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Yogesh Dhawale

2/407 Southland Road, Hastings, New Zealand M: 022 395 3236 E: yo.yogesh18@gmail.com

Personal Profile
I have completed a Bachelors in Business Administration and Im currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing) at the Eastern Institute of Technology Hawkes Bay. I have also completed a Diploma in Event Management, and on completion worked in this field for an event agency for a period of two years. I am currently looking for a part time employment in the Hawkes Bay region. I can offer you proven skills in management, creative thinking, hard work and a real enthusiasm for any type of work.

Key Skills
Sound Knowledge of Event Industry Experience in costing events including considering all the elements required in making the costing. Passion for working and managing all types of events Experience in managing a variety of corporate, exhibitions and award events, giving me a broad understanding of the event industry.

Ability to work successful as a member of a team All successful events are result of a good team work. I have worked with smaller as well as larger teams, depending upon the scale of the event. Planning and Organising Planning all the logistics required as per the timelines Maintaining a good relation with the vendors Making sure that the entire event goes smoothly by applying sound planning methods and ensuring good team work and attention to detail Ability to understand new technology and implement its where appropriate.

Language Good command of English. Achieved 6.5 overall grade in IELTS while speaking 6.5 and writing 6.5

Employment Summary
Shobiz Events April 2010 to May 2012 Senior Event Executive I started working in the event industry as Trainee and became a Senior Event Executive. During my time in this company my main role was to prepare the event costing as per the brief given by the client; which include liaising with the client. I was also involved in the event theme including lighting, sound and dcor elements and branding. On the day my focus was ensuring everything occurred as per the scheduled time line to ensure the success of the event. Post the event I reviewed the event to establish how our operation could be improved and completed all the invoicing to ensure payment was prompt.

Education Summary
Annamalai University, India Bachelors of Business Administration Grey cells University, India Diploma in Events Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand Graduate Diploma in Business (Marketing) May 2011

May 2010



Rajiv Arora Store manager at Super Liquors, Hastings M: 0210 269 0607