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1) Have you heard about Hepatitis-B? i. Yes 2) Is Hepatitis-B (HBV) a -: i. Retrovirus 3) Hepatitis-B infection is -: i. Symptomatic ii. No

ii. Hepadnavirus

ii. Asymptomatic

4) What is the mode of transmission of Hepatitis-B? i. Body Fluid iii. Needle sharing v. All of the above 5) Is saliva a mode of transmission of HBV? i. Yes 6) HIV is more infectious than HBV. i. Yes 7) Hepatitis-B infection is preventable. i. Yes 8) About Vaccination statusa) Are you vaccinated for HBV? i. Yes b) Are you fully vaccinated (3 doses)? i. Yes ii. Sexual contact iv. From infected mother to child v. None of the above

ii. No

ii. No

ii. No

ii. No

ii. No

c) Have you done measurement of antibody titre after completion of full course of vaccination? i. Yes ii. No d) Reasons for non-vaccination (if any)

9) Are you aware of post-exposure prophylaxis for Hepatitis-B? i. Yes ii. No 10) Does Chronic Hepatitis-B lead to -: i. Liver Cirrhosis iii.Membranous Glomerulonephritis iv. All of the above v. Have no idea ii. Liver Cancer

11) Hepatitis-B surface antigen is most frequently used for screening of infection. i. Yes ii. No iii. Have no idea 12) Dentist & dental auxillaries have a role in spread of Hepatitis-B. i. Yes ii. No 13) Would you attend/treat a HBV infected patient? i. Yes

ii. No

14) Patients undergoing surgical dental procedures should be investigated for HBV? i. Yes ii. No 15) Every patient must be assumed to be a contagious disease risk. Therefore we must obey Standard infection control measures. i. Yes ii. No

16) Do you take thorough medical & family history of your patient? i. Always ii. Sometimes 17) Do you wear gloves before touching membrane & non-intact skin of patient? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

18) Do you wear protective gowns when treating patient? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

19) Do you wear protective glasses during treatment procedure of patient? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

20) Do you bend needles after injection & discard them into medical waste container? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

21) Have you ever had needle-prick in past 2 years? i. Yes

ii. No

22) Do you wash your hands before & after treatment procedure/after contact with patients body fluids? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

23) Do you wash the instruments right after the treatment & before autoclave? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

24) Do you check the indicator showing whether or not instruments have been sterilized before using them in a procedure? i. Always ii. Sometimes iii. Never

25) Dental personnel infected with Hepatitis-B should completely avoid patients treatment? i. Yes ii. No iii. Have no idea

PART-3 (for clinicians)

26) Do you have separate dental waterline system & periodically monitor water quality in your clinic? i. Yes ii. No

27) What are the methods of sterilization used in your clinics? 28) Do you know about serum HBV DNA viral load considered safe for dental procedure according to CDC recommendation? i. Yes ii. No 29) Do you consider HBV vaccination status of dental auxillaries at the time of appointment in your clinic? i. Yes ii. No 30) Do you inform your patients about Hepatitis-B & its prevention? i. Yes ii. No