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Season 1 (1966-1967)

(13 Episodes In Season 1)

Episode 1
The Origin Of The Hulk
Enter The Gorgan
To Be A Man

Episode 2
Terror Of The Toadmen
Bruce Banner Wanted For Treason
Hulk Runs Amok

Episode 3
A Titan Rides The Train
Horde Of The Humanoids
Hulk On The Rampage

Episode 4
Power Of Dr. Banner
Where Strides The Behemouth
Back From The Dead

Episode 5
Micro Monsters
The Lair Of The Leader
To Live Again

Episode 6
Brawn Against Brain
Captured At Last
Enter The Chameleon

Episode 7
Within This Monster Dwells A Man
Another World Another Foe
The Wisdom Of The Watcher

Episode 8
The Space Phantom
Sting Of The Wasp
Exit The Hulk

Episode 9
Hulk Vs. Metal Master
The Master Tests His Metal
Mind Over Metal

Episode 10
The Ringmaster
Captive Of the Circus
The Grand Finale

Episode 11
Enter Tyranus
Beauty & The Beast
They Dwell In The Deaths
Episode 12
Terror Of The T-Gun
I Against A World
Bruce Banner Is The Hulk

Episode 13
A Man Called Boomerang
Hulk Intervenes
Less Than Monster, More Than Man