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Abigail A.


I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the 50 minutes session, the student should be able to: A. Identify the parts and functions of the excretory system B. Construct a diagram/pathway on how urine leaves the body from the kidney C. Realize the importance of excretory system as eliminator of wastes in the body.

II. SUBJECT MATTER: A. Topic 1. The Excretory System B. Concept The system involve in the expulsion of the nitrogenous waste in the body is the excretory system C. Materials 1. Diagram of Excretory System 2. Illustrations of parts of excretory system 3. Cartolina 4. Colored papers 5. Markers 6. Stickers D. Reference Biology by Dr. Evangelista p.100

III. Procedure TEACHERS ACTIVITY A. Pre- Activity 1. Routinary Activities Prayers Our Father Glory Be Greetings Good morning class! Checking of Attendance Are there any absent today? Setting the classroom Before we start our discussion, kindly pick up the pieces of paper and arrange your chairs properly. STUDENTS ACTIVITY

B. Motivation Class, look under your chair and see if you can find stickers, if yes bring it here and post it on the board. The guys who posted these must be able to form the image hidden in the puzzle stickers

(students looking for stickers randomly posting it in the board)

(students forming a picture)

So what did the picture form? Very good class, do you drink water all the time guys? How many glasses should we drink in order to be healthy?

Bottled water Maam Yes Maam 8-10 glasses Maam

Excellent, so now when you drink water, in what form as waste does it come out? Very good what system is responsible for producing urine? Student b? Your inference is correct student b! now let us go further to excretory system. C. Presentation Of Lesson Proper Picture study and discussion: Excretory system is designed to expel most of nitrogenous waste in the body? What are nitrogenous wastes classes? Very well said student c! now that you know the main function of excretory system, let us go to the parts and its function, Ill show you the pictures of it Discussion: What is this?

Urine Maam.

I think it is Excretory System Maam.

Those are urea found in urine maam

The kidney

Very good class, kidneys contains millions of nephrons which is the basic excretory organ Kidneys filter the blood which moves in this pathway(show the diagram) Blood enters the kidney through renal artery then to renal cortex, glomerulus Is inside bowmans capsule. In the glomerulus is where the blood is filtered. After that it passes through bowmans capsule to the long loop of Henle where it absorbs great amount of water. Later the filtered blood is absorbed

Partly by capillaries. The waste which was filtered is now urine. Urine produced in the kidneys will pass into ureters(showing the picture) Which is a long thin tube. There are two ureters one for each kidney. Ureters connect into a muscular bag which is what we call urinary bladder. It has an opening called urethra That leads to outside of body.

When the muscular bag is full, it sends signals to the brain, Im about to pee is what you feel when its full because brain now responds muscle contractions that leads to expulsion of urine, it is the micturition. 2.other excretory organs: Lungs

Responsible for bringing out Carbon Dioxide out of the body which is one of the wastes materials.


In charge of bringing excess water and other wastes in the form of sweat. Large intestine

Eliminates solid wastes from the food that we have taken in. Do you have any questions guys? Do you remember the things that I told you to bring by group? Bring them out lets perform the activity Using the catcha cloth, filter out the sand and water This kind of activity is done by your kidneys, it filters waste, let us take the sand and the water is the blood. None so far Yes maam Yes maam

Oh! So this is how the kidneys filter wastes

4. Valuing What does your excretory system do to

your body? What do you think will happen to your body if you dont have your excretory system? So you must take care of your kidneys as well as other excretory organs because they are the only ones that can do eliminating as function. 4. Evaluation 1. The main excretory organ a. Kidney b. ureter c. urethra

Eliminates wastes Maam It will be poisoned by the wastes that should have been eliminated.

Yes Maam!

d. nephron

2. Anna drinks a lot of liquor what will happen to her kidneys? a. Kidneys will become healthier b. kidneys will become green c. kidneys will become sickly and malfunction 3. Which part of the kidneys filters blood? a. glomerulus b .bowmans capsule c. pancreatic artery 4. From which artery does blood enter kidney? a .renal artery b. kidney artery c. pancreatic artery d. capillaries

d. renal vein

5. Suzy eats salty foods all the time. What will happen to her kidneys? a. kidneys will become healthier b. kidneys will become blue c. kidneys will become sickly and malfunction 6. Which part of the body is responsible for releasing sweats? a. skin b. kidney c. large intestine d. heart 7. One of the accessory organ which is also a part of the digestive system. a. skin b. kidney c. large intestine d. heart 8. What does large intestine excretes? a. skin b. kidney c. large intestine 9. What is the largest accessory organ? a. skin b. kidney c. large intestine d. heart d. heart

10. Which is NOT to avoid if you want good health of your kidneys? a. alcohol b. fruit juice c. fish sauce IV. Assignment Bring balloons next meeting for our respiratory system