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Personality disorder Clusters: Cluster A: Could stem from parental aggression in younger age. Types of Cluster A: I.

I. Paranoid: displays distrust suspicious on guard oversensitive tests other people (honesty and motives) II. Schizoid: Unable to form close relationships; has trouble with responding to others emotionally. Introvert Indifferent Prefers to be alone, perfectly content by themselves Aloof Shy Anxious Uneasy More common in men May stem from apathetic, cold, and unemotional parents III. Schizotypal: more pronounced signs and symptoms than Schizoid and may include behaviors like: Magical thinking (horoscopes) God told me that.. Indifferent Illusions Bizarre speech Flat/inappropriate affect Reduced capacity for close relationships (Spock) May stem from early family dynamics

Cluster B: Erratic, emotional and dramatic I. Anti-social: Irresponsible Exploitive Manipulative behaviors for personal gain More prevalent in men General disregard for rules and the law Know the difference between right and wrong but dont care Guiltless behavior Begins around age 15 II. Borderline Personality: Very intense and impulsive Chaotic relationships with others Attitudes are extreme and fluctuate often

Lacks a clear sense of identity Suicide attempts for attention Self-harm cutter Always feels empty Low self esteem III. Histrionic Personality: Excitable Emotional Colorful Dramatic Extroverted Full of themselves Attention-seeking Seductive Manipulative Exhibitionist Highly distractible Easily influenced More common in women Possibly linked to neurochemical imbalances, heredity and learned behaviors Parental approval only when behaviors met parents expectations Constantly seeking approval IV. Narcissistic personality: Exaggerated sense of self-worth Self-centered Entitles to the worlds claim to fame Usually optimistic and happy but has fragile self-esteem Dislikes negative feedback More common in men Possibly parents were narcissistic themselves Cluster C: shyness, avoidant, fear of rejection, dependent I. Avoidant personality: * withdraws from society * hates rejection II. Dependent personality: Clingy Dependent on others Low self-esteem III. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Rigid Obsessed with organization Productive excluding personal pleasure


Passive-aggressive personality: Negative attitudes Passive resistance to authority or others opinions Plays the martyr Always misunderstood Sickly Overworked