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Daily Lesson Plan Date Time/Duration Year Enrolment Unit/Theme/Topic Skills 22 February 2011 11.10 a.m. 11.40 a.m.

. / 1 hour 4 Wira /29 World of Knowledge / Healthy Living (Reading) 1.7 Listen to and enjoy stories, fables and other tales of imagination and fantasy and predict outcomes, and draw conclusions at a level suited to the pupils ability. 1.7.3 Listen to simple short stories and fairy tales and share feelings about the story. 2.6 Express thoughts and feelings and give opinions on things read, seen, heard and viewed in simple language. 2.6.3 Give reasons why one likes or does not like the story. 3.4 Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm. 3.4.2 Read aloud sentences in simple texts observing correct stress and Objectives intonation. By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Listen to the story and respond appropriately. 2. Demonstrate understanding by answering questions based on the Learning Outcomes story. By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: 1. Read the story with no pronunciation error. 2. Answer at least 8 comprehension questions correctly, orally. CCTS Moral Value Teaching Aids Prior Knowledge 3. Make at least 3 sentences to retell the story with minimum error. 1. Reasoning 2. Making associations 1. Listening to instructions 2. Not being wasteful 1. Powerpoint presentation Pupils are already familiar with healthy food.

Steps Set Induction (2 minutes)

Teaching strategies 1. Teacher begins class by asking the pupils if they know what porridge is. 2. Teacher asks if they have heard the story of Goldilocks, in which the three bears eat porridge.

Language content 1. Who knows what porridge is? 2. Have you heard of the story Goldilocks and the Three bears? 3. In the story, the three bears were eating porridge. 1. Today we are going to read a story. 2. The title is the magic porridge pot. 3. Can Sharul read the page, please?

Notes CCTS: Making associations

Presentation (15 minutes)

1. Teacher introduces toe story The magic porridge pot. 2. Teacher calls pupils to sit in front of the class, on the stage. 3. Teacher reads the story to the pupils. 4. Teacher calls pupils randomly to read a page. 1. Teacher asks

Teaching Aid: Power point presentation Moral value: Listening to instructions

1. Who gave the girl the magic pot? 2. How do you make the pot start cooking? 3. How do you make the pot stop cooking? 4. What do you think happened to all the porridge in the town?

CCTS: Predicting

Practice (5 minutes)

comprehension questions orally to pupils to test their understanding of the story.

Production (5 minutes)

1. Teacher asks several pupils to retell the story in their own words. 2. Teacher asks different pupils to continue telling the story.

1. Qurratul, who is the story about? 2. What happened to the girl? 3. Why was the girl crying?