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Bill Morgan

and all th


-O-oo-Wft+M HiU.Cbn^.
Janeism, Seekism,

A-nflTniTTi PtiTnyShnntoiam, Buddahism, Hinduism, XSiWXSia

other isms that you mi^t

think of tonight promise you


either for this world or the next.

And every one of them without exception is based

on astrology, the worship of the gods of the sky and the worship of the gods of the

people turning to astrology and transindental meditation

earth. Their ceremonies are steeped in fertility rights and immoral practices. They offer you nothing! And how sad to see even many of our own A erican young

whicE is Hinduism

and yoga which is Hinduism and zin wMch is Buddahism and kunfu which is also
from Buddahism. When the Bible tells us plainly that in Jesus Christ dwells all the fullness of the deity in bodily form, enly Christ offers you hope for this
life and eternal life in the world to come. Chrsit's sacrifice then demands our


The price He paid and the prize He purchased demands our love and

devotion to the last ounce of our strength, to the last cent of our wealth, to

the last son and daughter of our loins, and to the last drop of blood. I'll never forget what President Dean Davis of last year's wwMWWHh. 13200 wfli.KiilTxSx missionary convention said, "Jesus Christ deslrves the soul for which He died." I do't know why he wants me but if He loved me enough to buy me with His blood, I'm His, I don't know why He wants that African, or that Japanese, or that Russian, or that Philpino, or that Escimo, but if He loved him enough to shedHis blood. He

ought to have them. And it doesn't matter how much thay don't want Him, it doesn't
matter how much they may persecute us we are not fulfilling the great commission

just because we love people but because we love Him who first loved us. And the price was His blood. And if it means our blood, what matters? For He has conquered
death for us all.
world about Jesus.

And so we must make whatever sacrifice necessary to teil the

We could tell many illustrations tonight and I'm sure every missionary here could about how many people thereare in their areas of the world who have never

heard the Gospel that we tafiie for granted. I was driving down a highway one ni^t when I heard a voice coming over theji^ radio. It said "If a murder were committed at midni^t tonight and everyone who heard about it (bold one other person, the
whole world would know about it by morning.'V And I almost pulled off the road

to think about that.

A^d I remembered that nearly 2000 years ago the ion of God

was murdered and noon day and the whole world hasn't heard it yet.
We have a litter from brother Lhw Cass, who's in Indonesia but tonight he's in

Bangladash. 80,000,000 people live in Bangladash. It's the 8th largest populated country in this world. We of the indepenent Christian Churches and Churches of
Christ have no missionary yet in Bangladash. I know that there are many severe

conditions in many parts of this world. And I know that there are tiEBs when, as in Rhodesia, it's best to leave and there are places where its best not to go but there are ways but there are ways, there are no impossible mission
fields. I believe that tonight. There are difficult fields, yes! Inqoossible fields, no! We've heard it said too many times that such and such a field

is impossible only to see churches sprout from the roots of evangelism, maybe after many many years. Are there impossible fields? Tell that to Gene Dulin, tell that to Max Ward Randall, tell that to J. Russell Morse, and on and on and on. TEll that to all^'the Wjfranffi martyrs whose blood has flowed over the soil of China, Burma and the Philippines, and Africa and South America and Europe and Asia. Tell that , if you will, to Phyllis Rine. 0ur sacrifice, brethren, is nothing. Proclaiming the Gospel and winning souls must be the upper most thing in our minds, regardless of what it costs. I was reading lately in I Corinthians,8;9, 10, and 11 and as I read over those problems with which the Apostlee Paul was dealing, I saw them suddenly in a new light. And I went back and read it because I suddenly realized that what Paul was really saying, was that, breihem, there
is nothing that is so important that it's worth losing a soul for.

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He says will I eat Meat? "Not," he says, "If it will cause my brother to stumble" And in the 9th chapter he talks about the rights of the apostles. We hear so much to day about our rights- Paul was reading us his rights but when he finished he said, "I have used none of these things because I wanted the Gospel to have an .
effect." ffind then he talks about being all things to all men, weak for the weak,

strong for the strong, those with law, those without law. And he says, "I become all things to men if I by all means I might win some." 'Some was his burning
desire! If it meant giving up satisfaction, if it meant giving up his rights, if it meant giving up his food, he says it doesn't matter I want to win some.

Brethem, in all of this we must remember that the power comes from God.

5 and 6. He says "For we do not preach ourse3ares but Jesus Christ is Lord and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake. For God who said let light shine out of darkness, made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Christ.but we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all surpassing power 1 from God and not from us. "

to read just a couple of verses from II Corinthians

chapter Uverse 6, verses

I want

The treasure is the Gospel, the jars of clay are our fleshly bodyes but the POVIER is God. His message. His Son, His Spirit. In Ephesians the first chapter,

if you'll permit first chapter of that the eyes of hope to which he

me to there and read one of my favorite passages, Ephesians beginning with the l8th verse Paul says, " I pray also your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the has called you, the riches of his X2SSX glorious

inheritance in the saints and His incomparably power for us who believe.
when He raised Him from the dead, and seated Him at his right hand in the

power is like the working of His mighty strength which He sih exerted in Christ
heavenly realm." I read that rather fast but you read it more slowly at your
convenience and see if it doesn't say that the sacie POWER that was operating

body if you're a Christian and in the collective spiritual body of Jesus Chnist,
His church. We haven't begun to tap the source of power at our disposal.

in Jesus fleshly body when God raised him from the dead is now operating in your

God blessed my wife and me with 3 wonderful children. We couldn't be more proud as parents, two sons and a daughter. One son is a preacher and the girl can't wait to get to Bible coij-ij-ege, she's a sophomore in high school. And I thank God for them. As many of you know our middle child, our second son, was killed three ago in an automobile accident while he was a student preparing for the ministry

were walking on night out under the stars and he looked up into the heavens and he said "Daddy who put the stars up there?" I said,"God did, son." We walked on
a little farther and he looked up into the stars again and he said, "Daddy,

at Dallas Christian College. When Dennis was only a little toddler, he and I

God must be awful big if He can reach that high." And at his graduation service, his memorial service, if you please, at the suggestion of his brother, David,^
I hear the rolling thunder, Thy power throughout the universe displayed. Then

/ffIffa school mate, DAvid Norris, sang "0 Lord, my God, when I in a^/isomeyvp^pjlf wonder consider all the worlds tl^ hands have made, I see the stars^
sings my soul my savior God to thee. How great Thou art, how great Thou art!
take it in. How on the cross my burdens gladly bearing. He bled and died to take away my sin." Yes, God is awful big. He can reach awful high. And He can
also reach awful low.

And when I think that God, His son not sparing Sent Him to die, I scarce can

Was watching a football game on television recently and after the game they were

showing a picture from the blimp and they looked down into "ttie heart of the stadium and everybody was rushing out into the field and I said to my wife, "It just looks
like a hive of bees, doesn't it?" We're so little and God is so big-but the very hairs of all of our heads are numbered. God cares. He can reach down and

lift us out of the depths of sin. He can reach down and lift us out of the mire of hell

Page 3, Bill Morgan "Freedom's Price"

And He can reach dovm and lift us out of the ^ave, Praise God. I know He'll raise my son, He raised His. And as we, our little family met around the body
of our son for the last time, we were able to read together that wonderful

promise found in Jghn 11 where Jesus is talking to Martha at the tomb of Lazaras
and Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again." Martha answered, "I know he'll rise again in the resurrection at the last days." Jesus said to her, "I am

the Resurrection and the Life,


He who believes in me will live even though he

Ai'id we took the l i t t l e

And whoever lives and believes in me will never die."

Testament and we ifiUMi,

buried it on the heart of our son.

I'm not trying to be dramatic tomight, but I thought later, I'm glad I have anothe Bible. The important thinfe is not that that promise is buried with my son but that it was buried in the depths of his heart before he died. Andit remains in the

hearts of all of us here tonight!

And it's /the hope in which we live!

And it's

the message that must not be buried! It must be proclaimed to those that are dead and dying in sin. It's a message that must be shouted from the housetops. Proclaimed in the steaming jungles of the Amazon, to the schorching deserts of
Africa, to the far frozen reaches of Alaska and to the islands of the sea. To the blacks, to the whidjes, to the chicano, to the asian, to the south american,

from the concrete jungles of Manhattan to the gettos of South El Paso, This is th^ lamp we must lift beside the golden door. Proclaim liberty throughout the land, from sea to shining sea and around the world and let the world KNOW that freedom's
price is sacrifice.

A few years ago I stood by the bedside of a dying man. He had just enou^ strength that he sat up in bed. And he cried out, "Brother Bill, help me! Help me!" There was nothing I could or anyone. He was plainly not long for this world. "But Brother Pennington, let's pray" So we laid him down and we prayed and we quoted some Scriptures. And a little later he sat up again and he cried,

"Brother Bill, help me! Help me!" The same thing, we laid him down and we prayed. All night long the little nurse stood on one side of hie bed and held one hand and I stood on the other and held his other hand until he was no longer able to sit up or to cry "Help me". And I tell you for weeks after that, I would hear his cry in the night, "Brother Bill, help me! Help me!" And I never felt so helpless in all my life because I knew therewas nothing that I could do. And yet this was a Christian man and I knew that death for him was only a door that led to eternal life and life and happiness. And I got over that, but there's
another cry I hear in the back of my heart that I can't get over. It comes from the jungle, and it comes from the mountains^ and it comes from the cities, and it comes from the plains of Kansas, and that voice comes from a thousand voices crying "Help me! Help me!" And there is something I can do . And ther's something you can do tonight. If you're a Christian you can devote your life to telling that message. I don't care if it's in Kansas or Texas or Mexico or Africa or where

it is.

How can you be silent/ when Jesus paid it all?

Toni^t we're going to stand, going to sing our invitation hymn. Brother Ziden Nutt is going to lead us. And as we stand and as we sing our invitation hymn perhaps there's one here tonight that is not a Christian, Jesus has paid your debt, won It you accept it, won't you accept Him as your Lord and your Savioiar? If you are a Christian, you need to be doing something for those that are not. Perhaps you would come and dedicate your life to carrying the mess^e of Christ to this old sinful world. May we stand together and may we sing and will you come.
Sang "I'll go where you want me to go."