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, . , , . , . : , . , , , . , , . . , , , , . , . . . My family - this is the most beautiful thing that I have.

. . . My family - this is the most beautiful thing that I have. It is my life dock where I can always come and I will be happy. My family is the most common, but anyway is the best in the world for me. There are four people: my mother, two older sisters and me. We live always together, help each other, ask for advice, share our successes and joys. Reason to quarrel with us, in practice, does not happen. This is our mothers merit. Because that's what she teaches us: understanding, attention to each other, kindness, courtesy, diligence. Family - is the most important thing for all of us. My family - my support. My family - my fortress. Toleran (lat.: tolerare = a suporta) este un termen social, etic i religios aplicabil unei colectiviti sau individ, care definete respectul libertii altuia, al modului su de gndire i de comportare, precum i al opiniilor sale de orice natur Tolerance (lat.: tolerance = a bear) is a term social, ethical and religious applicable to a community or individual who defines respect the freedom of others, of his thinking and behavior as well as his opinions of any kind Metafora (din greac: metapherin) este o figur de stil prin care se trece de la sensul obinuit al unui cuvnt la alt sens, prin intermediul unei comparaii subnelese Metaphor (from the Greek: metapherin) is a figure of speech by which one passes from the ordinary meaning of a word in another sense, through an implied comparison.