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Chemical Shortcut (Matter 1) The Sons of Ether employ a different version of the periodic table than do conventional scientists,

which can only be expressed with a three dimensional model. This allows them to pay attention to properties that most scientists overlook, thus enabling them to produce surprising results in laboratories. (Each success reduces the difficulty on Science, Medicine, Pharmacology, Chemistry and similar rolls by 1, to a minimum difficulty of 3.) The Revised Periodic Table (Matter 2) By following the Revised Periodic Table, a Son can subject any chemical to various processes and produce any other chemical he chooses, so long as he carefully monitors the reaction with his scientific meter. Students learn this as the first step in producing new elements and substances. (This transmutes simple substances into other simple substances. It also allows desperate Sons to make do without the proper chemicals in a pinch.) Crystallize Ether (Matter 2 Prime 2) This is one of the most basic tricks in the corpus of Etheric science, but it has many uses. By generating an electric current on the proper wave band, the Ether in an area can be crystallized into a hard substance which can be used as a barrier, bridge, or even a prison (crystallized ether is normally gas permeable, but if the bandwidth is correct, the prisoner may have trouble getting oxygen). (Each success gives the crystallized ether 2 'Health' levels and 1 soak die.) Dr Newton's Fabulous Aerating Pill (Matter 3 Prime 2) This tiny white pill, usually sold alongside the Survival Pill in the Galactic Explorer's Survival Kit, provides oxygen in hostile atmospheres. (The pill provides a 24 hour supply of oxygen to the user, timereleased inside the lungs, while simultaneously transforming toxic gases into harmless compounds released through exhalation.) Newtzium (Matter 4, Prime 2) A.C. became tired of creating a different new substance every time she needed a different property, and thus she invented Newtzium, a substance capable of demonstrating multiple properties simultaneously as need arises. Thus when her old lab was raided by a group of Akashic monks who disliked her research methods, they first had to break down a Newtzium door with the tensile strength of diamond, and then had to contend with the soporific effects of gaseous Newtzium. She was able to escape by distracting them with an explosion caused when she irradiated a small lump of powdered Newtzium. (Each success on the initial role to create the Newtzium allows it to take on a single property specified by the Son at a later moment. Since these properties are revealed with statements like "Did I mention that liquid Newtzium is highly corrosive?", the effect is normally coincidental.) Controlled Reaction (Forces 3, sometimes Prime 2) By limiting, canceling, or directing the release of energy during

chemical reactions, the Son can effectively negate or expand any reaction she chooses. The practical applications of this rote are endless, as the Sons are fond of demonstrating. (Forces 3 is necessary to limit or negate a reaction, while Prime 2 can be added to increase a reaction. Each success halves or doubles the energy in the reaction. 3 successes will prevent a reaction entirely.) Darklight Projection (Forces 3 Prime 2) A.C. discovered that by mixing different frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum in the proper ratio, she was able to generate fields of darkness that propagate the way light does. Sadly, the rote is not attributed to her, because her rival Professor Klaxon saw her notes and published the effect before she did, but she had the last laugh when she realized that he had failed to read her note about the necessity of using Spectrumnal Imaging Goggles within the projection field. (The darkness produced by the rote is complete if more than 1 success is scored. Since the effect cancels out all other light waves, it cannot be penetrated by viewing on infrared or ultraviolet. But if the scientist thinks to view along the wavelength of darkness, she will be able to see normally.) The Silence Cannon (Forces 3 Prime 2) Another discovery of Dr. Newton, who has a fascination with negative forces, the Silence Cannon emits devastating blasts of countersound, which not only cause damage but also temporarily render a region free of all sound. (The Silence Cannon does normal Forces damage, and renders an area silent for one round.) The Inertia Bomb (Forces 3) Yet another creation of Dr. Newton, this device converts motive energy into inertia, thus making movement impossible within the bomb's area for the duration of the effect. Among the bomb's various peculiar effects, falling objects are frozen in place. (Each success gives the region 2 dice of Strength for the purpose of immobilizing those within it. Anything attempting to move must overcome the effect's Strength with its own. This is generally vulgar.) Track Xenofauna (Spirit 1 Life 1) The renowned xenobiologist Ferris Shu was dedicated to the discovery of previously undocumented life forms, and A.C. has employed this rote to help her find such creatures. (This allows the scientist to look through the Gauntlet into the Middle Umbra, thus spotting any Umbral creatures in the vicinity.) Etheric Probe (Spirit 1, Correspondence 2) By launching a remote probe into the Near or Deep Umbra , a scientist is able to explore the Umbra without leaving the safety of her laboratory. (This rote combines Correspondence Sensing with Umbral Sight.) Phosphorescent Marker (Life 2 Spirit 1) To aid her search for a mysterious creature living in the sewers

of New York, A.C. Newton released a large of quantity specially treated spores into the sewer system. These spores quickly matured into a fungus that produced a ultraviolet phosphorescence if they came into contact with any lifeform that was not native to the Tellurian, and thus she was able to locate the kappa that had gotten trapped on this side of the Gauntlet. A.C. employs a wide variety of effects based around simple lifeforms.(This is one example of the sort of effects that a xenobiologist can produce on a regular basis. They are generally tailored to one specific circumstance, but the basic principle is enormously flexible.) Dr Goldburg's Wonderful Pan-Sufficient Survival Pill (Life 2 Prime 2) Dr Goldburg specialized in Umbral exploration and discovered many fascinating phenomena and strange lifeforms, until his ill-fated journey to Rigel 3, when a particularly strange lifeform discovered him. But his legacy lives on in the form of his many inventions to make planetary exploration easier. This tiny blue pill provides its user with complete nourishment for 1 day. Disintegration Ray (Prime 3) A favorite of the Sons of Ether during the 1950s, this device annihilates an object by draining it of all Quintessence. (This is identical to the Flames of Purification rote used by the Celestial Chorus. When it is complete, all that is left is a fine layer of granular matter.) Etheric Flux Jamming (Correspondence 3) This rote is widely employed by Sons to prevent rivals from spying on their research. It creates a zone of fluxed ether which causes interference on remote viewing and teleportation attempts. (This is a standard Warding rote.) Force Field (Correspondence 3, Forces 3, Life 2, Matter 4) This is the realization of the classic science fiction idea. This creates a barrier through which Force, Life, and Matter patterns cannot pass. Since it is resistant to Forces, it manifests as a pale gray region that feels solid to the touch. Sound, vibrations, and wave phenomena cannot pass it either.(Each success in creating the field offers 1 die of countermagicagainst attempts to breach the field magically. This effect is vulgar.)

Reator Infinito: (Arete 3, Quintessncia 15, Custo 6) Os Filhos do ter precisam de quantidades imensas de energia para seus experimentos, e portanto o uso dos Reatores Infinitos indispensvel para esta Tradio. Com estes aparelhos, os Filhos do ter so capazes de criar energia do nada, fornecendo quantidade suficiente de energia eltrica para abastecer uma casa normal. Na verdade, o Reator usa luz para gerar eletricidade. Eles devem este invento a Robert Edson, descendente de Thomas Edson. Este efeito funciona como Foras 3. Os Vazios adoram os Reatores Infinitos, pois nunca mais precisam pagar pela eletricidade que consomem.