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I feel my strengths are:

The ability to understand things that most others don’t and the related ability to say things that
most others cannot.

I feel my areas that need further development are:

I need to organize my work better, learn to be more diligent, be patient, handle people better,
learn about technology and its use and gain knowledge that is critical for this job and I guess last
but not the least, be more tolerant of the goings-on around me.

I am proud of the following accomplishments this review period:


My goals for the next review period include:

1. Set up a long term hiring process for Kenexa that is expedient, efficient and effective.
2. Learn to use and gainfully employ technology in my daily work activities.
3. To never default or fail to deliver on the organizational hiring requirements/needs.

Suggestions for my team/department:

Please align yourself to the organizational needs and refrain from sucking up to your boss. The
organizations needs come first, you are paid for your work. Don’t fleece the organization by
playing the hookey. The path to professional success lies in your performance and not
sycophancy. Be more respectful towards your peers and help in creating an atmosphere that
fosters team work and spirit.

I enjoy my job and being part of the Kenexa team: I do not enjoy my job but I like being a
part of the Kenexa team.


_____ Exceptional
supporting examples: I rated myself as exceptional only in communication skills. I am
sure I must have exceeded expectations on this front.

_____ Above Expectations

supporting examples: I have done reasonably well in building relationships with my
peers and superiors. I would like to think most people are appreciative of my candor and
integrity. I am forthright in my views and opinions and try to be objective in my judgment. I
think my colleagues recognize that.

_____ Meets Expectations

I have assisted in setting up a selection process for hiring in Kenexa that
was not systemized before I moved into the account. Also the reporting formats have been put in

_____ Needs Improvement

1. I need to be more adept at understanding the requirements I am working on. With little or no
technical background, the onus is on me to read as much as possible about each requirement, I
must familiarize myself with the technical jargon, talk to people and gain better insight into these
positions and gain an overall perspective on IT recruitment.
2. I intend to stream-line the selection process and find ways to either circumvent or remove the
impediments in the selection process. I believe a fair degree of atomization in the process will
help achieve this. The bottom line is that deadlines should always be adhered to and deliverables
always achieved on scheduled timelines.
3. I wish to communicate better with my team mates. Maybe clarity in role and delineation of tasks,
responsibilities and accountability would help us better in working towards a common goal.
4. I don’t think I am very good at convincing people or motivating them. I take it for granted that
people are inherently sensible and will behave with dignity and speak prudently but it has
dawned on me with painful consequences that it is not normally the case. I must become a better
listener and hone my observation skills. Perhaps looking at others good qualities as opposed to
their bad qualities would be a good start in understanding them and identifies areas in each
person where I can contribute.


A couple of suggestions to the management.

1. Identify your best employees and put them in roles where they can excel or inevitably they
will lose their motivation and will eventually wither away.
2. Treat all your employees equally and fairly regardless of gender. Do not show blatant
favoritism towards individuals or a certain section of people.
3. Run the organization in a democratic manner. This organization is ours as much as it is yours.
We spend the best part of our waking hours here. This is no place for autocrats.
4. Please hire good people in the first place to avoid firing them later on. Tighten the hiring
process, build your existing talent and reduce attrition. The Hire-Fire-Hire-Fire……policy of our
organization hurts us badly.
4. Invest in your employees and your employees will invest in you. Earn their respect and trust.
Don’t try to buy loyalty by coercion, appeasement and petty politics. Lead by example. A bunch
of cronies pandering to your vanity may assuage misplaced egos in the short run but in the long
run, it is the ROI on each employee that will take the organization forward.