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Overall summary: The novel is divided into two parts: the first part focuses on Mrs.

Morel and her unhappy marriage with Mr. Morel who is a miner. Mr. and Mrs. Morel have many arguments some of them with painful results for Mrs. Morel. Since she doesnt go on well with her husband she tries to find comfort in her four children, especially her sons. Her oldest son William gets a job in London and leaves home. But later on he gets sick and dies. Mrs. Morel is crushed and doesnt even notice the other 3 children until Paul gets sick and so he becomes the focus of her life and the two seem to live for each other. Paul falls in love with Miriam Leivers, who lives in a farm not far from the Morel family. They carry a platonic relationship for years. But, Mrs. Morel doesnt approve for Miriam and maybe that is the main reason why Paul doesnt marry her. Paul meets Clara Dawes, a friend of Miriam who is separated from her husband. Paul becomes a friend of her and discusses the love of him and Miriam and Clara tells him that he should go back to her. So, Paul decides to go back and see how Miriam feels. Paul and Miriam sleep together and are briefly happy, but shortly after that Paul decides to break up with Miriam. Miriam still feels that his soul belongs to her but he realizes that he loves his mother the most. After breaking up with Miriam, Paul has a passionate relationship with Clara. But Clara doesnt want to divorce her husband Baxter and so she and Paul cannot get married. Mrs. Morel gets ill and Paul spends a long time nursing her. When his mother finally dies, he is broken-hearted and after refusing Miriam again, he ends up alone at the end of the novel

The early married life of the Morels

First part: Description of the neighborhood of The Bottoms or the minors dwellings where the Morels lived. Number of members: Mr. Morel, Mrs. Morel, William(7), and Annie(5). Three weeks after the Morels have moved into their new house on the day when a kind of fair is going to be held. William, Annie and Mrs. Morel go to the fair and spend the day there. William wins two egg-cups and gives them to his mother as a present. He stays at the fair when his mother and sister go, but he doesnt enjoy himself without his mother. After the children go to bed, Mrs. Morel waits for her husband to come home and while she waits, she thinks of how she doesnt want the coming child and how hard the situation is at the moment. When Mr. Morel comes home, they argue whether he is or is not drunk. He shows her that he has brought gingerbread and coconut for the children. Second part: History of the Morels marriage. It describes Mrs. Morel (Gertrude Coppard) and her upbringing in a poor family , her friendship with a man named John Field, who gave her a Bible, which she still keeps. He teaches her that being a man is not everything. Meeting between Getrude(23) and Walter Morel (27) at a Christmas party. He offers her to dance and she doesnt approve and so he sits and talks to her and next Christmas they are married. After 7 months of marriage, Getrude finds some unpaid bills in Walters jacket and when she asks him, he becomes rude. So, she goes to his mother. Walters mother tells Gertrude that Walter owes her a lot of money and that the house

they live in belongs to her and not to William. From then, Gertrude changes her attitude towards her husband and turns to her children instead. Key incident: 1. Mr. Morel cuts William hair while Gertude is asleep and she gets very angry because she love William a lot. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Morel have a fight and he locks her outside. She stays outside until next day. The birth of Paul and another battle

Morel feels ashamed for his behavior and starts helping his wife and be nicer to her. Mr. Heaton (Congregational clergyman) comes to visit Mrs. Morel everyday. One day Walter comes home early and meets him. He starts telling how hard it is to work in the mines and Gertrude is ashamed of her husband. Mrs. Morel and Annie go for a walk in the fields and she takes the baby too. She has a sudden feeling to call him Paul. Next battle: Mr. Morel hits Mrs. Morel with the kitchen drawer and cuts her forehead. A few days after the accident, Mr. Morel refuses to get out of bed but when he finally does, he goes to his favorite bar and drinks and spends several nights there. One night he remains with no money and takes six pence from Gertrudes purse. Mrs. Morel notices it and they have a fight. After that Mr. Morel takes a bag and says he is leaving. Gertrude knows that he will come back but gets worried when he is late. She finds his bag behind the door and starts to laugh. Later that evening Mr. Morel returns home.

The casting off of Morel- The taking on of William

Walter falls ill. Mrs. Morel has to take care for him. When he gets better he is spoiled and wants more attention from his wife but she has now casted off Morel and taken on completely to her children. Another baby is conceived and they call him Arthur. He loves his father and this pleases Mrs. Morel. Time is passing, William grows bigger and Paul becomes more depression. One day Mr. and Mrs. Morel have a fight about William and a mistake that he did. Mrs. Morel prevents him from beating William. Mrs. Morel joins the Womens Guild where women of the town meet and discuss about the social issues. Another argument between Mr. and Mrs. Morel is provoked when William starts working in the Co-op office. Walter wants him to work as a miner like himself. William, however, has arguments with his mother when he starts dancing. Mrs. Morel turns away every girl that comes to call William. When William becomes 19 he gets a job in Nottingham but studies too. Than, he is offered a job in London and so he leaves home and fails to see his mothers misfortune when he leaves.

The Young Life of Paul Paul becomes more related to his sister Annie. One day when Paul comes home, he finds his older brother and father in the middle of an argument and if it wasnt for Mrs. Morel, they would have fought together.

The family moves out of the Bottoms into another house with an ash tree. Morel likes it, but her children hate it. Morel still comes home late and is even more far away from the family issues because the children tell their mother everything and their father nothing. This means that Morel becomes an outsider in his family. Next part: tells about the times of happiness between Morel and his children. He tells them stories. But only when he is good with himself. Paul gets ill. He has bronchitis. His father visits him but he doesnt want to stay with him but with Mrs. Morel. On Friday nights, Paul stays home while his mother goes to the market. He likes painting and reading or even baking. When his mother comes home, they discuss what she has bought. The final part: William comes home for Christmas and he has brought many presents. The family is very happy.

Paul Launches into Life Walter Morel gets injured at work when a piece of rock falls on his leg. Mrs. Morel goes to see him at the hospital and when she returns, she tells the children that their fathers leg is injured very badly. Mrs. Morel feels better when she expresses her feelings to Paul. Morel does recover and his family is happy about that but they almost regret that he will soon return. Paul( 14) its his time to find a job. He applies in many places and is called on an interview by Thomas Jordan, a manufacturer of surgical appliances. Paul and Mrs. Morel travel to Nottingham to go to the interview. And so he is hired as a Junior spiral clerk.

The next day, Paul applies for a season ticket for the train. When he returns and tells how much it cost, Mrs. Morel tells him that she wished that William would send them some money. William is becoming a gentleman in London and meeting a girl Louisa Lily Denys Western. She sends Mrs. Morel a photo of her with bare shoulders and Mrs. Morel tells William that its not appropriate so Loiusa sends another which does neither impress Mrs. Morel. On Monday morning Paul goes to work and is introduced to his boss, Pappleworth. He is also introduced to other women and coworkers and becomes friends with some of them. Death in the family Begins with hr and him getting older and despising his father. He wins a scholarship to the school in Nottingham and Mrs. Morel lets him live with her sister. Annie becomes a teacher in Board- school and Mrs. Morel clings to Paul. William becomes engaged to the girl and she they come to visit the family. The girl acts too snobbish and William starts to hate her for that behavior. He tells his mother that he doesnt love her when he is away but only when he is near her. Paul and Mrs. Morel visit the farm of Mrs. Leivers, a friend of Mrs. Morel. The boys play with Paul and there is this girl called Miriam who is very shy. And so Paul meets Miriam for the first time, the girl with whom he will have an affair later on. The next time William bring his fianc home but she acts the same and so William starts offending her in front of the others. He wants to break up with her but feels that a long time has passed and he cant break up. After a time he gets very ill and Mrs. Morel goes to see him in London and stays with him until he dies later on that night. She spends a long time in grief not noticing the other kids. When Paul gets ill and almost dies, she realizes that she hasnt noticed the other children and so she returns to Paul.

Lad-and-Girl Love Describes growing intimacy between Paul and Miriam Miriam begins to take lessons from Paul because she feels like she needs to have pride in her social status. She is interested in Paul but scorns him sometimes. Paul enjoys visiting the Leivers farm because it is different from his home, especially the strong religion of Miriam and her mother. Miriam and Paul get closer when they share experience of looking at the birds nest. They get closer to each other. They discuss about having lessons in Algebra. One evening Miriam shows a bush to Paul and so he comes home late and has an argue with his mother because she doesnt like Miriam. They argue about this relationship. Paul organizes a walk and it is then when Miriam realizes that she loves him. There is another excursion and they get along very good. But Miriam is not sure whether she should be ashamed of loving him or not and so she decides not to go and call him on Thursdays anymore. One evening she goes to call him and Paul picks some flowers for her but they still refuse to define their relationship as lovers. When Paul is 20 he has saved some money and sends his family for a holiday for two weeks. One day he and Miriam walk on the beach and he realizes that he has feelings for her but doesnt know how to express them. He is late once again and his mother again argues with him. Strife in Life Arthur in the army, wants to come back, writes letter to mother, she goes to sergeant but cant get him out. Paul wins two first prize awards with his paintings.

Paul meets Clara Dawes. Miriam and Paul talk about her when they meet. Paul says he likes Clara. One day Paul invites Miriam and Edgar for tea and when he tells his mother, she is not pleased and they argue. On Friday night Paul is baking and Miriam comes to call. They feel like they live together and this is the best time they have spent with each other. They are interrupted by Beatrice, a family friend. (Page 429).He burnt the bread he was supposed to look after and when Mrs. Morel and Annie came home they were very angry. Paul had a fight with his father and Mrs. Morel faints and so Paul takes care of her. Defeat of Miriam Paul realizes that he loves his mother more than Miriam. Paul goes to call Miriam and acts different. He tells her that they have to break off. it neither stops there, nor gets anywhere else. Miriam is very upset about Pauls mother. She is angry about the outside world and she thinks the Paul is mistaken because deep in his soul he loves her. Paul goes now at the Willey Farm only for Edgar or the other members but doesnt stay much with Miriam. One night they end up staying together and they are almost happy until Paul starts to feel uncomfortable. Miriam invites Paul to come to the farm and meet Clara Dawes. He is very excited but when they meet Miriam understands that Paul doesnt love Clara. Paul meets Edgar and tells him that Clara should be called Nevermore Paul accompanies Miriam and Clara and they meet Miss Lamb, who acts very strange but Clare tells them that she wants a man. The three of them have a talk about flowers in which Clara says that she doesnt like to pick them. Paul takes his mother to Lincoln to see the cathedral but Paul is worried about Mrs. Morels health and age. Annie is engaged to Leonard and they decide to get married

Mrs. Morel decides to buy Arthur out of the army. He comes home and marries Beatrice. Paul writes Miriam a letter trying to explain what happened with their love, and this is the end of the first phase of Pauls romance. Clara After Paul wins a first prize, his mother wants him to get socialized with the higher classes, but Paul explains that he likes more to be among the common people. Paul is still in connection with Miriam but doesnt know what to do. He feels that he owes himself to her. One day Paul is given a message to send to Claras house. He delivers the message and meets Claras mother too. Paul finds out that there is a vacancy at the place where he works and so he decides to put Clara there. The other girls dont like Clara. On Pauls birthday the two get closer together when Clara buys him a book of verse and note. They discuss about Claras husband and Miriam and so Clara tells him that he should go and visit Miriam. The test on Miriam Paul decides to go back to Miriam and he thinks that their problems are because of the lack of sexuality in their relationship. Paul and Miriam are back again. Once they talk about marriage and Paul asks her whether she will sleep with him and she answers yes but not now. Miriam wants to sacrifice herself for him and so they finally have something together.

Miriam and Paul spend a whole day with together at a cottage. They feel like they live together. Miriam is hesitant because she feels that its not right because they are not married. And so, Paul start to spend more time with his friends and also with Clara Paul tells his mother that he will break up with Miriam because he does not love her and does not want to marry her. Paul goes and tells Miriam that he cant be with her and so they part. Passion Paul spends more time with his mother and Clara. Paul tells Clara that he has broken off with Miriam and so he likes spending more time with her. One day they kiss and now Paul feels more passion for her. Paul tells his mother about the good times with Clara and she worries a little bit but Paul says that he wants to bring Clara home to meet her. Paul still sees Miriam occasionally and they talk about Clara and her marriage. Paul tells her that he has invited Clara home and Miriam understands that this is something serious. Clara visits Pauls home and she goes along good with Mrs. Miriam. Then, Miriam comes to say hello to Clara. Later, Clara asks Paul whether he will give Miriam up. The next day, they go to the theatre. After the play, Paul realizes that he has missed his train and spends the night at Claras house. Mrs. Radford(Claras mother) stays up with them until late. Paul asks Clara whether she can spend the night in his bed but she refuses. Baxter Dawes One day Paul is in a bar with some friends and Baxter Dawes enters. Paul offers him a drink but he only tells how Clara went to the theatre and Paul is about to leave but Baxter says something that upset him and so Paul throws a glass of beer in his face.

Another day Baxter meets Paul at the place he works and threatens him. Jordan comes out and sees what is happening but Baxter doesnt want to leave and so Jordan dismisses him. Paul has a conversation with his mother telling her that he doesnt know how to love and that he will not marry until she is alive. Clara on the other hand doesnt want to divorce her husband and so Paul and she realize that they cant be together and have to go separate ways. Paul has another fight with Baxter and gets hurt. His mother takes care of him and Clara and Miriam come to visit him sometimes but he doesnt care. Mrs. Morel gets ill and stays at Sheffield. She has tumor. She stays there for 2 months and then she comes home. The Release Paul is informed that Baxter Dawes is in the fever hospital in Sheffield and so he visits him many times and they get some sort of friendship. Clara is upset and feels she has treated her husband badly. Paul spends more time with his mother rather than with Clara and when he is reminded about his birthday by Clara, they spend at the seaside and he always talks about his mother and how he wishes she would die. Paul and Annie are nursing their mother and when she doesnt recover they decide that they can no longer go on. They decide to give her an overdose of morphia to put an end to her sufferings. Finally she dies the next morning. Clara and Baxter get together again. Derelict Clara goes back with her husband and Paul is left alone with his father. They sell the house. Paul is lost without his mother. He can no longer paint, and works longer hours in the factory. He has debates with himself telling himself that he has to stay alive for his mothers sake.

One Sunday morning he meets Miriam and invites her for supper. They talk together and she asks him whether they could get married. But Paul refuses and this is the end of their love. She leaves him, realizing that: his soul could not leave her, wherever she was. Paul thinks of suicide but decides not to do so.