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WAYS TO RESOLVE SEX DISCRIMINATION POLICY Sex discrimination is the most controversy topic not only in the United

States but also in the international market as well (Rock, 2001). One of the best ways to prevent sexual discrimination is to have an anti- discrimination policy. The top management should always support and show commitment to the anti- discrimination policy. An important condition for the effectiveness of anti-discrimination policy statements is that top management supports such sentiments (Smith, 1991). Nowadays, many organizations have established policies and procedures to deal with sexual discrimination. Lower court decisions have clarified that employers cannot simply rely on the existence of policies against harassment and discrimination to avoid punitive damages (Johnson, 2003). The most important are they must be non-discriminatory with fair working hours (Wilson, 2008). As the worldwide giant retailer, the image and reputation of the Wal-Mart always in the eyes of the consumers. Therefore, to create a well confident to the stakeholders, Wal-Mart should engage in having an up-to-date policy that prohibits sex discrimination in workforce. They should make a good defense policy against the claims of unfair behavior and discontented employees like providing a balance wages or salary between male employees and female employees. They need to give more job opportunities to women and they should get paid as much as male employees. Besides that, Wal-Mart need to state clearly what discriminatory actions are illegal and give examples so that employees understand what is expected of them. In addition, have a confidential contact for filing a complaint and outline the procedure to investigate the facts of the case is most

important. The policy must be pointed out when detailing the possible outcome of an employee's discriminatory behavior, to ensure that the right action will be implemented with the policy. The policies drawn up should cover all of the most common human resource issues, so that the employer has a fail-safe way of dealing with incidents, which is not only fair, but more importantly, consistent (Powell, 2008).


Numerous courts have held that to avoid punitive damages employers must provide training to their employees on harassment and discrimination prevention (Johnson, 2003). Training employees to prevent workplace discrimination and is nothing less than essential. Appropriate training should be conducted throughout the organization, starting with the top management and down through the lower employees. The presentations about types of sex discrimination and provided answer with all the questions pertaining to the policy should be given to all the employees. These programs are designed to raise employee awareness of discrimination issues and how these issues impact inter-office relationships. In addition, there will be a channel for complaints for the sex discrimination issues encountered and make sure that all information will remain confidential. Therefore, the dignities of the victims will the protected. The programs help establish interpersonal relationships and discourage sex discrimination in the workplace.

INVESTIGATION After receive complain from the employees, the action group will generally making appropriate investigation in determining the level and the type of discrimination involved. The person who handles complaints should be prudently in resolve the problem and avoided to discuss the details with others. The action team should be alert for any elements of retaliation, such as the complainant suddenly being left out of departmental activities or given more difficult work assignments. Besides that, the action team have ensure that all witnesses listed on the complaint and those whom the investigator determines to have information are interviewed. Also, in cases where applicable, documents, such as hiring and promotion records, should be reviewed and analyzed to ensure that the sufficient information are willing in to prove when there is sex discrimination.

DISCIPLINE Once the investigation is concluded and the determination has been made, swift action should be taken if discrimination, harassment or disparate treatment based on a protected class is found. Depending on the offense, oral or written counseling may be effective enough to make the behavior stop. Wal-Mart should immediately terminate or suspend the employee that committed seriously in sex discrimination.


A mentoring program has to be established in order to achieve professional development for its employees. The company should stating the creation of a diversity committee and task force to ensure the development of women and minorities to management potential.

The people that in-charges needs to takes its ethical manager seriously and should listen to employee's complaints. It is failure to disregard employee complaints that has brought on these intense criticisms.


Employers can approach sex discrimination by performing a workplace audit to identify internal practices that lead to this practice. For example, an employer may discover that only men are promoted to management positions within the organization. An audit could jump-start initiatives to recruit and retain women for management positions.

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