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Linear Paraffins

C14-C16 Technical Bulletin

Description Sasol North Americas linear paraffins are high purity, linear, saturated paraffin mixtures in the C14-C16 carbon range. They are available in hydrogenated (LINPAR 1416V) and unhydrogenated (C1416 Paraffins) versions. Depending on the version, the appearance ranges from a clear, light yellow to water-white, low viscosity liquid. Each has an extremely low sulfur and nitrogen content. Applications Sasols linear paraffins may be used in a wide array of applications. These include agricultural materials, lubricants, solvents, oilfield chemicals, liquid lamp fuels, etc. Regulatory Compliance If this material is used in a consumer product or in certain other specific applications, some exemptions may apply. Please contact a sales representative for more information on particular FDA regulations or for solvent status as an LVP-VOC for consumer products. Physical Properties Typical physical properties are listed in the table below. Actual properties will vary from lot to lot. LINPAR C1416 Typical Properties Method 1416V Paraffins Total n-paraffins, wt% GC/UV 97.5 97.5 C13 and lower <1 <10 C14 50 - 80 50 - 80 C15 20 - 28 20 -28 C16 3-7 3-7 C17 and higher <3 <3 Flash Point, (PM) F ASTM D-93 242 244 Freeze Point, F Pour Point, F Specific Gravity 60/60F Average Molecular Weight % Aromatic Color, Saybolt Universal Distillation Range, F, IBP EP Vapor Pressure, torr at 20C Viscosity, cSt at 40C Aniline Point, F Sasol North America John P. McGrail 56 White Ash Drive Asheville, NC 28803-2491 Phone: (828) 681-8980 Fax: (281) 368-1531 John.McGrail@us.sasol.com Kauri Butanol Value Bromine Number Nitrogen, ppm Sulfur, ppm CAS Number ASTM D-2386 ASTM D-97 ASTM D-287 API UV ASTM D-156 ASTM D-86 API, Calc ASTM D-445 ASTM D-611 ASTM D-1133 ASTM D-1159 45 37 0.772 201 <0.5 +30 476 530 <0.1 2.5 195 21.3 <0.04 <1 <1 90622-46-1 39 37 0.769 205 <2 +30 478 544 <0.1 2.5 198 20 0.5 <1 <1 90622-46-1

Contact Information For sales/pricing and sampling information, please contact either of the following sales representatives: Sasol North America Joshua Stuart 900 Threadneedle Houston, TX 77079-2990 Phone: (281) 493-5355

Fax: (281) 368-1540


LINPAR is a registered trademark of Sasol Italy S.P.A. The preceding data is based on tests and experience, which Sasol North America believes reliable, and is supplied for informational purposes only. Sasol North America expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever for damage or injury which results from the use of the preceding data and nothing contained therein shall constitute a guarantee, warranty, or representation (including freedom from patent liability) by Sasol North America with respect to the data, the product described, or its fitness for use for any specific purpose, even if that purpose is known to Sasol North America. For detailed safety and handling information regarding these products, please refer to the respective Sasol North America Material Safety Data Sheet. 03/11/09

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