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September, 2013 2nd Week


Basic ideas of lines translation of axes rotation of axes translation &rotation equations rd 3 Week Parabola ellipse hyperbola hyperbola equations and tables th 4 Week General equation of 2nd degree homogenous equation of 2nd degree angle between lines October, 2013 1st Week Derivation of conics from general equation Lines from homogenous equations. 2nd Week Solution of exercises Sketches of conics. 3rd Week Polar coordinates Conics in polar coordinates. 4th Week Relation between Cartesian & polar coordinates Eid-ul-Azha November, 2013 1st Week Exercises of polar coordinates nd 2 Week


Direction cosines Direction ratios &angle between two lines in 3-D

Volume of tetrahedran & related exercises. 3rd Week Plane Equation of plane Forms of equation of plane Related exercises th 4 Week The straight line Forms of equation of straight line Parallel & perpendicular lines Collinear points Related exercises. December, 2013 1st Week A line & a plane Coplanar lines Line parallel &perpendicular to plane Some related exercises from exercise 10.4. nd 2 Week Exercises of exercise 10.4 A review of chapter upto exercise 10.4. 3rd Week Shortest distance between two straight lines Related exercises from exercise 10.5

Christmas Vacations
January, 2014 1st Week Miscellaneous exercises 10. 2nd Week


Traces & intercepts Surface of revolutions 3rd Week & 4th Week sphere & its equation. February, 2014 1st Week 2

Exercises on sphere 2nd Week Cylinder Its equation &types of cylinder. 3rd Week The cone Quadric cones Right circular cones Exercises related to the topic. 4th Week Spherical trigonometry Quadric surfaces. March, 2014 1st Week Revision of some important work from chapter 9,10,11. nd 2 Week Some related work from chapter 12&chapter 4. 3rd Week & 4th Week Revision Pre-University Exam RESOURSES: TEXT BOOK: Calculus and Analytic geometry by Zia Ul Haq, Caravan book house Lahore

RFERENCE BOOKS: Calculus by J. Marsden and A. Weinstein (Springer- Verlag)ISBN 0-387-96207-7 Advanced calculus by Wilfred Kaplan (5th edition) Publishing house of electronics industry Calculus by Thomas Finny (11th edition) ISBN13: 978-0321185587