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Page 3 Introduction About Keppel Verolme

4 - 5 Shiprepair - General Our yard was established in 1954, by the renowned Dutch shipbuilder
- Conversions and modifications Cornelis Verolme. Over the years, the business has developed from a ship
new­building and repair yard to a modern ship and offshore repair yard.
6 - 9 Offshore - General
- Conversions and modifications Since July 2002, Keppel Verolme BV is part of the worldwide network of
- Constructions Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd of Singapore.

10 - 11 Engineering
Project management About Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M)
Safety and Quality A wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, Keppel O&M is the global
leader in designing and building of drilling rigs and in shiprepairs and
12 - 13 Workshops
conversions as well as a specialised shipbuilder. Its near market, near customer
14 - 15 Yard lay-out
strategy is bolstered by a global network of 20 yards in the Asia Pacific, Gulf of
16 Rotterdam Port Area Mexico, Brazil, Caspian Sea, Middle East and North Sea regions. Integrating
the experience and expertise of its yards worldwide, the group aims to be
the provider of choice and partner in solutions for the offshore and marine

Drydocking, repairs, modifications, conversions and constructions.
They can only be carried out successfully if the basic tools are at hand.
Among those we offer you:

We understand the need for on-schedule deliveries that only a major maritime
contractor can guarantee. We have an excellent reputation in terms of
completing projects on time and within budget. We like to be your provider of

Our highly multi-skilled dedicated workforce is ready and able to cope with any
job. Our accountable teams can call upon an ocean of know-how.
We train our own workforce in our in-house training school.

We are able to tackle today’s problems based on long time experience,
with a sound safety record.

We take care of all your maintenance, repair and conversion requirements.
No matter how small or large the project – we aim to satisfy the clients’ needs.

We offer a completely equipped yard with virtually unlimited possibilities
geared for the needs of today and to those of the future, easily accessible
within the Port of Rotterdam, and ISPS code compliant.

2 3
Structural, engine, electrical, emergency and permanent repairs.
Whatever repair your vessel requires, we do it accurately and
efficiently. Throughout our many years in the shiprepair industry
we have continually adapted our workforce and facilities to meet
today’s demands of shipowners and managers. With our expertise
and efficiency we assist you in keeping your fleets in operation for
the maximum possible time.

The world’s merchant fleet is aging and as such more emphasis

has to be placed upon maintenance and high quality repairs.
We at Keppel Verolme see the important part we can play in
obtaining this goal. Our facilities allow for the flexibility required
in the shiprepair industry. Three graving docks from Panamax
size to the largest (405m x 90m) being able to accommodate
any type or size of vessel. Shipowners benefit from the presence
of specialist companies based at our yard, and in the Rotterdam

Furthermore owners of vessels, such as seismic and diving

support vessels, frequently call upon the yard. For LNG carriers we
offer special clean room facilities and a dedicated team of yard
specialists. Our yard also offers non-gas free dockings for tankers
and LNG carriers.

Conversions and modifications

Keppel Verolme has an extremely successful and extensive track
record in the field of conversions and modifications. Even the
most complex processes are efficiently tackled and concluded
within the agreed time limit. Examples include the conversion of
a bulk carrier into the largest flexible fallpipe vessel in the world,
and of another bulk carrier into a pipelayer, capable of laying
pipes down to a maximum depth of 3000 metres. A project
which attracted considerable media attention was the extension,
in just 41 days, of a large cruise vessel with a midbody section.
Other modification projects have been undertaken by our yard on
tankers, bulk carriers, ferries and freighters.

4 5
Since 1975 we have carried out all types of modifications, upgradings,
conversions and (damage)repairs. Keppel Verolme has the facilities to
accommodate semi-submersibles, jack-up drilling rigs, FPSOs, and other
mobile offshore units. A virtually unique claim in Northern Europe.
We upgrade units to modern operational and safety requirements and
convert such structures for specific operations worldwide.

The possibility to place an intermediate wall in the large drydock (405x90m)

enables us to undertake long and short term projects. Up to three mobile
offshore units can be drydocked simultaneously. A nearby sheltered
deepwater location is available for inclination tests, thruster removal and
installation or on/offloading to/from a semi-submersible transport vessel.
Our expertise includes extensive repairs and overhauls of all types of thrusters
for propulsion and conversions of vessels into dynamic positioning units (DP.3).
Our strength lies in our engineering, project management and control.
In all our work, we call upon very experienced project managers who can
successfully conclude a project from feasibility study through to actual
execution, rapidly, efficiently, safely, on time and within budget.

Our own experience and capability along with Rotterdam’s famous

specialised supply and service infrastructure allows us to undertake
any project - large or small.

As the world’s largest port, Rotterdam is home to numerous service providers,

including engineering, shipping agents, suppliers of equipment and spare
parts, and temporary employment agencies for personnel. In addition, both
city and port are always easily accessible by road and air. Rotterdam even has
its own airport.

Besides a range of mobile drilling rigs, other special offshore service units also
regularly visit Keppel Verolme. These so-called construction vessels include
pipelaying vessels, crane vessels, well intervention vessels and flexible fallpipe

Furthermore owners of vessels, such as seismic and diving support vessels,

frequently call upon the yard. The availability of suitable facilities, together
with the wide range of specialists nearby, makes the yard a first choice for
many owners and managers.

6 7
Conversions and modifications (Special projects)
Keppel Verolme has performed over the past decade an extensive number of
conversions and modifications related to the offshore industry. The majority
of the conversions have been semi-submersible and jack-up drilling rigs.
Nevertheless Keppel Verolme has proven track records of other types of
floating offshore units as well.

The technological expertise and innovative solutions provided by Keppel
Verolme play a key role in offshore field development projects. We successfully
engineered, procured and constructed a self-installing platform, called a
Mobile Offshore Application Barge (MOAB), for a field development project
in the UK sector of the North Sea. Another special innovative project involved
several Sevan Stabilized Platforms (Sevan 300 type), a circular Floating
Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) vessel with a storage capacity of
300,000 barrels, and subject to type of topside processing equipment e.g.
an oil processing capacity of 30,000 barrels per day, and a gas injection
capacity of 3.6 million m³ per day. These contracts included the receiving,
pre-assembly and installation on the Sevan hull of process skids, pressure
vessels, piping and valves. In addition to the topside installation, we were also
responsible for fabrication and installation of steel structures and the hook-up
of marine systems, such as technical spaces, cranes and oil offloading stations.
After a first Sevan FPSO for Petrobras, the yard received orders for the final
completion of two more units for Venture and Oilexco both for a North Sea

A very special project under construction (2007-2009), is the semi-submersible

lifting and transport vessel MPU Heavy Lifter. This 87 metres long and
110 metres wide Multi Purpose Unit (MPU) was specially developed for
decommissioning large platform components, such as deck modules and
jackets offshore. The MPU Heavy Lifter consists of a U-shaped concrete
floater, on which four large columns have been constructed. Between the
columns two lifting frames have been placed on each side of a 63-metre
long and 48-metre wide moon-pool. Parallel during the construction of
the concrete vessel the outfitting of the hull took place with large steel
ballast-tanks, fabrication and installation of accommodation-, power- and
propulsion-modules and a huge volume of steelwork and the installation of
the equipment necessary for lifting jackets and topsides.

Our yard has also undertaken considerable construction works required

for the conversions of a semi-submersible crane vessel into a multipurpose
deepwater construction vessel, a semi-submersible crane vessel into a
multipurpose pipe-lay crane vessel. And fabrication of stabilisation columns,
living quarters, crane foundations, sponsons, spudcans, process units,
cantilevers, stingers, etc. for the multiple projects executed at the yard.

8 9
The complexity of projects has increased which for Keppel Verolme has meant
acquiring a great deal of experience in expanding capabilities. Not only in
relation to execution, but above all in project engineering. We specialise in
structural engineering, piping engineering, hydrostatic stability calculations for
inclination tests, feasibility studies, and architectural engineering.

With a view to further increasing efficiency and productivity, the yard has
implemented the Tribon Hull and Piping System.

Furthermore, as a member of the Keppel Group, the yard can make use of the
enormous engineering capacity of Keppel Offshore & Marine.

Safety and Quality

Project management
We have acquired considerable experience in planning, control and We maintain high levels of safety standards, complying
management of projects. We are experts at managing large numbers of man with all statutory requirements. The company considers it
hours in relatively short periods of time. essential, not only to the welfare of its employees, but to
the efficient operation of all services, that accidents resulting
It is Keppel Verolme’s obligation to organise the management of the project in in personal injury or damage to clients’ properties or yard
a clear and effective way to achieve the essential objectives of the project. equipment are prevented. In addition to the standard safety
information and procedures applying to projects, special
These objectives include: informative safety meetings are arranged, depending on the
• Create a safe working environment. nature of work, with the clients’ safety officers to ensure the
• Deliver the agreed scope of work. highest possible safety degree. In addition to this our yard is
• Comply with quality requirements. also fully ISPS-certified.
• Adhere to schedule requirements.
• Implement strict cost control. Quality
Our company policy is to deliver products and services
within an agreed quality level. Furthermore we are aiming
for continuous improvement of the quality level. To comply
with the increasing quality demands of our customers we
were assessed and accredited the Quality Certificate ISO
9001:2000 by Det Norske Veritas.

The certificate is valid for the following product and service

Inspection, maintenance, drydocking, repairs and/or
adjustments and conversions of sea-going vessels, offshore
units, onshore installations and -constructions.

The advantages of having this certificate for our clients are:

• Reliable delivery time.
• Guaranteed quality within agreed contract requirements.
• Documented proof that production activities are
according to demands as laid down in the contract.

10 11
Centrally located workshops
The arrangements of this entire centrally located complex, close to the
drydocks, has created excellent working conditions, resulting in a high degree
of efficiency.

Plate shop
This shop consists of two areas, a steel preparation area and a fabrication
sector, both connected to each other.

Steel preparation area

Surface area: 3,000m², equipment: optically and computer controlled cutting
machines, a profile press (300 tonnes), bending machines, shears, overhead
cranes with 10 tonnes capacity, one of which is magnetically operated.

Section fabrication area

Surface area: 2,700m², equipment: two cranes with a hoisting capacity of
40 tonnes each, one crane of 15 tonnes, a plate roller with a capacity up to
13.5m length and 93mm thickness, a hydraulic press (240 tonnes) with two
cranes of 10 tonnes each.

Machine shop
Surface area: 3,450m², equipment: boring and milling machines with a
capacity up to 4,000 kilos, lathes up to a diameter of 1,050mm and a cutting
length of 10m; overhead cranes with hoisting capacity of 60 tonnes.

Pipe shop
Surface area: 2,700m², equipment: overhead cranes with 3 tonnes hoisting
capacity, pipebending-, cutting- and welding machines and testing equipment.

Surface area: 3,100m². Storage and distribution of goods and equipment.
The inventory control of thousands of items is completely computerised.
A steel supply company is located next to our facility, making instant deliveries

12 13
4561 40T

Yard lay-out
20T 40T 4550 The repair berth numbers are marked
m 4560
200 at the watersides as indicated on this plan.
20T O
Q 4558 A Steel section fabrication/assembling shop,
270m crane cap. 2 x 40 T
K L 4556
L B Steel preparation shop
4565 J
10 m C Pipe shop
th - L 4554
ter m A D D Machine shop, crane cap. 60 T
wa 200
30T E Project offices, restaurant,
4567 B 4552 -12
C p t h medical services
de 400m
ter F Safety & Environmental Department
F T wa
G I G Main office
E H Porter’s lodge,
subcontractors’ registration office
4551 I
H 90m Warehouse

U R J Graving dock 230 x 35.5 m - * 8.00 m

K Graving dock 275 x 41 m - *10.30 m

V L Specialised company bases
M Training school/ancillary construction shop

20T N Graving dock 405 x 90 m - *11.60 m

O Construction/assembling area,
30T open storage areas

P Parking

Q Water treatment installation

0m R Project offices
dep 5m S Intermediate removable wall
N er 40
at Drydock details T Yard facilities, engineering offices
U Steel supply company
20T 40T
20T 80T 20T 30T
40T V Blasting and painting shop
Dock V Dock VI Dock VII
* Depth of water
Drydocks (3)
over keel blocks at‑high tide.
length overall open depth of water
in m width width over keel blocks All repair docks are equipped with
in m in m in m modern cranage and connections for
at high water the supply of water, compressed air
and electricity.
230.00 35.50 33.45 8.00
275.00 41.00 40.38 10.30
O 405.00 90.00 90.00 11.60
Total length of quaysides: 2,000 m

14 15
Keppel Verolme is situated in the centre
of the Port of Rotterdam

The location of a yard is almost as important as the
facilities it can offer. We are the first available yard for
Development any ship entering the main waterway from either English
Maasvlakte II
Channel or North Sea. The yard is located in sheltered
water and the sailing distance to the open sea is only
10 nautical miles, with no overhead obstacles/locks.

a member of the Keppel Group, Singapore

P.O. Box 1001, 3180 AA Rozenburg, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 181 234300 - Telefax: +31 181 234346
E-mail: - Website:

Location: Prof. Gerbrandyweg 25, 3197 KK Rotterdam-Botlek

Harbour number 4550

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