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Role Of Exhibition in the Marketing MIX

Indian Exhibition Market -: Cut the cake to get bigger and better

Statesman Magazine report says Customer Attainment from Event Engagement and reveals Marketers hold events as key further it suggests that the live, face-to-face engagements that occur during events and exhibitions are core to their business growth and development strategies. Indeed, 45% of senior brand marketers name events as their top demand-generating tool. According to a sampling from The International Centre for Exhibitor and Event percentage of B2B exhibitors rating them as effective or highly effective in supporting their objective broke out as follows: Info downloadable to USB(82)% E-Mail after exhibition(80)% USB given by the exhibitor(73)% Printed brochure mailed after the exhibition(72)% Printed brochure given at the exhibition(63)% QR code attendance can scan(51)%

In all the significance of exhibition in marketing mix is an important tool because it helps us continuously in learning art of high-impact first impression.

Introduction to the industry

Indian exhibition industry is still misfiring though the Indian economy is expected to continue its rapid growth over the next 10 years. According to the BSG report, Venues are most important obstacle facing the Indian Exhibition, convention and trade show business. The truth is that far from being honey to the proverbial bees, the Indian exhibition market needs to overcome many challenges before its potential can be tapped by organizers.

Indian Trade Promotion Authority

Venue owner (Pragati Maidan) and organizer and is answer to Indias problem of why the industry for 25 years remained fragmented, closed and has not reached its potential.

Indian trade promotion authority should have more than five different regions and there is a need to create vibrant private sector organizations and each of these will drive, promote,

Role Of Exhibition in the Marketing MIX

and market and market Business-2-Business events, under its umbrella of the ITPO and ultimately the Ministry of Finance.

What lies within?

Bedi says We have an audience, we have guys who are willing to invest, there is a demand, but still the industry is falling. We all want this case to trigger. Its crucial to the growth of Indias exhibition industry that it succeeds. Opening up Indias international exhibition industry will benefit to people on every rung of the socio-economic ladder, creating jobs and boosting international ties. With so much of hope of foreign investment, India must embrace in exhibition sector. Currently worth US$ 160 million, Indias exhibition industry has the potential to grow to US$ 990 million, according to a recent report compiled for UFI by the Business Strategies Group, but what lies within is Shortage of space in cities like Mumbai and New Delhi as it is these cities that have the critical mass of potential visitors necessary to support a busy trade fair calendar. Hence to create US $990 million market potential, it needs to create an additional 8, 00,000 square meter of exhibition space.

So to conclude Indian Exhibition sector still needs government recognition.

Exhibition Industry Association of India (IEIA)

IEIA is the apex body in India bringing together exhibition organizers, designers, stand contractors, freight forwarders, services and facilities providers, venue owners etc. This will help to facilitate growth and thus it is a one stop source of information pertaining to exhibition industry. It should be awarded as Industry status as it may give multiplier effect on the economy of India. Exhibition Industry Association of India has following members -: Bangalore International exhibition Centre Business live Electronics today Exhibition India Private limited Export promotion council for handicrafts Hannover Milano fairs India private limited Hitex ltd. ( Recent Exhibition at Hyderabad) Indian Machine tool Manufacturers association(IMTMA)

Role Of Exhibition in the Marketing MIX

Informa Exhibitors India Inter ads Exhibitors private limited Inter Ads Exhibitions private limited KoelnmesseyaTradefair private limited Unitech Exhibitions Private Limited

30 other members contribute to the success of Exhibition Industry Association of India.

Industry Trade promotion Authority -: Number crunching

Chennai Trade Centre (CTC) hosted 101 events/exhibitions and 120 conventions related programs. Trade Centre Bangalore (TCB) hosted events/exhibitions and conventions. Export For u expo is a unique electronics event that focuses not only on components and manufacturing equipment but on the entire ecosystem for electronics to India. Visitors at expo ranged from innovators to design engineers to manufacturer and B2B buyers. In print publications list has a mailing list of 6,000 zip codes. Main exhibitions of the year are -: The 17th International Exhibition and Conference for security, safety and fire. Build Tech Infra expo 2013 Meltmetech, Foundry China 2012 In across it does 650 trade shows.

Exhibitions Key to Marketing mix!!

Consumer emotions and experience plays a key role so a firm should consider consumer perceptions as a whole their by exhibitions play a vital role in changing the perceptions of the consumer. Hence to capture the value consumer-centric view and innovative techniques should be applied. Exhibitions helps to develop a contingent approach where in the firms internal knowledge widens up the scope to maintain external relationships hence exhibitions is a big asset to the firm. Hence the company should be well aware about it marketing assets and their by needs to allocate its resources well. important role in marketing, and it plays a pivotal role in KAM as it really helps in building and maintaining relationship for key accounts.

KAM (key account management), trade shows and exhibitions play an

Role Of Exhibition in the Marketing MIX

Everything comes from home as they say, organizational culture should be customer centric and if it will be a customer value based approach it will strengthen the use of marketing metrics in customer relationship management. of overall promotional budget company allocates in trade shows. Hence there should be a primary goal of going into the trade show i.e. Sales. Some of the company thinks other way round establishing presence and creating awareness as the primary goal of the firm. Hence a proper show strategy should be developed. There is a difference between visitors and exhibitors hence the company should focus largely upon the visitors and should send a proper trained team of sales representatives whose primary goal is to make sale and do negotiations. Pre-show promotions, strategies and tactics during the trade show and follow ups are the key areas of success during a trade show and company should focus more on pre-show promotions as they contribute more to the success of small companies. There has to be a relationship based learning approach. Trade show leads to relationship commitment, consensus and influence the learning of the sales representatives hence key at trade show is how well your sales representatives and commission based agents are prepared. Image building and information gathering is another key reasons why trade shows should be done. It also focuses largely on relationship improvement. Limitations should be over viewed and future learning should be provided. By the use of proper marketing research and analytics tools like factor analysis, variables have been developed which contributes to various factors which are important for the success of a company during trade shows. Therefore, Implications during a trade show should be considered for future directions as exhibitions can be a turnaround in creations and capturing the value from the customers.

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