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Intro to Wellness: Lesson 2, Health is

NAME: Madison PERIOD: 3 My Level: ABSENT?

Level 1
Definition of Health (From World Health Organization) WHO Heath is a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. (For Full Credit Turned in Late):

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Level 4
Themes/Patterns in the Definitions (How are they different or similar): - Physical Health - Mental Health - Social well-being - Being healthy is not just about being disease free

Level 2
What does infirmity mean? Whats another term for it? A physical weakness or ailment; sickliness So what does this definition from the WHO mean? Being healthy is not only not having a disease or sickness, but being in a well-rounded physical, mental, and social state. Concepts of Health: Health is. Question/Answer Q: What are several different areas, facets or types of health discussed (in notes). A: social A: physical A: occupational A: intellectual A: spiritual A: emotional

Level 3
Find at least one other definition of health and put it here: Soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment


Definition of Concept Social- at least 3-5 people to go to when life is hard Occupational- job, parents jobs Spiritual- do you have purpose and meaning in this world? If you feel better about yourself, you will take care of yourself better Physical- body Intellectualcognitively sharp Emotional- can you manage and control your emotions? -The dimensions of health are related. -Not Mutually Exclusive -Positive or negative wellness scale


Q: Which of these dimensions can you control? A: in certain ways, you can control all of the dimensions of health. For example, your job may cause you stress, but you choose how you manage that stress.

Put a picture of someone who has lopsided dimensions of health below.. (small is ok)



Q: Give at least one example of how your mental health affects your physical health. A: You could mentally view yourself as fat, and turn to anorexia to lose weight, affecting your physical health. Q: What is at least one way we can measure health on a continuum?

Q: What does Not Mutually Exclusive mean? A: all of the health dimensions are connected

A: On a scale of 1-10, how healthy is a person


-Health is always changing

-There is no simple Q: What does the phrase Health Knowledge Does Not Equal explanation for health Health Behavior Mean? -Health Knowledge vs. A: The phrase Health Knowledge Does Not Equal Health Complex: Health behavior Behavior means that a person may know the right and -Just because you healthy way to live their life, but that does not mean they know the right thing will choose to live that way. to do does not mean you will do it Extra Credit/Going Beyond/Level 5: Regarding the different dimensions of healthwhat is the most stressful job in relationship to occupational health? Provide a research based answer (According to ________ (link, website, or study)) Fit to one Page and Snip/Enter Into Lesson 2 as Evidence of Completion

Q: What 3 different reasons why health changes from day to day, month to month and year to year. A: your body changes A: your life style changes A: science advances Define Knowledge Q:What is at least one being familiar with facts thing people do that or the truth they know they Define Behavior shouldnt? your actions A: smoke