, marketing and awareness campaign play a big role in bringing the product to the next level. Distributors have big responsibilities in enhancing the sales as well as the design. Coconut oil in Malaysia are very well known to be used for external use but awareness on the benefits of consuming the product for internal health is lax. It is clearly stated that consumers of major target age group with major target income are willing to spend their money on the product as long as the product satisfaction is guaranteed and their expected requirement is met. Simultaneously, consumers always needs a good impression on the product packaging that is convincing enough as well as the quality, satisfaction, and positive results benefited from product itself. Therefore, it is suggested that the company should reposition itself to have target customers and redesign the logo to appear more legible and versatile with an appropriate packaging design.

5. List of problems found based on research, surveys and observations :

1. Lack of awareness on the benefits of coconut oil 2. Lack of marketing campaign on the product 3. Peoples misconception on the coconut oil 4. Lack of confidence on the results benefited from the product 5. Design flaws, not convincing design quality 6. Distribution issues & limited source to purchase the product 8. Small in size

5.1 Problems found based on observation on design perspective :

LOGO : 1. No consistency on type selection and type style 2. Heavy logo composition 3. Typical image representation 4. Not practical in use of space 5. Not legible in small scale 6. Not versatile in different medium PACKAGING : 1. Traditional old-style appearance 2. Apllication of high-contrast of gradient 3. Non-solid tone of color 4. No consistency 5. Packed with informations and facts 6. Non-convincing presentation 7. No simple product descriptions 8. Not appropriate 9. Not visible on bottle label design

6. Branding & Design Approach :


Brand repositioning is our approach as there are :- No strengths in the current packaging design. - Consumer does not perceive visual identifiers on the current logo and packaging design. - The logo and the packaging does not have ownable qualities that enable the brand to stand apart from the competitor. - The packaging design does not differentiate itself from the competitor effectively.

6.1.1 Brand reposition aim and objective : - To elevate the status of the brand and rival the competition in the market. > Set up the target markets > Set up the target audiences : Distributor/Pharmacy/Supermarket : Multi races within age group of 30 y.o. - 50 y.o. and above with income from RM5,000 above > Set up standardization and consistency : Standard application in the elements of design


6.2.1 Brand redesign - To uplift the brand reposition and consumers confidence. > Logo improvement : Emphasizes on Singgahsana as a logotype

6.2.2 Product redesign - To gain confidence, convinience and interest of consumer towards product. > Set up the materials used > Set up the size of product : Glass bottle : 500 ml for personal, 100ml for family

7. Implementations
Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. has been firmly wanted to spread the goodness of coconut oil among consumers to lead a healthy lifestyle with quality assurance. This is their mission for the consumer in their vision to be the pioneer in this industry. To achieve this, we look forward to the core that is the main production of the company and their distribution effort that will lead the company to achieved their goal. From here, we extract keyfactors to be used as the design rationale which reflects the company and the product. The keyfactors are as follows ; - Derived from the main production of the company that is coconut oil. It is processed without using any chemical and foreign materials (NATURAL). The results, a crystal clear oil (CLARITY) which proves the quality standard they hold on to while the internal structure of coconut oil is packed with goodness of nutrients (RICH). - Companys principle in the context of distribution effort are honest, firm and convincing in spreading the goodness of the product among consumers with quality assurance shows (INTEGRITY). - By practice, consuming coconut oil will results good health for the consumer while company will achieved their goal, fortune and successful business (AUSPICIOUS).

7.1 Design Rationale :

Mr. Zainoren whom the founder of Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. believes in high quality suppliment food. He takes pride of producing virgin coconut oil products. Therefore the design approach/direction of Singgahsana has to reflects these keyfactors on what he and the company believes in:


7.1.1 Keyfactors meaning and thesaurus :

Integrity Integrity means adherence to moral and ethical, have principles and soundness of moral characters. In ethics regarded as honesty, truthfullness or accuracy of ones actions. Derived from the Latin adjective ; integer (whole / complete) Thesaurus : Honesty / Wholeness / Goodness / Purity / Reputability / Trustworthiness

Clarity Clarity means clearness or lucidity as to perception on understanding. A freedom from indistinct and ambiguity. A state or quality of being clear or transparent to the eye. A clearness as of expression. Thesaurus : Exactness / Intelligibilty / Simplicity

Rich Abundance of valuable resources. A great value on worth. Abound in natural resources. Thesaurus : Stability / Intense / Productive / Bountiful

Natural Nature refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. The word nature is derived from the Latin word natura, or essential qualities, innate disposition, and in ancient times, literally meant birth. Free from pretension or calculation. Natural implies lacking artificiality and self-consciousness and having a spontaneousness suggesting the natural rather than the man-made world.

Auspicious Auspicious implies success in the future, promising or of good omennot just special or memorable. Marked by success; prosperous. Showing or suggesting that future success is likely : propitious meaning favorable conditions are present; . Attended by good fortune.

7.2 Keyfactors Designs Visualizations

- Integrity - Clarity - Rich - Nature - Auspicious

: Legible single type of font selection : Direct, non-complex visual presentation - minimalist : Deep solid color tone : Earthtone color selection : Color tone selection and shape

7.2.1 Elements of Designs Implementation :

Integrity & Clarity :Emphasizes on font selection as logo ; Logotype Font selection : Century Gothic Rationale : - Instill confidence - Firm - Clean - Honest - Direct

Rich & Nature :Deep and solid earthtone color represents nature and rich with a contrast of orange color represents auspicious and prosperous rich tone.

Deep brown - Depicted from matured coconut husked color C : 50 M : 75 Y : 70 K : 90 Orange - Depicted from coconut flower seeds C:0 M : 40 Y : 90 K : 8 PANTONE 145 PC PANTONE 4975 EC

Auspicious :Perfect circle shape with a touch of orange colour depicted from the coconut flower seeds.

The Orange Circle

Circle - Divine, Perfect, Wholeness
The circle has been known since before the beginning of recorded history. Natural circles would have been observed, such as the Moon, Sun, and a short plant stalk blowing in the wind on sand, which forms a circle shape in the sand. The circle is the basis for the wheel, which, with related inventions such as gears, makes much of modern civilisation possible. In mathematics, the study of the circle has helped inspire the development of geometry, astronomy, and calculus. Early science, particularly geometry and astrology and astronomy, was connected to the divine for most medieval scholars, and many believed that there was something intrinsically divine or perfect that could be found in circles.

Coconut flower seeds - Auspicious, Rich Divine

1. In old Malay believes, coconut flowers known as Mayang is used by shaman in conducting healing ritual. Meanwhile, according to hindu and buddhist believes. Coconut flowers are auspicious symbols and are fixtures in weddings and other important occasions. In kerala, coconut flowers must be present during a marriage ceremony. This multi-racial beleives appropriate with the target consumers.

2. It is used to make palm sugar and sweet drinks called Nira, A nutritious sweet drinks derived fom nature.

3. Coconut fruit depicted from the company as throne in the hierachy. The flowers depicted as jewel crown decorated for the throne. This emphasizes more on visual representation of the term Singgahsana.

4. The flower seed is the beggining of new life. Appropriate and associated with the comapnys goal and their product. That is meant to rejuvenates and to start a new beginning in the journey to a healthy lifestyle.

Two pantone colors are selected in the application of logo and product for consistency, standardization and to reduce cost as only two colors is used with the accesibility of using different tone based on the two colors as part of designs.


C=0 M=75 Y=70 K=90


C=0 M=40 Y=90 K=8

8. Packaging Design
As for packaging design ; the elements of design and the rationale are still based on the five keyfactors constructed. This is to ensure consitency and standardization of designs implentation on the product and the product extention.

Material : Glass

Glass is the only man made material that can withstand the high temperatures needed for sterilization. It is also a nonporous and inert material, which means chemicals and harmful bacteria cannot leach to taint the oil. While recent studies may argue benefits of plastic, we choose to remain true to our roots and to the environment. Its a premium offering that makes a difference.

Listed below are some of the many benefits of glass over plastic :-

Glass bottles have always been bisphenol-A (BPA) free. Hundreds of studies have linked the BPA chemical found in many plastics to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other health problems.

Extensive heat which is required for sterilization - does not harm glass containers or release toxins into the


Glass is nonporous, impermeable and air-tight. This means there are no interactions between the glass packag ing and products to affect the taste of beverages.

Glass bottles are made from natural, nontoxic raw materials such as silica, sand, soda ash, limestone... making them one of the most pure containers available.

Glass bottles are 100% recyclable. Unlike plastic, glass does not require the use of petroleum in its manufacturing process.

Size of product : 500 ml and 1000ml

Based from research conducted, the current bottle of 100ml is small and not enough. Besides, small size content will give the tendency of consumer for not practice as a routine. It is advisable and recommended for the new market to be packed in 500ml for personal use or 1000ml for family use.

The rationale are as follows :-

1. 500ml is equivalent to 5 bottles of 100ml that is to be consumed in one month for personal consumption. This means : - Less hassle. - Save cost. - Easy to transport, stored, and carry. - Appropriate as consumers go to the market/clinic/pharmacy at least once in a month.

2. 500ml will results the tendency for the consumers to practice as routine.

3. 500ml is versatile as consumer can consume the product for personal use either for sharing.

On the other hand, 1000ml is recommended for family use or for consumer whom under serious supervision. The rationale are the same as stated above.

Wax-coated box
Wax-coated box is complemented with the glass bottle to gives extra protection and information on the product. Futhermore, this helps to enhance beauty and quality impression on the product.

Language : Dual Language On Box

English and Bahasa Malaysia is used for product description as the target audiences are locals. English is selected for bottle label as english is widely spoken and used both local and global.

Description : Consumed as supplemental food for general health. Ingredient : 100% pure virgin coconut oil. Indication : 2 tablespoons twice daily. Store At Room Temperature. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Best Before : Printed on the bottle. Price : RM 150.00 (Peninsula) RM 180.00 (East Peninsula)

Nutritional Information Energy Carbohydrate Protein Cholestrol Fat Monounsaturated Fats Polyunsaturated Fats Saturated Fats Trans Fatty Acid

per 100ml 900kcal 0g 0g 0g 100g 6g 2g 92g 0g

Produced by : Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. 81-A, Jalan SG 1/3, Pusat Bandar Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selagor. Tel : 603.6185.3597 Fax : 603.6185.3598 www.singgahsanabudaya.com.my

Singgahsana Premium Virgin Coconut Oil is a clear oil with no preservatives, chemicals or foreign substances through bio-technology process. This does not change the oil chemical chains and preserved all the nutrients for the benefits of consumers. Experience the natural goodness of its own.

Minyak Kelapa Dara Premium Singgahsana adalah minyak yang jernih lutsinar dengan tiada bahan pengawet, bahan kimia atau bahan-bahan asing melalui proses bio-teknologi terkini. Ini tidak menukar rantai kimia minyak dan semua nutrien dipelihara untuk manfaat pengguna. Alamilah kebaikan semulajadi tersendiri.

Description : Consumed as supplemental food for general health. Ingredient : 100% pure virgin coconut oil. Indication : 2 tablespoons twice daily. Store At Room Temperature. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight. Best Before : Printed on the bottle. Price : RM 150.00 (Peninsula) RM 180.00 (East Peninsula)

Perihal : Untuk dimakan sebagai makanan tambahan bagi kesihatan am. Ramuan : 100% minyak kelapa dara asli. Arahan : 2 sudu teh besar, 2 kali sehari. Simpan Pada Suhu Bilik. Elakkan Dari Sinaran Matahari. Baik Sebelum : Dicetak pada botol. Harga : RM 150.00 (Semenanjung) RM 180.00 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Nutritional Information Energy Carbohydrate Protein Cholestrol Fat Monounsaturated Fats Polyunsaturated Fats Saturated Fats Trans Fatty Acid

per 100ml 900kcal 0g 0g 0g 100g 6g 2g 92g 0g

Premium Virgin Coconut Oil

Minyak Kelapa Dara Premium

Maklumat Pemakanan Tenaga Karbohidrat Protin Kolestrol Lemak Lemak Mono Tidak Tepu Lemak Poli Tidak Tepu Lemak Tepu Asid Lemak Trans

per 100ml 900kcal 0g 0g 0g 100g 6g 2g 92g 0g

Produced by : Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. 81-A, Jalan SG 1/3, Pusat Bandar Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selagor. Tel : 603.6185.3597 Fax : 603.6185.3598 www.singgahsanabudaya.com.my

Dibuat oleh : Singgahsana Budaya Sdn. Bhd. 81-A, Jalan SG 1/3, Pusat Bandar Seri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selagor. Tel : 603.6185.3597 Fax : 603.6185.3598 www.singgahsanabudaya.com.my

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