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Elemental Imbalances

In Astrology we have the twelve signs of the zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. These twelve signs consist of four alternating elements: fire, earth, air and water. Each one of the planets used in Astrology may be located in any one of the above mentioned elements at any given time depending on their current cycle or position. Many of us have more planets in one element than another, some have an even distribution through the elements and some of us have only one or no planet in an element. Having one or no planet in an element is what defines the term Elemental Imbalance. The next question naturally is, so what does all of this mean? Well the element(s) we lack actually highlight a potential for genius concerning the issues of that particular element. This is because it is not found within us in any ordinary way. So if we will pay attention and tend to this fragile element. We can then interact with it and integrate it for ourselves free of any existing paradigms or opinions. What follows is a brief description of each of the Elemental Imbalances.

Fire Imbalance
Low fire indicates a tendency for burnout because we do not have a steady internal source of energy to fuel our efforts. Tend towards passionate over enthusiasm, charge others up, but are unable to sustain our own efforts. Low fire makes it hard to digest and to burn off toxins. Constant exposure to toxins from those around us are not instinctively digested, assimilated or burned off. Benefits may be derived from a committed, steady and consistent regime of physical exercise. Since low fire tends to initiate with enthusiasm but finds it difficult to keep an activity going. A gradually increasing program, building to a desired level, will gently support and restore balance. Pick something aerobic but not fanatical. Muscle mass is needed with low fire. Digestive stimulants or bitters like gentian or Oregon grape root should be used. Circulatory stimulants like cayenne, cinnamon, garlic, or nettles. Eat spicy foods, use immune system tonics. Additionally orange and red clothing is beneficial. Stones like tigers eye, coral, carnelian or ruby will gently add fire.

Earth Imbalance
Low earth is inclined to ignore the needs of the body. Lack of attention to the basics leaves us without roots or any foundation to support our lofty ideas. Earth is needed to stabilize and provide grounding for the dreamy idealism often found with low earth. Sedentary daily circumstances and high-level mental activity keep energy high in the body and often stuck in the head. Living this exclusive free fall does not help our endurance, finances or body at all.

Benefits may be derived from a steady schedule that encourages regular and pleasurable meals, regular exercise and plenty of sleep. Develop a hobby that lures us into our senses. Get out in nature often; this is where wisdom and renewal are most present for us. Eat heavy, nutritional foods, including root vegetables, grains and dairy (of all elemental pictures, low earth is most likely to need meat in the diet). Low earth benefits greatly from massage and rich scents of aromatherapy. Sesame seed oil applied to the head and feet is an excellent method of anchoring spirit to body. Good natural mineral supplements as well as vitamins and rich leafy greens should be taken. Rich brown, gold and green clothing should be worn. Stones of topaz, smoky quartz, black obsidian, jet, emerald, or malachite have a steady and grounding effect on low earth.

Air Imbalance
Low air indicates a difficulty with the flow of energy through the body, and a tendency towards shallow breathing and a weak nervous system. Low air often has slow, erratic or uncoordinated movements. To strengthen, use healing modalities that are light, fluid and stimulating such as dance, yoga or the playing of an instrument. Low air needs to make an effort to connect with people, as we are often quite introverted. We may need to sign up for classes or study groups - anything that encourages regular interaction. We need this breath of fresh air coming into our system. Benefit may be derived, not only for ourselves but as suggestions to others, of nervines. nervines not only calm the system under stress but also ultimately strengthen it. Many nervines are considered to be stress adaptogens, adding resilience and an increased ability to cope with stress. Oats, California poppy, Siberian ginseng and skullcap are all excellent nervines. Most commonly used in tincture form, they provide a good tonic the weak air nervous system and soothe the over-stressed nerves of the hard-working person. Low air responds to circulatory stimulants such ginger, cayenne and spicy foods, as well as to strong smells through incense or essential oil applications. Rosemary oil applied to the head improves circulation to the brain, strengthening memory and reasoning capacity. Blue and turquoise are the colors that strengthen low air, as are stones like lapis, sapphire and aquamarine.

Water Imbalance
Low water indicates drying, lacking moisture and lacking the ability to flush the system. There is a tendency towards stiffness and dehydration. Tissues may be hard with joints lacking adequate lubrication. Low water also tends towards sleeping disorders and may find it hard to recognize or express emotions. The establishment of a home base is critical to low water as are circumstances that permit positive experiences of emotional interaction. Low water is soothed by music and art and can benefit from developing an artistic skill. Exposure to water greatly helps this condition. Water is probably the oldest of healing tools. Readily available it can be used in many forms to balance low water: by ice and steam, in oceans, the bath, sprays, compresses and by drinking plenty of fresh, clean water. Cold water warms up and increases circulation, improving metabolism and elimination of body waste. Hot water applications relax muscles and allow the tension to flow out of the system. Hot water also increases perspiration and surface circulation which releases congestion in deeper internal organs. Low water needs external support to help flush the system. Like low fire, low water benefits from liver tonics like milk thistle, an excellent detoxifier. Diet should be soothing and cooling. Melons, grapes and most fruits help. Vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, celery and lettuce are good. Salt and spices should be minimized. Pearls, opals and soft, iridescent, pastel colors for wearing help.