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3rd Year Undergraduate IIT Kanpur E-Mail: kuldeepy@iitk.ac.in Phone: (+91)-9565873770

Year 2010 present 2009 2007
*at the end of 5th semester

Examination/Degree B.Tech, Mechanical Engineering Class 12 (CBSE) Class 10 (CBSE)

Institution IIT Kanpur Kendriya Vidyalaya Lucknow Cantt. Kendriya Vidyalaya Lucknow Cantt.

CPI/Percentage 9.1/10.0* 94.6% 90.8%

Non-Destructive Evaluation Finite Element Modelling Vehicle dynamics Engineering Design and Manufacturing

Secured a percentile of 99.25 in IIT-Joint Entrance Examination 2010 among a total of close to 0.5 million candidates Secured a percentile of 99.4 in All India Engineering Entrance Examination-2010 among a total of close to 1.2 million candidates Among top 10 student of Lucknow city in the Class 12th Board Examinations and Ranked 2nd in K. V. Sangathan, Lucknow Cleared Bhartiya Sankriti Gyan Pariksha (2005) in 1st Division


Non-Destructive Testing: Reconstruction of defects using Ultrasonic Phased Array Probe

(May 12 July 12) (Guide: Dr. N. N. Kishore, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur) Flaw detection was done using Omni Scan MX machine with a high precision Analysis of data taken on samples is done using tomoview 2.9R8 software Complex flaw reconstruction was done with a very high precision of a 1.5 mm dia circular hole An algorithm was developed and Programming was done on Matlab to generate the actual shape and size of the flaw in different types of material. Reduced the defect size in sample until the error in reconstruction of defect exceeds 1% Explored the possibilities of extension of this research to practical tasks like inspection and analysis of rail tracks, aeroplane components, heavy machine components, etc. (May 11 present)

Formula SAE IIT Kanpur

(Participating in FS 13 event, Italy: Organised by Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile (ATA)) Designed a Rack and Pinion steering system for Formula racing car which lock to lock rotates at steering wheels and at wheels Optimization of steering arm length and steering arm angle was done to achieve 100 % Ackermann steering geometry Achieved the steering at the minimum radius of 2.8 metres Achieved the zero bump steer in geometry Load calculations and analysis was done of each component by using FEM tools in Solidworks software Designed double wishbone suspension system for the Formula racing car with very less migration of roll centre in lateral and vertical direction Load calculation and analysis of A-arms was done in Ansys Full working suspension system is analysed in Lotus software Vehicle dynamics analysis was done for optimum performance of car (May June 11)

Moving Mobile Sniffer (Project done in a team of 4 under the guidance of HAM Club, IIT Kanpur)

Successfully instrumented a mobile sniffer with a working range of 1.5 metre Circuit simulation was done on Proteus ISIS and was then implemented on a multipurpose board

Programming/Scripting: C/C++, Octave, HTML, CSS Platform: Windows, Linux Software: MS-Office, MATLAB, Autodesk INVENTOR, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS, ADAMS, AUTOCAD, CV-AVR, AVR Studio, Proteus ISIS Departmental Skills/Techniques: Manufacturing Processes ( Lathing, Milling, Drilling), Welding Processes (Arc, TIG, MIG, Brazing),

Casting, Molding, CNC Machining, Omniscan MX Machine (Flaw detection)

Finite Element Methods in Engineering Mechanics* Numerical and Computational Methods Manufacturing Technology Thermodynamics Heat and Mass Transfer
*Courses currently in progress

Advanced Mechanics of Solids Design of Machine Elements* Engineering Design and Graphics Nature and Properties of Materials Nuclear and Reactor Physics

Theory of Mechanisms and Machines Vibration and Dynamics of Machinery* Energy Systems* Fluid Mechanics Cognitive Science*


Mechanical Hand

(Aug Oct 11)

(Guide: Dr. Kallol Mandol, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur) Course project in Manufacturing Processes (Mechanical Engineering) done in a team of five members Developed a fully mechanized replica of the human hand Complex mechanical mechanism was used for fingers Optimization was performed and a high strength to weight ratio was achieved Can withstand high temperature, pressure and can work in extreme conditions (Aug Oct 11)


(Guide: Dr. Kallol Mandol, Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur) Course project in Manufacturing Processes (Mechanical Engineering) done in a team of six members Fabrication of a non-working miniature model of Atomium which is a monument in Brussels, Belgium was done by employing various manufacturing processes such as welding, casting and metal sheet-forming High coordinate calculations was done for achieving high accuracy in dimensions and angles of model

Stair Climbing Machine

(Mar 11 Apr 11)

(Guide: Dr. Nachiketa Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kanpur) Course project in Engineering Design and Graphics (Mechanical Engineering) done in a team Designed a bio-inspired caterpillar like mechanism with capabilities of stair climbing 3-D modelling was done and structural analysis was performed using FEM tools in Autodesk inventor Load calculations was done and animations were made for accurate designing of robot


Coordinator, HAM Club, IIT Kanpur

(Apr 12 present)

Mentored 3 projects in summer 2012 Initiated the process for setting a HAM radio station facility in IIT Kanpur Initiated the process for HAM Licence Examination (ASOC) in IIT Kanpur Setting up the only node for data transferring in IIT Kanpur for the North India Conducted various workshops like antenna designing and making, morse code learning and also some useful disaster management workshops (Sept 12 present) Successfully conducting Morse code speed challenge and Fox hunt competition as a part of Techkriti Introducing new competition of conceptualising, designing and making of antenna on a given particular condition Managing around 50 teams in Fox Hunt competition (Jul 11 present) Managed a team of 6 students with a goal of developing a steering system for a Formula racing car Also working as senior member in Vehicle Dynamics Team for SAE IIT Kanpur

Coordinator, Radioactive, Techkriti 13

Steering system Head IITK Motorsports: SAE Team IIT Kanpur


Completed 1 year course in basic German language conducted by German embassy Secured 1st position in the Short Movie Clip during Spectrum, the inter-hall films and media competition at IIT Kanpur (2012) Secured 2nd position in the Movie Quiz during Spectrum, the inter-hall films and media competition at IIT Kanpur (2012) Member of winning cricket team in Josh 12 (Intra IIT Kanpur Sports Competition) Member of runner up football team of Institute Football League 12