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Teacher Pre-Observation Interview Guide

For use with teachers at the eight Striving Readers schools, except those teaching READ 180.

Hello, this is ________________ from _______________ in ____________, ____. Weve contracted with Memphis City Schools to conduct an independent evaluation of the Memphis Striving Readers Program. As part of this four-year evaluation, we are randomly selecting classrooms to observe. You are being asked to participate in this interview because one of your classes was chosen for observation. This interview should take no more than five minutes. Please answer the questions as best as you can. As you read in the informed consent form that you have signed, your responses will be kept confidential and you will never be identified by name when we report the results of these interviews. Also, this interview and the observation will be used for research only, never for professional or personnel evaluation. You are free to stop participating or withdraw at any time. Let me know if you would like to skip a question because you dont know how to respond to it. May I start the interview now? Please think about the class you teach during ______ period. [This will be mathematics, science, language arts, or social studies class]. 1. What has this class been doing recently? [Probe: on what unit are you working? What instructional materials are you using? What, if anything, will you be asking the students to do during that class?] 2. Where does the lesson youre presenting today fit within the unit? 3. What do you anticipate doing in class today (or on the day I will be observing)? [Probe: What do you hope students will learn as a result of the work you have planned?] 4. What is the content-related objective(s) of the lesson? (If teacher provides only a short SPI number, ask for specific detail about the goal(s) of the lesson). [Probe: What, if anything do you hope students will learn about MCLA strategies as a result of the work you have planned?] NOTE: If the pre-observation interview is NOT conducted, this question should be added to the post-observation interview. 5. Is there anything in particular I should know about the students I will be observing (e.g., is it an honors class?) Thank you so much. See you on [observation date]. Please remember that I am coming to evaluate the MCLA program (the purpose of our study), not your performance.

Feldman, J. & Feighan, K. (2010). [Teacher Pre-Observation Interview Guide]. Philadelphia, PA: Research for Better Schools.