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Phone: 9890341187/9986417934/0831-2441155 E-mail: chikodimahesh@yahoo.com . H.No.602: R.C. Nagar 2Stage Belgaum: 59006. Karnataka.

Career Objective:
To obtain a position in a success-oriented company that seeks an ambitious and career conscious person, where acquired skills will be utilized towards continued growth and advancement both professionally and personally.

B.E (Mechanical Engineering) from belonging to VTU Belgaum.(2009) Gogte Institute of Technology, Belgaum,

Skill set:
Operating System: Windows Programming Languages: C-prog

Professional Experience: Working for (JSWERL)JINDAL SOUTH WEST ENERGY RATNAGIRI Ltd. 4X300MW Power Plant.(1200MW) (On contract basis )From JULY2009-till date as Sr Engineer. At present working in Maintenance Department JOB PROFILE: Take active participation in Erection, Commissioning & Maintenance Boiler. Boiler Pressure part Critical Piping in Boiler domain.

Boiler over View The SG-1015/17.5-M730 Subcritical pressure natural circulation boiler by Shanghai Boiler, Produced by Shanghai Boiler Company Ltd China is a sub-critical pressure, single reheating and natural circulating boiler, positive pressure direct pulverizing system Furnace-Four corner tangential combustion, with 56 sets of wall blower in furnace, 44 sets of long retractable soot blowers. Boiler spec-1015 TPH boiler, design pressure 19.79MPa, Tempreature-365, Critical Piping The main steam pressure-18.47MPa, temp-541C The Re-heat steam pressure-3.52MPa, temp-541C Ducting. Commissioning activities such as air leak test ,Hydro test, Chemical cleaning of boiler, light up and steam blowing Etc . Planning the Resources & Activities as per site requirement. Ensuring Availability and Quality of Material with Chinese engineers preparing NCR if any defective material etc. Monitoring the Quality, progress and activities of Contractor Preparing Monthly Progress reports etc

Achievements: Have successfully Have successfully Have successfully Have successfully Have successfully Have successfully `

completed completed completed completed completed completed

hydro test of 300 MW boiler. boiler light up. steam blowing steam dumping. synchronizing of boiler & TG COD.

Academic Project Undertaken: Project:

Title Duration Overview Design and fabrication of a hovercraft (defence purpose) 4 months The project involves fabricating and designing of a prototype hovercraft. The hovercraft size was about 18inch *8inch, which was radio controlled. It had a camera mounted on it which could be used for surveillance or for patrolling on coasts. The operator could control the craft from 500 meters, The craft can be used for many other operations such as mine detecting


etc. My contribution involved designing the structure of the hull or the craft, and also finalizing the material so that the craft could be as light as possible. I figured out what kind of fans we needed to get the lift and thrust for the craft. After finalizing everything, we all (4 members) like a team assembled (fabrication) the craft.

Seminars Presented at college:

1 2 Jet boats Jet engine of aircrafts.

Academic Profile:

St. Paul High School, Belgaum, Karnataka.

G.S.S College, Belgaum,

2000 2001

73% 61%


Personal Profile:
Name: Date of Birth: Languages Known: Nationality: Mahesh Chikodi 22nd of April 1984 English, Hindi, Kannada, and Marathi. Indian

Academic Electives:
1 2 3 4 5 Organizational Behavior: It deals with foundations of individual behaviour, motivation, conflict management, leadership etc. Project Management: Concepts of a project, project planning and estimation, project scheduling, etc. Computer Integrated Manufacturing: High volume production system, automated assembly system, shop floor control, and computer aided quality control. Engineering System Design: Morpology of design, mental fixity, brain storming, preliminary design, design tree, decisions under uncertainty and risk etc. Non Destructive Testing (NDT): Basic principles of different types of NDT

methods, advantages and disadvantages, applicability, etc.

1 2 3 4 I I I I am Confident, Smart Working with Positive attitude. have got an Open Mind to take the Challenges and changes in life. believe in teamwork and get along with any kind of people. am able to focus on activities and strive hard to achieve excellence.

I hereby declare that the above written particulars are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Mahesh Chikodi